Monday, 28 September 2015

Primitive Arab Savages attempt to overcome Sweden

Yes, another tale from the cruel, evil and twisted bigots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their compliant dags, rimmers and coprophages of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This time they've taken on, er, Sweden. 

It really is time we severed all ties with these ignorant, primitive savages and their distorted, unbelievably silly belief system. They belong back in the desert with their goats and their Onanism, not amongst decent, civilised nations. 

The full sad and sorry tale in the Speccie HERE


TrT said...

So Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Religionist Palestine good, but Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Religionist Saudi Arabia bad.

I'm afraid she is exactly what she appears, a bigoted lefty stuck in America Enemy Good (Palestine) / America Allies bad (Israel / Saudi)

Anonymous said...

"Saudi Arabia has successfully turned criticism of its brutal version of Islam into an attack on all Muslims, regardless of whether they are Wahhabis or not, and Wallström and her colleagues are clearly unnerved by accusations of Islamophobia. The signs are that she will fold under the pressure, particularly when the rest of liberal Europe shows no interest in supporting her."

"Liberal Europe" oh puhleeze..... someone point to me - where it is....?

Saudi Arabia has fashioned an empire in the Muslim world and seeks to make it worldwide Wahhabism, Sharia and by death and conquest, though the auspices of the UN and in Brussels and even Washington; where it holds the west to ransom and th us tells it what to do.

Pussies - obsequious Europe, Wahhabism appeasement Brussels central - that's the Europe I know.

Despite it, Saudi Arabia being a nether region of the world and with a population of halfwit tent dwellers, but rich beyond even the dreams of Croesus because of 'black gold' its reach is so much greater than the sum of its parts and money talks - it always did.

Protectors of the Holy sites and defenders of a strain of hatred - the cult of death, and an evil which it peddles and thus spreads like a cancer throughout the western world. Though, never should it be forgotten nor, should it be underestimated - the sheer pull and the not inconsiderable influence - it bends the Muslim world to its will. Run by the Theocrats in league with the House of Saud - which is corrupt black to its core and they know well crafted the circles of hell they inhabit and which they seek to impose upon all men on earth.

Dave [Camoron] calls them, "our friends" and the bonkers ponce Charlie worships the ground they stand on as do our very own FCO. They [Gulf Arab playboys] come to London, literally and do as they fucking well please. All the while content, in knowing that, the Met and diplomatic core will cover their tracks and deal with all press coverage and we turn a blind eye to their depraved ways - "cos it's good for British business" - says Gideon.

FFS, the road to Ummah will be paved with the bodies of sacrificed and beheaded Christian-Jewish-white Britain.

DeeDee99 said...

According to the British Government, Assad must be deposed because he's a tyrant.

Assad ran a secular Syria which gave protection to religious minorities. Women - even Muslim women - were treated in a civilised fashion; they were educated, were allowed to work and allowed to drive.

Saudi Arabia is a nasty, theocracy which bans religious minorities and atheism and actively punishes dissenters. Women are possessions and are treated no better than their camels.

According to the British Government, Assad is so objectionable that he must be deposed and his country has been driven into civil war to achieve it.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia - which exports its extremist religion and terrorists around the world - is apparently our ally and is above criticism.

I am disgusted by our Government.

Anonymous said...


x 1000.

FrankS said...

Savages - but at least they give a thought to health and safety: one of the beheading party remembered to don hi viz.

James Higham said...

Yes. Time. But how?

G. Tingey said...

Syria has no significant oil, unfortunately.
Or hadn't you noticed?