Friday, 25 September 2015

Primitive Arab Savages to crucify and behead young lad

Evil and primitive arab savages from Saudi Arabia have condemned Ali al-Nimr to be crucified and beheaded for 'crimes' he committed in protesting against the despotic and barbaric regime in the KSA during the 'arab spring' in 2012, at which time he was 16. 

The judicial murder could be carried out by evil and sadistic arab killers at any time. 

These heinous and abhorent bastards are, of course, our valued allies - the MoD alone has over 240 civil servants and members of HM Armed Forces engaged full-time in selling arms and miltech to the KSA barbarian savages. 

Something wrong, here, surely.


Dean Ditchbank said...

We don't do crucifixions, but we can respond to barbarians in kind - with effigies. Guy Fawkes is coming up. Get your offspring to make a guy or two, dress them in Muslim or Arab garb, then hang them up somewhere high but visible to traffic in some kind of mock crucifixion. This would be our own traditional public response to the high treason of our leaders, a tradition still observed in Lewes. Start with a Saudi or Qatari monarch sticking it into our own prostrate prime minster. It is only fair to warn our political class of what is coming

Meanwhile print off copies of this pic of Ali AL-Nimr and get your newsagent to stick them in his window. And dont give your custom to any local representative of the barbarians, so dont get into a taxi driven by one of them

Anonymous said...

The tent dwellers, have ably demonstrated and HOW just what they think of the 'faithful' by killing them in their droves, then, think what they think of those who do not adhere to the cult of death?

Allies to KSA - May God forgive us.

We, here in the west fall over ourselves to ally and augment with these devoted to perverting and enslaving humanity, they [house of Saud] in turn revel and pour funding into these isles where the mushrooming of 'community centres' which with mass immigration - turn our towns into mini Karachis.
The KSA, is sworn to bring about our - western Europa - its downfall and they are doing a pretty damn good job of it, seeing as how all the authorities of Brussels and Westminster aid, succour and abet in this Eastern usurpation.
Evidently and since long ago, the British government knows this well Indeed, the FCO has long been stacked with Arabist apologists and now is fully stocked with those who adhere and promulgate the death cult's ideology of insanity and depravity.

Britain is cursed and doomed by the cultists of the dome.

Mr Ecks said...

One of many reasons why the entire Senior Civil Service should be sacked en masse without a penny compensation and all their pensions confiscated. And be stripped of any "honours2 they have been awarded. That alone would be a huge step towards the light for this country.

We should also have left the rest of the middle-east alone and smashed Saudi Arabia instead.

Anonymous said...

"We should also have left the rest of the middle-east alone and smashed Saudi Arabia instead."

Source of all the poison or, most of it........ We should be encouraging war between Iran V Saudi at all and every and any opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Something wrong, here, surely.'

Double standards is how the West operates and in this case the skew is caused by oil; since the time of Ibn Saud, which is rather a long time. The Saud dynasty bulldozed every church Western Arabia.

Prince Charles admires the indefatigability of Wahhabists. So much so he wants England to have its own Mecca, somewhere near Oxford I believe, and paid for by his desert friends. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

German princling the Bonkers Prince Charlie is off his head, why doesn't he move to his beloved Mecca?

DeeDee99 said...

Yes. It puts the lie to the Government's claim that Assad must be deposed because he is an unacceptable dictator who has committed atrocities against his own people.

The Saudis are far, far worse. Yet our Government continually sucks up to them.

geebeetwo said...

The Saudis the Syrians ,most of Africa, anyone who never has snow on the roof; they have all been behaving in what we would call barbarous and cruel ways for bloody centuries.
We have sold them military hardware for years and that gives people work here. If we didn't you absolutely know who would and that is a tossup between the French the Russians and the USA.
Which leaves them with weapons and us with less jobs and less money.
I do not care for the way these people behave but interfering in their ways has led to disaster time and again. Give them the guns ,sooner or later they will be firing at each other.

James Higham said...

Truly are savages.

G. Tingey said...

They are religious believer.
What do you expect?
Last atheist murdered in the UK: 1697
Last "witch" murdered in the UK: 1727

Budgie said...

You can always rely on G Tingey to divert any discussion with his rants-against-religion. God forbid that he should become religious again - he would out rant any other preacher: atheism or theism, the style's the same.

Mr Ecks said...

The RoP is a political system packaged as a religion. The mirror image of socialism which is a bogus religion packaged as a political system. The reason they get on so well.

Tingey is an atheistic flake tho'.