Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rambling, tired and emotional Juncker gives End of the Union speech

Anyone who watched even part of Juncker's confused and rambling address to the European parliament yesterday will have little doubt that Europe's most senior unelected official is worried. Juncker and his fellow unelected officials may be settled on a plan for migrants, but they haven't counted on the people of Europe. Those pictured by the BBC  with garlands and greetings are in a numerical minority everywhere in Europe except Sweden. Germany even has a lower percentage of voters in favour of migrants than the UK. Yet again Europe's anti-democratic bosses are defying their own people - but this time it may all turn sour. 

Juncker is also attempting a further power-grab for the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels, over-riding national governments to allocate migrants with no right of veto or objection by states except through QM in the Council. Germany is making noises about reducing the cash that ends up in Eastern Europe if they don't play ball. 

Yet as AEP points out, the EU is now fractured both N-S and E-W. Greece has yet to leave the Euro, France is set to elect Marine Le Pen, Polish voters are looking to Hungary as they choose a new government in October, opinion in the UK is changing daily and across the continent 500m people are becoming ever more disillusioned with the anti-democratic cabal in Brussels. 

It may turn out that Juncker the Drunker gave not a State of the Union but an End of the Union spech yesterday.


Anonymous said...

For those that claim that the EU is trying to Islamify (if that's the right word) Europe, then migration statements and quotas from the EU only add fuel to their argument.

The first suicide bomb to go off in a European country will provide proof, if proof were needed, that they did not effectively filter who is allowed to enter; as they do in Australia. The German government thinks it has a demographic problem, and maybe they do. But not having a safety filter and not hand picking the educated people (educated people are generally safer in attitude) like engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists etc. allows problems to cross our borders.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

If we had a Berlin Wall between the EU and the free world, we would have to tear it down and "see to" Juncker and his chums, just like they did in Russia, Romania and East Germany...

These control freaks have no contact with the real world as they, like their forebears hide behind their carefully constructed defences...

They and their like from previous generations, have mental instability... When Reagan and Thatcher stood up to the Soviets and Andropov/Gorbachev finally saw the writing on the wall, that their system did not allow business to behave competitively and people to be free to choose freely, the whole thing tumbled. It is the desire of these idiots to control and rule every breath, rather than any system, that causes their ultimate failure, and we humans keep succumbing to the same scenario, generation, after generation.

In the olden times those defences were the church and the education system, then it was the party and the secret police... Although all of those institutions are still of value, their principal tools are now the media in its various forms and also as far as they are concerned, the corrupt forms of democracy that they have engenderedl... which they relentlessly use against us.

I know that it is a play act... But the parliamentary system for choosing "Mr. Speaker" is a good model for leadership...

If anyone wants to be leader, we should avoid them like the plague and perhaps even consider shooting them.

Anonymous said...

...the educated people (educated people are generally safer in attitude) like engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists etc.

Like the 9/11 trainee pilots, the 'Glasgow' doctors etc.?

FrankS said...

Confused Rambling - Juncker was probably pissed. Not that he'd be any better sober

Anonymous said...

Demos? NEVER. Kratos - are yes we know where that went to....

Juncker, is, no less and no more than a lowly bean counter made very good and one who believes devoutly, in 'le grand projet'. Yet, as I watched him yesterday, he had recently had a death in his near famille nevertheless was lacking any spark, a halfwit and miles out of his depth.
Though, I divine that, even he, yes this bloke lacking in any self awareness a little pecksniffian twerp, now that he has in inside gen on how the EU is falling apart and by the day at that. Yes, even Juncker is beginning to have doubts.
Ultimately too, and has been pointed out, there is no demos of EUrope and there never has been any people power, though that was the idea - power concentrated in the hands of a few Mafiosi in Brussels with their strings being yanked by national leaders corporate tycoons and through the Brussels Nomenklatura and ECHR/ECJ to make it all sound legal 'n' all - and all you get out of that is: Totalitarian SUPERSTATE.

Destruction of the Brussels Empire?

Bring it on, I fervently wish, hope for and pray for the day, of its imminent collapse. An implosion, of this Brussels Statist Monster which stitches the proles up with a meld of Socialism and cultural Marxist ideologies in a pact with the corporate elite and with the malpractice bending the markets into cartels with their mates in investment banking backers. The mendacious collusion of the Kommissars with Goldman Sachs to lever Greece into the € was an astonishing piece of fraudulent duplicity and so typical of this shower of Brussels and NYC democratic megalomaniacs. Megalomania..... and because you can screw $trillions out of duped customers does not make you a God - for Goldmans it makes you a cunt and here think also of Draghi and our own Carney - a fucking carnival it is alright for, Goldman Sachs still helping, running the show.

Truly, can you not see it, with its raft of unaccountable international edicts and decrees, through UNECE, the UN and a bundle of other shadowy organizations inclusive of the ECHR and ECJ: we have been fucked over.

Indeed, it's now way past time for a readjustment of those, fucking rights.

Anonymous said...

Corrigenda, "Democrat", or "undemocratic" - whichever.

Anoneumouse said...

Its about time Kim Jong Juncker got a new career

John M said...

WHat was particularly hilarious was that Juncker started his speech by telling everyone that the state of the Union "wasn't good" and that the EU had to move closer to and reconnect with the European people, whilst at the end of the speech he was arbitarily forcing hundreds of thousands of unwanted, uneducated, jobless migrants onto the communities of Europe and he was buggered what they thought about it.

Just another day in the EU ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

"Just another day in the EU ivory tower."

Astute thoughts John M - "state of the union", indeed does this dipsomaniac numpty... year upon year, of imbibing French distilled produce, he [Juncker] now labours under delusions of grandiloquent political fantasy.

Anonymous said...

It hasn't started yet.
We'll soon find out if the Europeans have the stomach for a fight.
If not now, they will eventually be left with 0 choice anyhow.

The Russians have plenty of problems of their own with Saudi sponsored Salafist islam.
Its one of the reasons they're in Syria.
They're right, crush it.


Anonymous said...

Frightening how my memory's going - I'd forgotten Juncker's reputation of being dipsomaniac. Given that, was there a good reason for appointing him? along the lines of "he's so dynamic, effective and strong, his little problem is overriden by his character/personality/ability?" Answers on a postcard.

BTW how will we know when The Project has, mercifully, had its suffering brought to an end - it's bound to be couched in weasel words? Will it be when the meeja no longer reports that the "EU has demanded X"?


Anonymous said...


The KSA, wherein Medina University and indoctrination capital, Wahhabist central - of the poison state. KSA, peddling their death cult, with its own particular brand of blackness, a misanthropic hatred, spreading this pestilence by demographic creep, mass immigration and through birthrate. Infiltrating and permeating all institutions of western society [more particularly here in the UK] and indeed across the world - from Indonesia to Pakistan and into the central Caucuses, up from Turkey and Georgia into Chechnya and beyond, no wonder Putin had to quieten Georgia first before he turned his attention back to the Chechens again.

Ah, don't forget Satan's little helpers; Qatar, Bahrain and the Emirates doing all of KSA's works.

The Daesh, al qaeda - they are the bastard sons of the House of Saud, those docile so called 'politicians'; Obama, Hollande, Merkel and Camoron call them, the KSA "our allies".
With friends like that, no wonder we here in the Occident are, in such deep shit.