Friday, 11 September 2015

Saudi Islamist dogs begin to bark

Well, Well - the story in the Indie that the Wahhabist Islamists of Saudi, despotic tyrants, abusers of every one of the human rights we support in the UK, Islamist dogs and fomentors of war and discord, have offered to build a new mosque in Germany for every 100 Sunni Moslims from Syria sheltered there finally reveals their objective. The Saudi dogs have barked. 

This is erm the same Saudi Arabia that bans the building of Christian churches. 

So how about asking them to build one Christian church in Saudi Arabia for each member of the British armed forces killed in the recent wars there in defence of Saudi interests?

No? thought not. 

The jailing of 'Marine A'  following a political trial and appeal under which members of the Court Martial and appeal acted on instructions from senior officers to convict is of course a travesty of justice and an example of how ordinary soldiers are frequently betrayed by senior staff officers today, as they always have been, for the sake of political expediency. 

Saudi paymasters who have funded ISIS just as they fund Al Quaeda in contrast are dined, feted and flattered by these very same senior officers. 

(UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia £1,600,000,000 in 2014; 240 MoD civil servants & members of HM armed forces employed solely to facilitate arms technology transfer from UK to Saudi Arabia)


DeeDee99 said...

The invading Muslim "hordes" were beaten back in Europe, which went on to experience the Reformation and Enlightenment, whilst the Islamic world remained medieval and barbaric.

Now Merkel has INVITED the Muslim hordes to invade Germany. I doubt if she will live to regret it, but if she had any children, they would.

I wonder how long it will be before the first "German" Muslim terrorist kills dozens of his hosts?

Anonymous said...

Do you know... I thought you wrote "tourist" there for a second DeeDee!

Anyway, I agree with you both, it is what I was getting at a couple of days ago, when I stated that these people don't realise that the only thing that holds back their human progress is their "book"... filled as it is, with the "final truth".

Bollox, more like.

These people have the longest written history of all the tribes, and it began with accounting, so they knew about maths, and commerce and competition, and novelty, and it all stopped when that violent moron started to talk the talk, but failed to walk the walk...

Which is a lot like the soviet system, and the EU system too.

Life looks bleak.

Anonymous said...

BTW: Raedwald...

Are you suggesting that we wrap our KFC in old copies of the Guardian?

e.g. the "pullet surprise".

Or did you mean something else?

Billy Marlene said...

Sorry Radders but I am sensing a little Tabloidspeak in your comments. Having worked in MoD PE (as was) and been involved fairly intimately with BAe I agree on your number of 240 - even that is probably an underestimate - but the vast majority of these (myself included) were simple functionaries.

Furthermore, I doubt that any of the Senior Staff Officers 'feting and flattering' were/are actually serving. Far more likely they were/are retired and working as non executive directors and have absolutely no interest or influence in the matter of Sergeant Blackman.

Raedwald said...

Billy Marlene - Thanks for the clarification, and I don't disagree with any of it.

However, (and however tabloidish) the point stands that senior officers who play the game become ex senior officers with valuable contacts intact; it is precisely the prospect of those lucrative NEDs that ensure they do the Ministry's dirty work when in service.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

On the matter of Christian churches in Saudi...

Some years ago (when I was there) on the Red Sea coast they fairly routinely turned up / identified early Christian Churches and the Mutaween rock crusher / pulveriser crew was immediately dispatched to hasten the demise of any artifacts into ... desert sand.

Anonymous said...

God obviously love Mahommedans based on the news from the Grand Mosque

Budgie said...

Anon, Yes we live in strange times. A crane operated by the Bin Laden empire is hit by lightening and topples onto Mecca's main mosque, causing considerable destruction and many deaths. And all on 9/11. An act of God, then?

Ed P said...

The answer to more mosques is not more churches, but education, so youngsters reject ALL religions and adopy rational thought.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


another Mahdi event at The Grand Mosque (like the 1979 one) - or a "demonstration" by ISIS at the same venue seemed more likely....

Maybe ISIS will come up with a Mahdi? - they seem keen to try out everything.