Saturday, 12 September 2015

Screw You, Blair!

I voted for Jez. Natch. 

The irony of Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy being banned from voting for being too left wing whilst I got through will linger ...


Mike Spilligan said...

I'm going to start counting all those Labour MP resignations we were promised. I don't think I'm going to be very stressed doing this and will it mean much anyway, as it will be only a resignation from the Party - not from their valuable seat in the HoC?

Anonymous said...

Corbyn is, naturally, a committed republican so it will be interesting to see if he puts his money where his mouth is and gives two fingers to the Privy Council.

It goes without saying that Cameron will best him at PMQ's - the 'comedy gold' moments will come when Corbyn loses it and goes into full rant mode in the chamber. Delicious. It will make the licence fee almost worth paying.

They've yet to realise that an increasing number of working class honkies would rather eat raw road kill than vote Labour again. Dead party walking as we'll see after next year's local elections. Fool me once and all that.


Budgie said...

Sorry, Raedwald, Corbyn is not a joke. He will be PM in 2020, unless a whole lot of things change drastically. Cameron is just not capable of turning the UK round. Our economy is broke - state debts, personal debts and our economy is based on taking in each others washing, apart from the defence contractors and car assemblers. The Tories and their supporters are off in la-la land.

So in 2020 with Corbyn in charge (propped up by the SNP) we will get: the split of UK; Scotland independent; united Ireland; Falklands and Gibraltar given away; no Faslane; no nukes; no UN seat for the UK (rest of); defence cut; so RR and BAe defunct; collapse of the pound; run on the stock market; Jeremy's soup kitchens; UK and Scotland begging help from the EU; help given at cost of adopting euro; end of UK and England (and Scotland) as anything remotely akin to an independent nation.

We are on the precipice, and no-one else seems to to know it, or care.

Dick the Prick said...

Geez Budgie, guess i'll take down the bunting!

My main worry is that the Tory Party is now gonna officially be New Labour (it's only the official bit that's changed) and we're to be hit with a raft of identity politics and drivellous social policies like free childcare, random minimum wages, paternalistic taxes and a general level of relative wuckfittery that we can't quite foresee yet. The only opposition being Ukip which must surely be a busted flush post referendum.

I can't see how Corbyn can win though - what has become apparent, bearing in mind i've not really watched much, but it seems that Corbyn is a bit of a short tempered twat and in these days of Presidential type campaigns and elections, i'm not sure that's going to convince many people of his ability to manage anything.

You're undoubtedly right about the perilous state of the economy but I don't think failure gives rise to Corbyn - I don't know what it will give rise to, but I can't see it being Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Jeremy is the brother of Piers and so (possibly) no friend of climate change ecoloonery or the EU. The former would see him the target of the green ecoloons, and the latter the enemy of many vested interests, so it isn't just the Tories who will make him their No. 1 target, but in the meantime he might not be all bad!
As pointed out elsewhere he has a temper and some foul friends, plus some views that the majority of the electorate will reject. Let's not forget he got 59% of 400k votes, and this does not overturn May's General Election result.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie. Don't panic old chap, I think we saw in this election that the public is smart enough to avoid real lefties.

I am slightly concerned that this will encourage the idiot boy cameron to move further to the center left but I also suspect that the more moderate and competent labourites will jump ship probably to a center party limp dem like.

Clegg was humiliated (one of the highlights of election night) so there is an opening inthe center for these ex labour top guns ( I use the term advisedly, more for fun than because I have the minimum esteem for their ability to run anything more than a council whelk stall) and that will be good because it prevents camoron's lurch to the left.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've had a rethink.

Agreed, its true that, Corbyn will turn off ambitious middle England [well those not working in the public sector] and Corbyn's economics are a putrid mix of massive spending coupled to profligate borrowing and creative accountancy [true to lav form indeed what is their problem with him?].

Corbynomics, insanity and all of which, will beget a welfarist fantasy which will conclude in, when added to mass immigration and open doors prised off their hinges - a resultant National bankruptcy, it's not as if the public finances are in such a great state now...broke, bust in so many ways and relating to the term 'bankrupt' not least moral depravity.
No one - to those minded to hard work in the aspiring, I hesitate to call them 'working class', those English lads whose father's [and mothers] voted for the Marxist-lavs, they will never vote for the Lavs again but Corbyn doesn't want them anyway......

Sitting slumped, corvid like, sharp eyed, beaks buried in the UK feeder.

Circling around the midden, with an endless craving for helpless fleshy and fat prey, it gorges ravenous, corpulent gourmand of taxpayer provisions and plate after plate gobbled down. What do we get in return, there is no multiplier effect at all, the money goes into a black hole - in effect a dual economy and more in exchange with Karachi and Mirpur never reaching the UK exchequer - which sees no return. All they do, is squirrel money back to bring more of their kin over here, buy property, breed and breed some more and peddle drugs and abuse society as they do to young white girls in social care.
Always, pleading and preying on naive social services who give it away [taxpayer money] like there is no tomorrow. A 'something for nothing' parallel but nether world, full of kids who are brooding violence, workshy, indolent to the point of they'd cut their arms off rather than do something valuable for Britain. All of this mass, waiting quietly cleaning their latest sports Beamers, strutting, quiescent seemingly, unless provoked and gradually sucking out our light.

Sited, on the front lawn of the British landscape, it is a monster. Its origins, out of man's darkest age, an army of conquest and indeed is, by force of numbers: changing the demography. Our the culture and architectur in urban areas of all of England. And yet, an unwanted [we were never asked] metamorphosis - into something more redolent of Sodom. Yet, we are pressed to succour it.

This threat is undeniable to everyone, anyone who can open his [her] eyes and can lay any claim to cogent thought. Thus, excepting our Panglossian purblind political claque and therein its machine of UK governance. The gulf in what white Britain desires and what they will bestow unto this [much changed] septic Isle is, unspeakably evil. It is named, as [adherents to] the cult of surrender and total obeisance - Mohammedism.

'Dangerous' Corbyn, has sidled and coached this vote potential and is, a vote bonanza. Going on, there is a pincer movement, what with Siddique Khan that duplicitous slug winning the Lavs London mayoral ticket, these are very, very dangerous times. To coalesce the Muhammedan vote, and the Tories are no united political party - they will badly splinter arguing over the referendum and lots else besides. The goal, has been laid open.

Corbyn, is friends with this UK fifth column, always has carefully nurtured and shown great sympathy with events and underscores a fawning political allegiance to Islamism.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that, Corbyn can be easily dismissed, yes economically speaking he's a total clown. But - Corbyn is the facilitator, a gateway, and bridge. Corbyn, can be the focus, with his friends 'UNITE' to conjure hell in Britain.

It's coming, Corbynistas are just the patsies.

James Higham said...

These are weird times we live in.

Anonymous said...

In your "About me" piece, Raedwald, (top right of the page) you say "Not a member of any political party", which is to me an important reason for reading this blog.

Yet this posting, unless I have misunderstood it, shows a letter to you as a member of the Labour party.

Perhaps we should be told what is the true position?

Raedwald said...

Anon - I registered as a £3 supporter just to vote for Corbyn. I would, of course, never join the Labour Party as a full member.

Mike Spilligan said...

Radders. Re: Your 0640: There's a lot of confusion about this. I saw a comment (elsewhere) yesterday saying that Corbyn has done wonders for the Party as "it now has 550,000 members".
I do wonder if you "supporters" will now be inundated with e-mails asking for donations, leaflet deliveries, et al.

Dick the Prick said...

@Mike - I think that was the whole point of the exercise because the unions hold most of Labour's funders addresses and refused to hand them over. So when Unite openly rigged Falkirk selection, some bright spark thought it'd be a wheeze for Labour to get the contacts 1st hand, hence the £3. Comedy.

Rush-is-Right said...

Radders... Snap! But I think that, quite apart from the votes of us and other like-minded individuals the deciding factor in Corbyn's success was Blair's intervention. The guy is pure poson to any cause he adopts. Let's hope that he is front and centre of the pro-EU campaign.

Cull the Badgers said...

Corbyn won on the 1st ballot with 50.7% of the votes. I wonder if those who are not Labour people who voted for him after paying their £3.00 because they thought in their puerile way that it would be quite a 'jape' to help him get elected, will realise that they have made a mistake of monumental proportions in their stupidity and complacency.

G. Tingey said...

The economy is in a lot better shape than you say.
Ain't great, but nowhere near as bad as you claim

What worries me is that there is now NO OPPOSITION
Which means that Camoron can get away with some very silly ideas that come back to haunt us in approx 2025 ....

Anonymous, your racist rant is out of place here, please go away.
And I'm an atheist -remember - I despise islam & all it stands for, ok?