Thursday, 17 September 2015

Violent Migrant thugs launch savage attack on police

A score of Hugarian police officers were receiving hospital treatment yesterday following a savage and brutal assault by tough young migrant thugs at the border post they were defending. The savage attack began when migrant thugs kicked and smashed a pair of green gates that protected the static border guards in a truly terrifying spactacle of violence; when rocks and other missiles were thrown at the police and the migrant thugs prepared a vicious assault to force a path into the country, they responded with hand-held anti-rape 'mace' sprays and a water jet. Bleeding and injured, dazed by the savagery of the assault, more than twenty were removed for medical treatment. 

Fewer than a third of the migrant thugs were Syrian; the bulk of the criminals attacking the police line were Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, and Kosovans and Albanians from nearer home, all determined to grab as much German wealth as possible before the coffers run dry. 

Some migrant thugs were sufficiently media-savvy to carry infants into the tear-gas cloud and then seek out video journalists to film their streaming faces.  


Anonymous said...

Its an invasion.

Do we fight or capitulate?

Cuffleyburgers said...

Oddly enough Radders, that's not how it was portrayed on Italian state TV news, in which the xeonphobic right wing hungarian police attacked innocnet refugees and their children with tear gas...
and if you believe that I've a bridge to sell you.

The trouble is that the majority of people get their "news", and very often their opinions from the state broadcasters all over Europe.

That is why the BBC is so dangerous and needs to be broken up.

DeeDee99 said...

The film showed, yet again, that they vast majority of the migrant crowd were young men. They have come from violent societies, where there is little respect for the rule of law.

They've been led to believe by Merkel that they will be allowed to settle in Germany and they can see the end of the rainbow in sight.

Of course they're going to turn violent.

The last thing the EU needs is an influx of a million or more angry, violent young men. The Hungarian President is right to keep them out.

mikebravo said...

Racheal Maskell (lab) thinks that we should take them in until we are saturated and be happy to pay "a bit more" tax.
The political scum let them in and the proles vote for more and more every 5 years.
We are screwed!

Dan said...

I cannot help but think that this is an opportunity in disguise. The migrants are mostly young, military-age men with few marketable skills, and most have thrown away whatever documentation they had.

So, what we do is this: we give them a simple choice: internment in a camp somewhere offshore (Sub-Saharan Africa springs to mind, as it'll be cheap) for "processing", or immediate fast-track entry into the EU.

The latter has one catch: citizenship comes at a price, namely to get it one must serve one term of enlistment in the EU Peacekeeping Force and leave with an honourable discharge at the end. As this force will mostly be concerned with keeping the Middle East peaceful by fair means or foul, this means that migrants thus conscripted get to go back to Syria, Iraq and so on as low-end grunts.

We will be supplying the NCO and Officer corps, and we shall also be supplying most of the air support and whatever heavy armour is needed; these former migrants will be low-end infantry. Deserters will face the standard punishments; shit work in-theatre, and firing squads for persistent offenders.

The net effect of this will be threefold.

Firstly, we get shut of a lot of otherwise-troublesome migrants and put them to good use.

Secondly, conscription will prove extremely unpopular with migrants full of the notion that Europe is the promised land, and the flood of useless fuckwits will slow tremendously.

Thirdly, a whole lot of third world banana republics will see Europe reaching out to their failed neighbours, and imposing Pax Europa on them whether they like it or not. This will encourage the formation of much better policed states, and better policed banana republics are quieter sorts of places.

Ed P said...

Dan, there are major problems with your proposal: language and communication, poor levels of education, etc.

My solution is much simpler: Soylent Green

mikebravo said...

as long as I don't have to eat them! Could be the answer to Geldof's "feed the world" lament though.

Anonymous said...

You should start your own independent newspaper Raedwald, I'd buy it and I suspect many others would too.

We know what's going on as do those whose job it is to brief the politicians. Merkel blew the whistle and now everyone and his mother is going over the top and marching towards the German lines. She should be arrested and put in jail for gross stupidity.


Cascadian said...

Fear not David Milliband is on the job. he knows exactly how Hungary should respond to the muslim invasion.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard a peep about those good, generous, British global villagers who were interviewed by the media humblebragging about taking in a refugee. Wonder if they're now furiously trying to backpeddle.

cf Italian media's presentation - ditto C4 news. Amazing how the starving, exhausted refugees find the energy to defend themselves by hurling rocks.


John M said...

CHannel 4 News managed to find one in a wheelchair to be thier "story". But they rather ignored talking about what were clearly masses of entitled, aggressive young men who seem hell bent on bringing thier own particular brand of ignorant, entitled, crowd disorder to the streets of Europe.