Wednesday, 21 October 2015

1966 and All That

There's an interesting piece in Der Spiegel today that hypothesises that the national mood of feel-good engendered by Germany's 2006 world cup near-win has disguised a nation actually in deep crisis;
The World Cup in the summer of 2006 was a turning point in German history. The country that brought the world the Holocaust had already taken many successful steps toward full rehabilitation -- it had matured into a stable democracy and achieved peaceful reunification. Then, even more remarkably, Germany became something that might have been unimaginable to many: likeable. It organised a perfect football tournament and showed a warm and cosmopolitan side the world had never seen before. The German national team under then-coach J├╝rgen Klinsmann were even gracious in defeat to the Italians, who took the trophy home.
The author, Markus Feldenkirchen, doesn't draw any parallels with the UK in 1966 (which we, ahem, actually won) but of course the national mood of self-confidence, tiny skirts, cheeky cars, pop music, play for today and experimental sex also disguised a decade of economic collapse, industrial inefficiency and deep seated structural problems that led Tony Crosland to declare "The party's over" in 1974. 

So did we emerge better and stronger? Feldenkirchen says of Germany "Failing to live up to one's own high standards and not even trying in the first place are two completely different things". Our dismal foreign policy record since the Falklands, our hypocrisy in our dealings with China and Saudi Arabia, two of the world's most repressive regimes, and our utter lack of a moral anchor suggest that we haven't even been trying.


Anonymous said...

I think that, there are parallels but Britain has fallen for much longer and far down at that, at least the Germans have largely held on to their manufacturing base. Germany has lost its way, I cannot help feeling though, that, the Germans have spent too much time apologizing and in doing so have taken their eyes off the ball - so to speak and to be frank [if you'll excuse the pun] - the Germans are by no means a unified entity - maybe that's still a good thing.

In Britain, Crosland and his party of Social engineers destroyed the educational system, tested Marxist critical theory to its extreme limits and through it they conjured the dystopian multicultural Sodom, which is Britain today.

The Islamists sneer at the conditioned UK decadence. Guffaw at, the break down of western society, its weakness of dissolute behaviours which they observe and it begets tears of disdainful mirth from the Wahhabists. Frankly, it is hard to disagree, and to a certain extent to even empathize in their [Islamists] utter contempt for what is now laughably named "western society".

What did we lose, we gave up our morals its discipline, faith, hope and Christianity.

In the UK, we gave up all the good things and thanks to Socialism maintained the deconstruction of society - now, there is no social cohesion what the progressives nebulously name as "community" is a hollow term. In Britain, we don't even acknowledge each other in the street any longer out of politeness, individual honesty, public probity, solicitude, caring for the aged, providing a good education for our children, helping the sick and acknowledgement of adequate provision for those who are mentally impaired - all marks of a strong cohesive society who are boldly confident in what they do and themselves - an altruistic society..... aye we pay it lip service "community" and only that.

At the death, unless one counts the patriarchal feudal theocracy imported from Medina via the inundation ex the sub continent, the middle east and Maghreb. In the UK presently there is - no such thing as 'Society', there has been too much bleeding for that but then, the real bloodshed is only just about to begin.

G. Tingey said...

To Readwald:
ALMOST entirely correct.
On slight modification, if I may:
Our dismal foreign policy record sincejust before the Falklands.
I repeat, the last PM who was NOT a traitor was Jim Callaghan.

This particular anonymous.
ONE: "Socialism" is NOT communism - the former is a a varied political system, & the latter is a religion, even though it calls itself "socialist"
TWO: The islamists sneer at us, through the prism of their RELIGION.
"Christianity" is & was no better than islam - if you don't believe me, then you have only too obviously either never read the bible, or only select the "good bits" & ignore the rest.
ALL religions are based on fear & blackmail, or haven't you realised that yet?

And you are wrong about "no society" here, too.
There's plenty of it around here, I can tell you.

Anonymous said...

We were at my Nan's house in Torquay when England played Germany in the World Cup final. I'd just turned nine and was already in possession of a rare stamp: 'England Winners'. My Nan had sent us a card, 'looking forward to seeing you the holidays' is what she wrote. I'd brought it with me and when Geoff Hurst scored his hat-trick I showed Nan the card and we both smiled. I've still got the card, with the stamp and most importantly the postmark.

Market Street in Torquay had hippy boutiques, men had hair the same length as women and for a boy of my age seeing knickers every time a girl even slightly bent over was the cause for much giggling. Cars were more interesting too, and people messed with them: they made them go faster, slower, Day-Glo painted and stickered all over. Happy Days when we was still one nation still trying to forget the war.

I'm so glad I had personal experience of living in of one of the most cohered societies in history. England will never be the same again I'm afraid. It was unique in '66.


Anonymous said...

Greg - Fuck off

"I repeat, the last PM who was NOT a traitor was Jim Callaghan." - Jesus you lefties cannot handle the best PM this country has had since Churchill, that is to say our Maggie, because she debunked every bullshit canard you live by. Your bitterness adn bile will never make your assertion true.

""Christianity" is & was no better than islam" - Again you're just being a lefty drone cunt. I'm not even going to debate this, its premise being so facile.

So in summary - fuck you and fuck off you ignorant bitter cunt.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Anonymous - Not wanting to be accused of being a lefty drone cunt I will confirm first that I agree about Thatcher.

However I don't agree that things are so crap in the old country. In my experiance it varies a lot from place to place, certainly where I mostly spend my time in Shropshire and points north it's not such a bad place.

What is sad is the decline of the great industrial cities and their ghettoisation into a police no-go benefits dependent zones. That is to me a massive own goal by successive governments who stupidly following the advice of a mandarin class that evidently deads the grauniad and believes what it sees on the bbc have persisted with the deadly multi culti experiment. The same cultural marxism ,bizarrely, has infected the police. It is a credit to the decency and intelligence (noth far higher than the miserable governing class) of the indigenous population that there has been as little trouble as there has been, in the face of huge and ongoing provocation.

You are correct that Germany's loss of national self confidence is less advanced than ours, but it is begun, and with typical German thoroughness it is likely to be more destructive than ours and we would do well to be nervous of the consequences, allied as it will be to a substantial restructuring of their outdated manufacturing led economy.

Yup, not going to be pretty and as I say the UK will probably come off lighter than most.

G. Tingey said...

Anonymous who hides his trembling name.
Callaghan sent nuclear subs to the Falklands when the argies got uppity - & then told them: "It would be SUCH A PITY if anything happened to your ships, wouldn't it?"
The madwoman nearly wet her knickers when her proposed defence cuts ( Treasonously implemented after the Navy had won the war for her) - & had to have her spine stiffened by said Navy.
Note also that I include Major, Blair, Brown & Camoron as traitors.

You are so pathetic as to include Winston's name on the list, but, unlike you, I have actually heard the grand old man speak.
The Grantham madwoman was a pathetic shouting whinger, compared to him

If you know as little history as to claim in your stupidity & ignorance that historical christianity is better than islam, I'm surprised you are literate enough to use a keyboard.
FYI, I'm an ATHEIST - I despise ALL religions, having escaped a form of Evangelical christianity some considerable number of years ago.
I hold no support for islam, though the peaceable sects, like Sufi, Ahmahdi (Both of whom who the Sunni nutters claim are not muslims, anyway) or Ismaili are loonies, yes, but they'r harmless. ( Like the Quakers, in fact. )

Now take your ignorant, uneducated foaming rants somewhere else, please?