Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Austrian government considers ban on tech to Turkey (& Oman & KSA)

The Austrian Economic Affairs Ministry is considering an export ban on tech know-how to prevent Graz engineering firm AVL List from assisting Turkey in developing a new engine for the Sunni Islamic nation's domestic 'Altay' battle tank. 

Opposition politicians asked "Is Austria helping Turkey to roll-over Kurdish villages more quickly?" and there are also concerns that Turkish trade and export links with both KSA and Oman, known funders of ISIS and Islamic terrorism, and both buyers of the 65 tonne MBT, may result in Austrian tech being used by the repugnant Islamist rebels in Syria.  

A decision is expected soon on whether the €190m deal will go ahead. 


oldrightie said...

Look on the bright side. Good target practice for Russian air to ground fighters and helicopters!

Anonymous said...

It is to be hoped that the Austrians stand firm and do place an embargo on all arms sales, advisers to Turkey, the KSA, these rogue states are part of the Crescent of evil.

WAaaaiiiiiiiiiit a minute! ..............BUT What do we do?

At the first sign, of Saudi chagrin, we hop to attention wander over and sniff and mewl at the master's feet.

Imagine an audience with some or other Saud princeling......

Good boy Hammond, now stand still lad and here's some more Arab tuition, to stiffen up your resolve - "tell Dhimmi Dave we're not very happy and to hurry up and declare Sharia Law in London - there's a good boy Hammond - now run along laddie".

Weekend Yachtsman said...
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G. Tingey said...

From a. n. other blog:

"AIUI the Saudi succession is: king is oldest living son of Ibn Saud, heir is next son. Ibn Saud had about 77 male offspring, but died in the late 1950s. They're now down to two eligible heirs. What happens when they run out of first-generation sons is undefined, but there are well over 700 grandsons waiting in the wings ..."

Um, interesting, wot?