Sunday, 4 October 2015

Green burials: the ultimate selfishness & St. Vlad

I suppose it was inevitable. For a generation of people for whom "It's all about ME!" it was unlikely that death alone would halt the selfishness. Now the buggers want to sod the rest of us for two or three hundred years after they relieve us of the burden of soothing their egos. Yes, I'm writing about the story in the Indie this morning about being buried as a sort of fertiliser pod for a sapling, 

Most of the narcissists who will opt for such things are unlikely to pick, say, Scots Pines or Lombardy Poplars, skinny little trees, to mark their graves. No, they will want vast spreading Oaks, Elms and Chestnuts to ensure that even when dead they can deny the beneficial use of at least 150m2 of soil. That's the area under the canopy - the extent of a tree's feeding roots. An allotment holder can tell you what can be grown on such a 5-pole plot. 

The issue is that the beardy cereal-eaters constructing such schemes aren't from the Welsh mountains or Northumberland but Hoxton. And that they want to do this within the M25. Well, allow me to remind everyone of one of the capital's coming crises - the lack of burial space. Nearly all existing London cemeteries are reaching capacity. Unless we start turning our parks into burial grounds we must either (a) re-use old ones (b) bury people vertically in boreholes (c) cremate everyone (d) turn the green belt into a vast graveyard rather than farmland. The challenge for the future is how to deal with everyone's remains in the manner of their choosing.

Moslems won't be burnt up and won't have coffins. Hindus prefer cremation on open-air funeral pyres but accept crematoria as a good alternative in places such as Southall. Zoroastrians would rather have their bodies laid on the top of the Canary Wharf towers and eaten by wild birds, but accept what they can get. And Hoxton hipsters need to be content with a bunch of wilting daffs above them rather than a vast Oak. 

God Bless President Putin!

From the Catholic Herald:-
There’s something especially sinister about the way our governments have followed a Wahhabi-led scheme to overthrow a secular dictatorship, a revolution that would almost certainly endanger Christians in the land of St Paul.

For example, the rebel group al-Nusra Front, one of the players in the region Russia is now pounding, previously overran the Christian village of Maaloula, 40 miles north of Damascus, executing three Christians and kidnapping a dozen nuns before being driven out by the Syrian army.

During the battle for that village one Christian addressed the BBC cameraman with these chilling words: “Tell the Europeans and the Americans that we sent you St Paul 2,000 years ago to take you from the darkness, and you sent us terrorists to kill us”.....

Russia’s foreign policy is, no doubt, designed to serve Russia and those who rule Russia. But if it can bring an end to the war, and destroy ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and other militant groups, then Russia might just save Syria’s Christians and so fulfil the country’s historic promise to protect the region’s Christians.


formertory said...

Whooda thunk it would be necessary to go to the Catholic Herald - an organ whose pages I'd not previously riffled - to find one of the few who gets it with the Russians and Syria. Thanks for the link.

If he gets it, why doesn't Cameron? Can't be seen to have entered the wrong horse in the race? (When I say "entered", of course, I mean nothing salacious).

formertory said...

Hmm.......... and sorry to link to the Daily Dual Standard but I think this method of disposal / storage has much to commend it. Compact, easy on the eye, and potential for lots of hippy woo for those who want it. Not, perhaps, quite so efficient space-wise as a conventional crematorium but rather pleasing.

DeeDee99 said...

I think the Russians have the right policy and we have the wrong one.

Assad is undoubtedly a dictator and like all dictators, he rules by fear and force.
But he governed a secular country where religious minorities were protected. There were moves towards a more democratic system. Women were not enslaved.

Compare and contrast with Saudi Arabia: a monarchical dictatorship; religious extremists holding massive power and other faiths banned; women oppressed and treated like cattle; and they export their brand of religious extremism and terrorism around the world.

We are supporting the wrong side.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Dee dee - almost right. The west's policy has been wholly misguided from the start.

Dictator such as Assad isn't pretty but the stability which they can generally achieve is usually the least bad result for the people so governed.

Nobody benefits from the instability of civil war and insurrection except the people who hope to sieze power and then purge their opponents, and to support them is extremely foolish.

Having said that we didn't start that war ( I think) and it is just a process Syria has to go through. Intervention on either side will only damage the unfortunate Syrian peope.

Anonymous said...

formertory said @ 8:42

'If he gets it, why doesn't Cameron?'

Oh he does, but as I said in a previous post Cameron has more than one employer. Understanding how domestic politics works and how global politics unpowers it is a bit like buying a pushbike then finding out it has no pedals.


Thud said...

I doubt Hezb and IRGC ground forces operating in conjunction with Russian forces will be any more understanding of the remaining Christians than the wahbi nutters.

Ed P said...

My wife had a green burial, but the allotted woodland space was not much more than in the adjacent, normal grave section. Her spot is marked with a 1' square (304.8mm square for the young) stone tablet and a tree. The tree is a prunus or similar and will not grow too wide or tall. The land is unsuitable for more than grazing, and, being in a flood plain, only suitable for idiot's houses. Not too needy or selfish I thought.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Every news story is now so unintentionally hilarious, because its writers assume that 'We' will still be in charge in twenties years' time. More likely that today's opinion formers will be thrown into open pits occasionally pushed closed by a Muslim when he can get diesel for the municipal digger. Those trees will long since have disappeared for firewood.

The Russians have always understood themselves to be holding the line against the Tatars and all other - Muslim - hordes that would otherwise sweep Westwards, and that the Western nations though protected by Russia are oblivious of this endless threat, and so Russia, Christ-like, will always be condemned by those she is sacrificing her own people to save. Dostoyevski, I think.

Budgie said...

No reports I have seen paint Assad in a pleasant light, but if anyone thinks removing Assad will improve the situation I've got this dog who howls at the moon to sell you.

Elby the Beserk said...

Twaddle, Radders. If somebody has land and want to use it for such a purpose, why they hell should they not? Free trade is it not? Their land? My body?