Sunday, 18 October 2015

Increase funding for Human Rights lawyers now!

OK, it may be counter-intuitive, but we really need to boost the funding to all the rainbow variety of human rights lawyers bringing cases against the UK in the ECHR. The more absurd the case, the more outrageous the claim, the better. All pre-referendum, of course. 

Yes I know the ECHR has nothing to do with the EU, but you try telling that to the 98% of the British public who believe they are one and the same evil. And the 'No' campaign can bleat about the difference to their hearts' content to no effect. 

So ECHR cases for Muslim shop workers offended by sausages ("a haram pork product in the shape of a male member"), Islamic mums banned from wearing their burqas in the municipal swimming pool, Boco Haram killers complaining about the BBC World Service are all welcome; the more risible, the better. They can join the queue of Taliban killers waiting to sue Our Boys for daring to return light weapons fire at them in Afghanistan. 

Migrant tales

Perhaps only Nick Drew will recognise Fallingbostel barracks, once home to Hitler's panzer divisions and the Norwegian SS and more recently as a BAOR home from home (Aldershot with Bratwurst). It may have been good enough for Our Boys but not, it seems, for Iraqi and Afghan migrants. Despite the German police doing their best to direct a wave of migrants here they refused to board the coaches - having their own very clear idea of exactly where they want to be looked after. They pick places where relatives or friends have a foothold already, or places they have found on Facebook, and view the duty of the Germans as getting them there and then finding them decent accommodation - which certainly doesn't include a barrack block dating from 1934 named after the patron saint of Gunners.  

Alpine Pass report
Well, the Austrian army and even the police have given up guarding the Alpine pass at Wurzenpass. They've left a shedload of shiny new cones and lane layouts to deter illegals but that's it. To be frank, I can't imagine many migrants making the climb on 20% gradients with hairpins that need first gear for several stretches - they prefer to stick to railway track gradients, i.e. minimal ones, it seems. They'd like Norfolk ...


Flaxen Saxon said...

Indeed. Western Europe faces a calamity which threatens its identity and invites societal collapse. Where is the money coming from to fund these economic migrants? From the European tax payer, and what happens when the funds run out? Europe has become a victim of its prosperity and decadence.

DeeDee99 said...

If the German police can't make these migrants take the accommodation that's been set aside for them in Germany, how the hell are they going to make any of them move to a "safe haven" in, say Latvia or Slovakia because Frau Merkel says it;s "fair"?

I wonder when the rioting and violent resistance is going to start ..... with the migrants on the one hand and German protesters on the other?

Anonymous said...

One under reported story is how when disused buildings in German villages are identified for immigrant accommodation, the locals just burn the building down. We're not talking Neo-Nazi's here, just pissed off citizens. The running count is over 500 instances...

Dadad said...

You may not believe this but I do really live at the top of a hill in Norfolk, just don't ask me how may metres above sea level it is.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted, that, the ECHR is one of the planks shoring up 'Le grand projet' thus, if the UK were to withdraw from the aegis, jurisdiction of the ECHR-ECJ [despite the casuistry and differing HQs (Strasbourg/Luxe) they are interchangeable = one and the same]....if we bin the ECHR: then we'd have to forthwith commence our march out of the EU - you can't have one without the other.
As you say though, the more the ECHR and its mad judges and edicts continue to be highlighted for the paucity of clarity and judgement.... in the UK media - it's all grist to the mill and bad PR is marvellous advertising for getting out and for the ultimate good [of the UK].

As DeeDee alludes, making a brilliant point, what is going to happen when the migrants have to be pushed off to Poland and Slovakia, will Mutti insist on it? Knowing the ructions it will cause in eastern Europe, will Merkel....dare she insist on this enforced redistribution of gimmegrants?

Moreover and on the point - will the aggressive behaviour of the incomers who are mostly adherents of Sunni Islam - agree with being moved on, one must surely tend to the almost militant reluctance of said Fugees/gimmegrants to be loathe to respond and what then?

On these lines, among the fervid ranks of the faithful here in Britain - there is an fifth columnist agenda and process where the "lads from Oldham" helping refuzniks ashore in Lesbos - as the Fr24 TV referred to them the other day. Aye "the lads from Oldham" helping ashore the "Syrian refuzniks" BECAUSE they refuse to stay in a safe country [ie Turkey]! Aye up - the lads from Oldham know well what they are doing and it's all to do with the Mosque and nought to do with altruistic succour. The same with the attitude of these ungrateful bastards when they alight in Germany - it's all about making demands and telling their kind hosts what the gimmegrants wanna do - whose priming and informing these 'unfortunates'? Telling 'em, of their endless "yuman rights". Again I ask, do they, are these advisers and lawyers - do they also hail from Britain and at the back of them we assume, are the Wahhabi preachers of filth - are they not?


From Turkey and Saudi, primed by the Sunnis, they flock to Europe, a horde, the flood and clearly, there is a trans European network so designed - this is a purposely driven mass movement - not a refugee crisis it never was about Syria - Syria was just the conduit.

Demetrius said...

Fallingbostel? It was where we kept our Dragoons. It had class in those days. Is it sixty years?

Anonymous said...

Delicious news concerning the Blair creature and a certain email betwixt he and Bush. All that's needed now is some preparedness evidence and its off to the Hague with at least one of them anyway.


Anonymous said...

'gimmegrants' - I like that!

Nick Drew said...

Ah yes, 'Effing-B', those old Kaserne are a bit draughty and unimaginative, but serviceable enough with 1970's vintage double glazing

and they have fantastic attics - just look at the roofing - you could house hundreds of extra squaddies when a UK battalion came over on exercise

brocky & chips all round: mine's a charlie-mit, and a j├Ągermeister-n-coke for my mate

Cascadian said...

Sensible people understand;

PEGIDA are making waves, even a shambles like UKIP are atracting votes.

The comfortable status quo is crumbling, the camoron and ms maybe of course do not comprehend this.

G. Tingey said...

I wonder, I really wonder.

If ....
All the fuss & the silly & contra-sensible "human rights" cases are deliberate?
So that REAL Human Rights, the one we all really need, can be taken away from us.
Or am I paranoid?