Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Social workers fear Germanic Devils will scare migrants

Officials in Austria and Bavaria are today faced with a further complication of having thousands of migrant guests - how will they, and especially the young ones, react to the running of the black devils during the traditional seasonal Krampuslaufen?

They have Krampuslauf clubs in the same way that we have Morris dancing, except that in place of bells, sticks, ribbons and pig bladders they have horns, teeth, matted fur, chains and blood-red eyes of fire. However, Bavarian social workers have speculated that Afghan or Pakistani kiddies, brought up on Taliban lullabies and Sharia bedtime stories, will be scared shitless by these demonic folk-creatures. One club, the Steindorf Black Devils, near a refugee camp near the Ossiachersee in Austria claims it has been asked to cancel this year's devil run. 

Club members have offered to go in costume to meet the migrants in the daytime prior to the torch-lit procession. So far, the offer has been declined by the social workers. 

Chairman of the Kärnten Heritage Society Wolfgang Lattacher suggested putting up posters in migrant languages "that this is an old tradition with us, and they need not be afraid".


Dean Ditchbank said...

Yes indeed. The Black Devils are here. We used to dress up in costumes in order to warn and prepare our children so they would not be naive enough to allow in the real devils when they arrived, and not to be paralysed with fright by them either.
We will be burning some black devils in effigy this 5th November but first the children will pitchforking them and shouting Aloha Snackbar
Best wishes, Tingley, and remember -
All religions are the same, and none of them matter a damn 'cept the one that wants to kill you and yours

Michael said...

Well if they don't like it, they should have stayed at home with their real nightmares. They expect others to conform to their rules and mores in their own country but expect other nations to adapt to theirs when they up sticks and turf up on somebody else's doorstep.

DeeDee99 said...

Any pleas by the native population for the invaders and their social workers to understand that this is a traditional custom which does no harm will be ignored.

Only the customs and "fears" of the invaders matter.

Anonymous said...

Social workers eh? I would love to read - just the once - a story where social workers get the job right and have a balanced approach while so doing.

Coney Island

Demetrius said...

It is quite simple, you tell the newcomers that they are visitors from England.

Dave_G said...

Fair's fair - the migrants are likely to turn up wearing backpacks.

Now who's the scared one?

Dr Evil said...

Or they could tell them, no doubt what many raped German women and girls think (yes, we know they are censoring their local and national MSM)to Eff Off back home.

G. Tingey said...

Dean Wankbank
I am a lapsed member of the CLiffe Bonfire SOciety, of Lewes, in Sussex.
Torchlight parades, exploded popes, walking through the fire @ midnight - the works.
Great fun.

I wonder how the "visitors" would like a few masked smugglers to visit them?
See also:

I do like this one, in particular:
With Osama as "Bindaloo"

Like I said, great fun

Perry de Havilland said...

"...will be scared shitless by these demonic folk-creatures"

And this would be... bad?