Thursday, 8 October 2015

The disintegration of the Free Syrian Army

The cartoon below reflects more accurately than anything else the incestuous relationship between the Islamist rebel groups in Syria; the main US-backed group (and Calamity Dave's favourites) the 'Free Syrian Army' are undergoing all the classic stages of a US supported puppet in meltdown.

Stage 1
US advisors become increasingly concerned at lack of progress on the ground as a return for $123m paid to FSA generalissimo Salim Idriss; Congress is starting to ask awkward questions
Stage 2
Mass defections from the FSA to other Islamist rebel groups from 2013 onwards; 3,000 FSA fighters go over to al-queda group al-Nusra with US weapons and equipment
Stage 3
Salim Idriss retires to Qatar with several million USD to keep him company. New FSA generalissimo al-Bashir asks US for another $100m and promises that this will improve the group's lacklustre performance
Stage 4
Details of kidnap, torture and execution by the FSA documented by the United Nations. More defections to Islamist groups, and details emerge of close links to anti-Western Jihadists. Child soldiers recruited to counteract desertions. FSA asks CIA for more money.
Stage 5
US advisors desperate to set-up little victory for FSA fighters to bolster waning support in Washington; CIA operatives engineer minor skirmish the FSA can't lose, with HD news crews in attendance. FSA screw it up and lose.

Usually, Stage 5 is followed by the mass desertion of the rebel leadership with all the remaining funds and shots of happy ISIS fighters with a bonanza of new troops and equipment.

They just don't learn from experience, do they?


Dean Ditchbank said...

Nice chart of some the Mujahideen. Now we need another chart with all their Qatari & Saudi financiers, and one of all their bought-and-paid-for apologists in our own government

Of course there are other mujahideen brigades - no kidding, that is how they think of themselves - here in the UK. Here's one example from Luton

Anonymous said...

Can anyone discern just whose side the CIA is on?

Dave calls the rag tag bunch of misfits and thugs 'The Free Syrian Army' as, "the opposition forces" - but who are they opposing..... Dave?

More pertinently, if the FSA was by some miracle to win out in this God awful mess. Sunnis backed by the KSA and Qatar [FFS] - they're going to bring a world of pain on the land formerly known as Syria. Dave also describes them [Free Syrian army] as, "secular opposition" - what is it about the clown - Dave and how is it that he doesn't understand the Queens English and the definition of 'secular' or does he choose this emollient language to appease, to put at ease our ill informed and incomprehending British press?

Meanwhile, Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is making noises about joining the Russians [and Bashar al Assads forces] to wipe out the curse of the Daesh - or some words to that effect and also Iraqi PM Haider al Abadi quoted on France24 saying Russian airstrikes on Daesh would be welcomed in northern Iraq.

Once more the west is way behind the curve and Vladimir Putin with his allies are both metaphorically and literally calling the shots. Imho, I don't think the Free Syrian Army is up to much, as Russian downgrades al Nusra et al, President Putin will turn his attention to the Daesh and that will be with ground troops from al Assads army and with Iranian backing. It will not be pleasant but maybe Syria will be rid of the curse of most of the pestilential Sunni death cultists.

What the west should do - is back President Putin or else the west will be sidelined for many years in the region but they all of them; Obama, Cameron, Mutti and Hollande don't like him [Vladimir Putin] much? Moreover, is it not mutually beneficially Russian and in the west's interests to reason with the Russian President? Or, do Dave, Mutti and Hollande wish that the Daesh carry on growing ever stronger, for clearly [as President Putin surmised] the puny US/UK/French airstrikes on the Daesh are having little or no effect.

Israel though, seems to approve of Vladimir's shake up. I wonder, how long that can last or, is it that, the Israelis think they are better off with President Putin as their major 'friend' in the middle east?

You have to hand it to Putin, the Kremlin strategists have danced all over their western counterparts and the eejits conducting covert operations in the Levant and northern Iraq.

Lastly, are you listening DAVE?

It is to be hoped, and forthwith to ensure that, insurgent British special forces are not endangered - better yet, pull them out - all of them from this theatre. It should be made clear - for the UK are no longer players in this war. Yes OUT altogether and to keep our aging Tornados away from Russian airspace over Syria and IRAQ - evidently they are no match for the latest Russian jet fighters.

oldrightie said...

We should be thankful Russia and the only world leader of real stature, Vladimir, are choosing to clean up the Western mess in Syria. As he was forced to do in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Free Syrian Army (FSA) founded in Langley, Virginia, in 2012 - only joking, it was 2011.

Whose unofficial motto is this:

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

Made I larf anyways.


Budgie said...

I don't suppose Dave is bright enough or bothered enough to come up with all his twaddle himself. So his Syrian "expertise" is probably coming from the FCO. How could the FCO get it so wrong? What part of their strategy failing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya don't they get?

The senior bods at the Ministries don't appear to respect each other, but they all sing from a pretty similar hymn sheet. I know that the military procurement I witnessed was appallingly inept and inefficient, with political manoeuvres galore and people on the make or demoralised, or both. Extend that throughout the establishment and it is no wonder we are in this mess.

Anonymous said...

"How could the FCO get it so wrong?"

Who runs HMG, certainly not Dave and his executive - the senior panjandrums of Whitehall run the ship and long ago the FCO gave up the ghost, our administration has always pulled the boat and the boat is harboured in Brussels but also heavily influenced by outside interests..........

All of the FCO are all too, indeed far too sympathetic to the KSA-Wahhabists. Furthermore, most of the FCO's graduate recruitment is from Oxford/Cambridge where the Qataris and Saudis pump £billions into faculty departments. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if, the FCO and through its positive discrimination diversity recruitment processes didn't have Wahhabist hands on involvement in the day to day running of 'our' FCO.

We are being softened up, have been infiltrated and taken over and petro pounds are doing the work - the irony will not be lost on the House of Saud nor, with the pedlars of Islamification: in the University of Medina.

Cascadian said...

Excellent analysis, I especially like the title-boybamas Bay of Pigs

boybama and camoron the keystone cops of the world.

Odin's Raven said...

The Americans offer dollars. The Russians deliver death. What's a 'moderate' terrorist to do but take the money and run?