Monday, 19 October 2015

What don't the Islamists understand about Cameron's extremism test?

David Cameron made crystal clear the criteria for judging whether or not UK Moslems are extremists or not on 19th June in Slovenia; the seven-part test is suitable even for the simplest and most primitive of understandings to comprehend:-

"Do you believe that:-

  • The West is bad - In contrast to immigrants who want to be part of the Western life, a society at the apex of two thousand years of social and economic development, enemies of the nation hate our culture and seek only to exploit and undermine it
  • Democracy is wrong - Extremists believe that our democratic framework is mistaken and that only the Quran and its interpreters, the imams, should dictate law and policy; Islamist dog Anjem Choudary recently harangued British Moslems against voting in the 2015 elections as 'UnIslamic'
  • Women are inferior to men - This gross stupidity lies at the heart of Islamism. They use it to justify forced marriage, child sex abuse, domestic violence, unequal opportunity in the workplace and to silence the voices of a half of our people. Morons. 
  • Homosexuality is evil - Many Christians legitimately believe homosexuality to be disordered and unnatural behaviour, yet tolerate those who choose this life. Islamists go far beyond this; If you think throwing gay men off high buildings is justified, as ISIS are doing, you're an Islamist.
  • Islamic doctrine trumps British law - There is no place for the Quran, or Sharia, in British life. We have a set of laws that is both comprehensive and complete in themself and governs fairly the conduct of all our lives. British law is not trumped by any other.
  • The Caliphate trumps the British realm - Those who foolishly imagine it is legitimate to support an insurrectionist sect against the British realm are already guilty of Sedition; to act on this belief makes it treasonous.
  • Violence is justified -  To believe that violence is justified in achieving one or more of the false tenets above is the mark of an enemy of my country. "
 Any Islamist scoring two or more of the above beliefs should now, according to Cameron's latest clarification, be banned from using the internet or attending a mosque, placed on the Extremist Offenders Register and have other civic privileges withdrawn.


Cascadian said...

" according to Cameron's latest clarification, be banned from using the internet or attending a mosque" you begin to understand why I call him camoron?

"Banned from the internet", the boy is beyond moronic.

"Banned from attending a mosque" pray tell.

Visceral said...

I'm afraid the boy Dave will do no such thing to anyone... however restricting all our access to information and other freedoms in teh name of the common good just watch this space.

Mr Ecks said...

Camoron is a contender for the worst and dumbest turd ever to occupy no 10. Bliar and McSnot are his only rivals.

None of this shite will have the slightest effect on islamics--but it will be used against whites-- have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said...........

Camoron is a contender for the worst and dumbest turd ever to occupy no 10. Bliar and McSnot are his only rivals.

None of this shite will have the slightest effect on islamics--but it will be used against whites-- have no doubt.

Honestly, I couldn't agree more with all of that (above).


people think that, Cameron is some sort of nice guy; a clean living, cuddly and friendly teddy bear but worse than that, they credulously deem Camoron to be batting for Britain. Really, apart from that turd gobbling, toilet cottager and prime fuckwit Bliar, Camoron is only just second - by a hair's breadth.

On Islam, and pertaining to all things Islam, Dave is about as effective as is 'our' chief of police in Manchestuur:

Sir Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester police, told the Guardian that the government’s latest plans could be counterproductive, coming at a time when Muslims in the UK feel increasingly alienated.

Fahy, who speaks for the police on the government’s Prevent strategy, said: “There is a concern that efforts to control extremist narratives will limit free speech and backfire if we don’t get the balance right. The efforts to control extremism and limit protest by those caught by too wide a definition may undermine the very rights and British values you seek to protect.”

Who was in charge, who was 'on watch' when and just like in Rotherham, Blackpool, Leeds, Oxford, Wycombe, Rochdale, Bradford, Derby, Preston, Blackburn and many hundreds of kids in the Manchester area were systematically groomed, raped by gangs of Pakistani males who thought [rightly] that they could get away with just about aught?

I don't need to wonder why it is that, the fifth column is calling the shots, clearly, for, the authorities have gone over to the other side.

Sunni Islam, the salafists, the Daesh are abroad, be aware and be very afraid.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Register every Muslim to a mosque. A Muslim is anyone with a Muslim (Arabic) name. Then tax the mosques. Tax is low for good behaviour of its members, but punitive rates as soon as there is any trouble.
Put a portrait of her Majesty the Queen up in the entrance to every mosque, and ensure that prayers are said for her and her government.
Raise a Muslim regiment and give it permanent peace-keeping duties in the Middle East. Make the regiment the only way out of jail for Muslim offenders.

Either we bring them under control or they bring us under control and the civil society we know will be gone.

Malcolm Stevas said...

How's Cameron going to do that - call Ghostbusters? It's a bit late: he and the rest of the political class have, over a half-century plus, created a body of Muslims too huge to police in this way: around 13% of London's population, for instance.

G. Tingey said...

Dean Ditchbank
Why is this the case?
A Muslim is anyone with a Muslim (Arabic) name

Does this include Maryam Namazie? Or members of the council of ex-muslims of Britain (All of whom will have "muslim" names)? OR Wafa Sultan (Google for her), or my near-neighbour , who is a Sufi... etc ad nauseam, as the saying goes.

mikebravo said...

Fer fecks sake Dean Ditchbank.
Now you have gone and woke up Tingey again.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Well said Tingey, there's been some fucking ignorant, unpleasantly fascistic comments on this thread.

"round 'em all up" "load'em into trains"

Get a grip guys you sound like paranoid idiots.

No one's denying there's a problem but it's not going to lead to the end of western civilization. The one thing that might is some sort of general crackdown on people because of their skin colour, or their beliefs or opinions; and that certainly would be a betrayal of our nations 2000 year long struggle, but is seems to be what some of you guys are calling for.

Anonymous said...

God is great and he supports the big battalions, the weight of population is key ie, when it becomes a critical mass. Here in the UK or France/Germany for that matter.....say, in about 10-15 years or less [in UK] but it's only a matter of time for the Wahhabists and their devoted infantilized - brainwashed useful idiots, thousands of young primed, pumped up males with chips on each shoulder and eager to kill and seek martyrdom.

The Daesh don't do sweet reason and the rest of the "moderates" kowtow to deign of the Theocrats whose edicts are enforced by the secret police and street thugs - that is what Britain is turning into - you wanna try complaining to this lot - you end up in traction or, worse.

Cascadian said...

Care to point out the "round 'em all up" "load'em into trains" comment cuffleyburgers?

Whilst Dean is guilty of some not quite well-reasoned argument, you are also falling into the same trap.

Budgie said...

Surely no one believes Cameron's assurances any more? The man flops all over the place attempting to calm concerns about issues ranging from the EU to immigration, when you know he favours both.

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers, I think you are over reacting and being a tad prissy. The UK interned foreigners throughout WW1. They were not death camps. The authorities were not "fascists" - a loaded throwaway line anyway. It was just sensible protection for the natives at a time of national emergency. Neither Western liberties nor democracy nor decency were lost.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie- maybe there's som over-reaction on both sides.

Comments such as "assign every moslem to a specific mosque" are not so far removed in spirit from "make every jew wear a yellow star" and we know how that ended.

I am sure Mr Ditchbank would be the last person to smash a mosque window, but I don't think fascistic is too strong a word to describe his prescription, and I used the word deliberately.

Nobody who knows me has ever described me as a bleeding heart liberal. But I am extremely jealous of the wonderful achievements of the British people (including our American cousins before they lost the plot as well) over the ages in achieving the most free and open (and as a consequence rich and powerful) societies in history, where governments could to a large extent be held accountable.

In the last two decades and especially since 9/11 we seem to have lost much of what was gained, and also lost our appreciation of the value of what we had.

Sorry that last bit slightly o/t. But I don't think that obsessing about whether people are muslims or not is getting to the root of the problem.

What matters is whether people are terrorists or not, whether they are rapists or not, whether they are hard working family men or feckless benefit scroungers, will they encourage their children to speak English or retreat to some ghetto-ised police no go area and want their children to grow up speaking urdu as their first language?

G. Tingey said...

Britain interned foreigners who were deemed to be "enemy aliens" ( i.e. Germans & some Austrians ) during WW II - not WW I.
I used to know an ex-Austrian who had to report to the police, at first daily, then weekly & then (after some time in 1943) not at all.
He used to work with me, along with all the other varied refugees in a research lab.
( We had a Sudeten Czech/German, a Hungarian, the guy I mentioned, a German who fled in '33 & a couple of others.
One had an "Interesting" tattoo on the inside of his wrist - AND he'd been in the Gulag as well. )

Budgie said...

G Tingey
You are so full of shite (and I don't often say things like that, even to you).
My grandfather was interned during WW1 as a foreign national, and he was neither German, nor Austrian.

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers said: "I am extremely jealous of the wonderful achievements of the British people ... over the ages".

Me too. But we didn't make that progress by being politically correct, or a soft touch, or assuming foreigners were better than us, or allowing foreigners to determine our policies or over rule our culture. We were robust, even jingoistic, and certainly patriotic to an extent that would make a B'n'P supporter blush today.

We are children of our times. Do not make the mistake that our forefathers saw the world as we do. I have no doubt at all that if we had behaved as we do now, 300/200/100 years ago we would have been over run by invaders either military or cultural. And then where would our achievements be?

Anonymous said...

We won't defend our culture, our identity or our children.

We won't have any of those for much longer.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie - that's true up to a point; the meaning of the word jingoism, in true gramscian fashion has been twisted into a negative where it originated as simply a code for robust national self confidence, and there is nothing wrong with that, the point being that it was always tinged with decency, humour and very British self deprecation. And that was why it worked.

Your mention though of the first world war reminds us though that that is where it all started to go wrong - the dramatic expansion of the state began then and accelerated after the second as everybody drew totally the wrong conclusion from victory (briefly, that because we had managed to win against the odds therefore the state should manage our entire lives).

Adam Smith said something like "there a lot of ruin in a country" and by god the powers that be are testing that thesis to destruction.

G. Tingey said...

Aplogies, or summat - that is new information to me - & very surprising.