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Monday, 23 November 2015

Met police waste and inefficiency - Cut away, George!

A huge whine can be heard as far distant as Catford coming from Pimlico; it's the whine of senior Met police officers lunching with their press contacts in the chic little bistrots convenient for both Parliament and these servants of the people. And in advance of the Chancellor's announcement of budget cuts they're whining very loudly about losing their thick fiscal padding.

Here for example is a list of the top civilian jobs at the Met in 2012 equal to Commander rank or above - that's very senior, and each probably earns a wedge in the band £70k - £120k pa. You won't find it anywhere on their website any more; after I originally published it and submitted an FOI question, it disappeared. But I think we can be sure that two years on the list will be even longer, the duplication and triplication of jobs even more prevalent and the job titles even more absurd:-

Director of Information
Director of Resources
Director of Human Resources
Director of Public Affairs
Director of Legal Services
Strategic HR Director
Director of HR Operations
Director of Leadership Development
Director ofLogistical Services
Director of Catering Services
Director of Transport Services
Business PartnershipsDirector
Business Services Director
Strategic HR Director (2)
Strategic HR Director (3)
Programme & Information Manager
Director of Property Services
Director of Finance Services
Director of Strategy & Improvement Department
Director of Procurement Services
Director of Asset Management
Director of Construction
Director of Facilities Management
Director of Resilience & Compliance Group
Director of Commercial Operations
Director of Exchequer Services
Director of Business Development, Core Finance & Special Projects
Director of Business Support
Director of Business Strategy
Director of Business Performance
Director of Category Management
Director of Supply Chain Management
Head of Service Delivery
Head of Security, Standards & Architecture
Head of Business Systems & Integration
Head of Business Services & IT Training
Deputy Director of Information
Head of Technology
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Assistant Director (Olympics)
Assistant Director (Head of Internal Communication)
Assistant Director (Chief Press Officer)
Director of Business Development
Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus
Director of Business Support
Director of Forensics
Head of Business Services (Human Resources)
Head of Business Services(Finance and Resources)
Director of Business Services

Each of course will have their own little empire, bigger fleas have little fleas (I imagine for instance a Department of Category Management, in which, under the Director of Category Management, serve a Senior Category Manager, 3 x Category Managers, 4 x Category Management Assistants and 8 x Category Administrators).

And one does really have to ask what the 4 ACs, 7 DACs and 26 Commanders (2012) are actually doing if not this sort of stuff - I mean, they're hardly hanging around Waterloo with Glock G19s strapped their ample thighs, are they?


Demetrius said...

Three or four decades ago and more, there were routine publications listing the top people in local authorities etc. As in those days there were national pay scales for local government and teaching etc. and these also were published and to be found in libraries it did not take a lot to work out who was what and how much. In some archives there might well be copies around. It would be interesting compare the now and the then, if the time and understanding was available.

Billy Marlene said...

It's OK. Were getting two 'Strike Brigades' (by 2025). 'Sourced from current Army numbers' and paid for by cuts to incremental pay which present soldiers 'enjoy'.

That should help recruiting and retention.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable Radders...

Would this all be repeated (perhaps on a smaller scale) in the other 47 police forces.... (sorry service providers) in the UK?

Anonymous said...

It is all explained in "Parkinson's Law".

The same creatures can be found under every stone that you lift. What would they all be doing for a living if these fake jobs didn't exist ?

Don Cox

Nick Drew said...

Next up ... the BBC

I doubt you could fit all those in the £70k+ wedge-band on a single blog-post

and you certainly wouldn't be able to believe the job titles

formertory said...

The wage bill for these parasites pales into almost total insignificance compared with the cost of funding their incredible pensions. That's where the public sector generally needs to be trimmed - trimmed? Sorry, I meant slashed, decimated and ground into the dust.

Anonymous said...

The army/navy/RAF is much the same.

The squaddies get the square root of fuck all whilst the admirals (of whihc we have more than actual ships) make a packet.

The fabled "public sector ethos" is just so much bullshit.