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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Rotten Heart of the UNHCR

Back in the '70s and '80s when the UNHCR was properly managed by logistics people who were focused on the tasks at hand, the agency was effective at rapidly deploying vast functioning refugee camps complete with standpipes, drainage ditches, sewerage, medical tents and Sawyer stoves at the drop of a hat. Within 72 hours of a flood of displaced persons arising somewhere, the UNHCR was on the spot with tents and fresh water. 

Since then of course it has become absolutely rotten, corrupt and ineffective. Recently, instead of building refugee camps in Greece and Italy, its junior staff whine to news reporters about the shortcomings of democratically elected governments such as that of the Republic of Hungary whilst they watch thousands of untended migrants walk past their own air conditioned hotel rooms. 

Small wonder then that R4's File on Four has found evidence of the most shocking waste and financial incompetence amongst the UN agencies; the UNHCR, instead of deploying tents, spends £7m a year of its budget on its own Press Office, and half the remainder on its own petty officials and bureaucrats. Waste, corruption, fraud and lack of transparency and proper accounting amongst the UNHCR, WFP and UNICEF are endemic, and the UK and other donor nations are being denied any proper accounting for the hundreds of millions poured into these bodies. 

It's time we either cleared out the top three or four management layers of this Augean stables and put in place the sort of effective logicians we had in the past, or time we ceased funding the whole rotten, unaccountable, shoddy pile of corruption altogether.


Cuffleyburgers said...

A tale of our times Radders.

And the BBC functions in much the same way (although probably not quite so bad) so it is interesting that the BBC should have published this. Can it be that the tide is turning? I won't hold my breath.

mikebravo said...

Seems to me that the rulers get rid of things that they do not like and fund those that they do.
They must be getting what they want from the fake charities, ie endless propaganda to push for unlimited immigration or why let it continue.

They do not fund free speech and thought seminars after all.

john savage said...

Occasionally programs like this and 'Whats wrong with the Met office' slip past the BBC Radio censors. A much stricter regime guards BBC TV. has some good stuff on charity rent-seekers.

James Higham said...

Yes but who is this "we" who is going to do the clearout?

Cascadian said...

Aaaahh the UNHCR...they will not be happy until Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt resemble Gaza (the UNHCR's biggest accomplishment to date).
Let those that started this shitstorm in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia and later Syria suffer the most France, UK, USA.

G. Tingey said...

-all of you (with the possible exception of Radders ...
Small wonder then that R4's File on Four has found evidence of the most shocking waste and financial incompetence
YES, the BBC have done a superb job of investigative reporting.
And you want to destroy it.
Like I said ... idiots.

Please note that those "things" that are wrong with the BBC have almost all been put there by "governement" in one form or another.
I will mention just three examples: J Birt, C Patten & A Yentob.
Yes, those "things" are individual people, none of whom should be trusted with a used bog-brush.
HOW do twats like this get power, is what I want to know?