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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Poland, Hungary securing the outer Bolgi

Much is being made by the EU-tame media of recent events in Poland. The current story being spun quite effectively is that a benign liberal EU is helping rescue the people of Poland from a malevolent right wing government. As you'd expect, this isn't really true. Matthew Tyrmand gives an excellent countervailing explanation on Breitbart; that the Polish government is only securing democracy against the unelected apparatchiks of the EU. While not wholly true, it does demolish many of the specious justifications being advanced by the EU for 'intervention'. Or as the UN would say, 'unlawful interference with national sovereignty'. Twenty minutes on the English-language Polish forums will show these things are far more nuanced and more complex than ever our own media report. 

Hungary has also been subject to 'correction' of policy errors by the EU, and you will recall that the UN even gave sanction to its most junior executives to criticise human rights in Hungary when that nation closed her border to violent rapists migrants. 

I think what we're seeing now with Hungary, Poland, the Czech republic, Slovakia and possibly the Balts is the formation of the putative inner and outer Bolgi of a two-part Europe. The great danger of course is that membership of this outer EU is being offered as a  Cameron victory-lite; the UK has nothing at all in common with the eastern nations except a dislike of Brussels. Our only sensible option is out altogether. 

You can tell quite a lot about folk by their reaction to the news that 4,000 tipsy cyclists were imprisoned by the previous left-liberal-proEU Polish regime. OK, they only get jail time for a second or further offence, but how many times have I rowed back to a mooring after a few pints? Jailing intoxicated cyclists is alien to England, but most Poles consider it reasonable. It's hard to judge what happens in the eastern states by our own standards; travel and transport may be extraordinarily rapid, but cultures take much longer to change.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder, why did Poland sign up to another Soviet bloc and by God, here in the UK do we ever need to learn some lessons from the 'masters' - ie the POLISH PEOPLE.

Indeed R, a rather enlightening insight ex Matthew Tyrmand and into Polish politics and how democracy is being restored, all should hail to the Polish people and the Law and Justice party.

Though, what of Ukraine and how does the Law and Justice party view the idea of the EU allowing, needing, force feeding, bribing the rabid Fascists of Kiev into the bosom of the Brussels Mafia?

Yer know, its so fucking irritating, nauseating actually that, the dipsomaniac tosser at the top of the tree, one named Jean Claude Juncker and his merry men can browbeat a truly democratically elected political party (in Poland) and in the same moment tout and uphold the Ukraine as some distant bastion of freedom and democracy how does that scan - FFS. Juncker, Merkel and the famous five: they must live in another fucking universe.

What you wont hear much about is this - what I want to know is, why is it that only the Dutch get a vote?

Reading down, on some of Tyrmand's examples of how democracy in Poland was being strangled of life by the alliance of ex commie scumbags aka PO-PSL....

The constant attacks on press freedom is an incessant refrain and oh ever so slightly echoing of our very own Ill liberal tossers - the Long March brigade allied with the North London tosserati.

In which, the kangaroo court (Leveson) politically inspired, instigated by that bunch of useless twats; Dave primarily [why did he cave in - nah don't answer that] the CPS [what a fucking joke they are, are nigh on as bad as the electoral commission - another EU-Bliar inspiration] and of course the less than useless Met Ploderati.


Trying as they are and try as they fucking well did and with £12 mil of taxpayers dosh with all their might - they still got fucked off by the court of the great British public both, in the form of: 12 men and true and not least the universal opprobrium of public opinion.

Though one sadly notes that, Sky resurrected Steve Coogan's (two good time girls and a blizzard of Colombian whizzo) career, for crying out loud it demurely records in wiki that "Steve entered rehab for personal issues" - yup.

At least, the Polish youngsters are seemingly far better educated than are the majority of their peers over here, now surely that's something the Frankfurt School/Brussels mob can fix, they certainly did for us here in Britain.

Britain? here, I honestly think the Long March has been completed.

Witness the fact that; the QuangoQueens-Feminazis-SJW-SWP-UNITE-the Scum Party are ripping chunks out of each other, while still encouraging AND with all energies that they can summon - to bring over as many RAPEFUGEES and MOZZIE GIMMIGRANTS as possible......don't they realize that, apart form signing the death warrant of their own nation - that they'll will be first to the cranes?

I think that, a move to Poland might be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

"but cultures take much longer to change."

How many generations will it take for the Pakistani Muslims in the UK to leave Pakistani culture behind? Quite a few judging by the fact that journey is going backwards at the moment.

Cascadian said...

The current story being spun quite effectively is that a benign liberal EU is helping rescue the people of Poland from a malevolent right wing government.

I seem to remember similar interference in Austria quite recently, why would anybody be surprised. It is well documented that the EU keep scheduling votes until the "correct" result is obtained, the populace is then bound to that result for eternity. It has not happened in yUK yet because they always elect a socialist government.

Wildgoose said...

This piece is relevant and well worth reading:

Unmaking England.

G. Tingey said...

Any party that calls itself "Law & Justice" & is closely aligned with the utterly evil RC church can't be good news.