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Monday, 14 March 2016

Merkel faces consequences of Germany's open door

This morning, on a long walk around the valley with an Austrian chum, we discussed yesterday's election results from Germany, and the panic from the gullible idiots that the AfD's election success presaged another 1933. 'Bollocks' said Hans; The Nazis were utterly dependent on the wealth of the German industrialists to force themselves into power. The AfD has no such backers. It was a kicking to Merkel as a reminder not to go too far; she has survived, and even retained the largest vote in Saxony-Anhalt.

She owes thanks to the Austrian Chancellor, Werner Faymann, who led the closing of the Balkan route, despite Merkel not liking it. Her biggest problem now is finding an accommodation with her own party, who are split on migration, and with her Bavarian partners. 

Meanwhile, weird foreign people are still trying to take advantage of the kind but gullible Austrians. It turns out that the new wave of street beggars in the large towns, who have taken to adopting a humble kneeling position in supplication for cash, aren't Syrians after all but Czech gypsies, and therefore EU citizens. Their boss sashays-by in a large Landcruiser each day to collect their earnings. 

And drivers in Klagenfurt have been surprised by migrants waiting until they're doing 5kph or under and then throwing themselves over the bonnet, in an effort to extort 'damages' for injury. In a country where google street view was prohibited (and still isn't active) video surveillance is not popular, and few cars are equipped with dash-cams. Which is probably just as well. The reported reaction of one Klagenfurt motorist to a scratched bonnet was to leap out of the car, drag the 'injured' migrant off and give him a good drubbing. Best unrecorded, probably. 


Anonymous said...

I think your Austrian chum's reading of the entrails of the German election results is spot on. Many people, eminent historians included, are ignorant of where the NSDAP's backing came from.

So yes, yesterday's results were "only" a protest vote but at least the German electorate had a vehicle for their protest votes.

Here in the UK any party that tried to represent the fears and values of Joe/Joan Public in a reasonable manifesto would be shouted down from all sides of the political devide.

As for the Islamic elephant in the room, God forbid that any politician should even whisper a word about it.

As for any migrant wanting a ride on my bonnet, they're welcome to one, they might be found smeared along the hard shoulder. Still clutching my windscreen wipers. I'd happily pay for a new pair!

mikebravo said...

There are some hilarious videos on youtube of people throwing themselves against slow moving cars in Russia.