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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Of course Saudi officials were behind 9/11 - and I'll bet Blair knew

As Obama makes his ice-cold courtesies to the king of the barbarian head-choppers, the State Department is selectively releasing more and more little bits of evidence to the press that confirm that Saudi officials were complicit in 9/11. If Obama now releases a whole redacted section of the official report, smart comment is betting that this will expose KSA's involvement with Bin Laden and Al-Queda beyond doubt. 

The squirming and wriggling now taking place behind the scenes is the extent to which Bush, and importantly for us, Blair, knew about the extent of Saudi involvement when planning the invasion of Iraq. With Chilcot now winding up his interminable enquiry, we will see whether Blair and Dearlove and the Cabinet Secretary and the rest of them lied and lied about the run-up to the war. I expect the pressure on Washington to keep the redacted report secret must be intense. 

And more importantly, it suggests that every major policy decision since 2001 has been undertaken on a false premise; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, all wrong. And all knowingly wrong. 

I cannot begin to suggest the ramifications of the US switching horses in the Middle East from the Salafist / Wahabbi  Sunni head-choppers and savage zealots to the priggish primitive crane-hangers and brutal thugs of Shia Persia and its allies. The crane-hangers love poetry and rose petals but with terror and a whip behind them. 

These are large tectonic plate movements. Obama has eight months left in office and a reputation for having achieved nothing. Maybe the earthquake is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

I think that if I were a Septic Pres, I might call in the Saudi AMbassador and give him a warning that any further unfriendly action would lead to the nuclear annihilation of his whole state.

Anonymous said...

Iran, Israel, Russia and Obama - uncomfortable bedfellows?

I am not sure it Obama knows what he actually desires.

I'll hazard some guesses at another 'great game' - which is afoot in the ME and its Geopolitik therein.

Iran, is the sworn enemy of Israel broadly speaking the feeling is mutual. But Iran is, always has been a big ally of al Assad and his Alouite mainly Shia sect.

In (the Levant) Lebanon and on the strip of land known as Gaza, the Israelis have had a constant but always a containable problem with the Iranian (and once) Syrian aided Hezbollah.

Isil, formed out of virtually nothing and old shreds of Saddam's army and Baathist regime its rise in northern Anbar of Iraq and then push into western Syria and at one time much to Israel's horror - it threatened a takeover of the whole Syria region! Isil was, is Wahhabist backed and massively funded by the KSA and Gulf satrapies and very much not unremarked by the Hawks in Tel Aviv.

The west and Obarmy sat on its hands, whimpering, no tears reflecting that, much of the mess in Iraq is, was - caused by George Dubbya and Bliar's lunatic regime change efforts.

Um yes, they did indeed get rid of Saddam but what replaced him was infinitely worse and then far too early and on some ill thought out and very stupid election pledge - Obarmy's divs installed a puppet Shia nutter called Malarkey and hence pulled the US garrison out of Iraq - and oh that fucked it - internecine bloodletting chaos ensued, whence the wraith of Isil coalesced into human form.

Israel was agog, in Syria help from Russia was offered, President Putin spied an opportunity to trump on and from a great height - the west. Putin talked first to Israel, and Israel, though they didn't quite approve of Bashar al Assad, at least he was a known quantity. Russia came in, changed the war in al Assad's favour and has quite probably crushed Isil ambitions, not wiped them out but crushed them in the region and jumped on KSA and Turkey's toes in the meantime - all good insofar as Israel is concerned.

Obama is going out, he pushed for an Iran nuclear deal, they did it and Tehran is now - no longer a world pariah, maybe with tacit Israeli approval - maybe.......the pro Israel Jewish lobby in the states, up in arms about Iran welcomed back into the world... but, but, but?
Really? I see it like this, Isil/Daesh becomes the main target, Iran needs to be used as some sort of counterweight to the KSA and with their stated goal - its lunatic vision for Wahhabist Sunni world dominion. Let's face it, the head of the Sunni Hydra - needs to be severed from the body and with expediency. Lastly Iran has much influenced else where, it borders Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and for reasons innumerable: in these countries the west needs Iranian influence being brought to bear.

Who knows, though what should focus our minds in Britain - the KSA are no friends of Britain and Isil is here on our streets - Dave needs to get real - though there is fat chance of that.

mikebravo said...

So much blood spilled. So many dead and so much trouble in the world. Just so that GWB could get rid of Saddam Hussein.
One man pisses off the good old USA and this is the end result. God knows how many dead. Countries, cities and towns laid waste for the vanity of a couple of so called western leaders.

Elections loom and the plebs try to decide which tyrant the want to "represent" them.

Princes and politicians should all be dealt with in the same way. Piano wire nooses.

Dave_G said...

I don't think there's any question of doubt as to whether or not the world is heading for conflict on a massive scale.

All these 'revelations' and manoeuvrings are designed to confuse - but ultimately set the stage for the excuse one party or another needs to start the big one.

Set against the backdrop of the rigged markets, the Feds manipulations, impending helicopter money and yes, even the UK breaking away from the EU, the stage is being carefully set for the fat ladies appearance.

Or is that 'fat boy'....... (as in the first A-bomb)?

Anonymous said...

Very disturbing, arms sales in general — and specifically to Saudi Arabia — have been a consistent element of Barry Obama’s tenure. Many Americans would be surprised to learn that his administration has brokered more arms deals than any administration of the past 70 years, Republican or Democratic. The primary vehicle for international arms transfers is the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program; in 2015, the FMS program hit a record high of $46.6 billion.

The Saudis have been major clients. During the first six years of the Obama administration, the United States entered into agreements to sell over $190 billion in weapons and training to Saudi Arabia. And in 2015, the administration announced its intention to sell another $22 billion to the kingdom, parts of which have yet to be announced. To put that into context, in his first five years as president, Obama sold $30 billion more in weapons than President Bush did during his entire eight years as commander in chief.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is a great salesman, apparently.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand whats going on with the ME and the migrant crisis.

I agree things are going to kick off. Whats are the millions of fighting age migrant men going to do when the ME goes tits up.(e.g. today there are 8 times as many foreign men age 20-35 in the Germany as they have in their combined armed forces)

I mean if you wanted a mechanism to set the world on fire that is the way to do it.

DeeDee99 said...

In my opinion, the fact that 19 of the World Trade Centre bombers were Saudi is a pretty good clue to the instigators of the attack.

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