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Saturday, 23 April 2016

We've been very naughty ...

I didn't intend it but should have foreseen it. A whimsical filler post last week on the celebrity superinjunction suggesting that they had been named in the non-existant print edition of the blog has so far got about 14,000 browser hits. 

This now surpasses the previous all-time most popular post, innocently but naively entitled 'women with large breasts and tattoos', about proposed cuts in non-essential treatments on the NHS, which to date has attracted 12,000 browser hits from around the globe from persons with a rather peculiar sexual fetish. But then I suppose the olive oil episode for the person referred to in the first paragraph would also fall into that category. 

Hey ho.  


DeeDee99 said...

Oh well. Perhaps the celeb gossip hunters will have gone on to read some of your regular blogs and learned something.

Maybe you should try it again.....!

Anonymous said...

"Olive Oil Scandal. Was it virgin?"