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Monday, 30 May 2016

The return of the Fencibles?

The owners and skippers of Britain's half a million leisure craft are on the whole a fairly law respecting and trustworthy lot. Perhaps they give more weight to COLREGS than to rules about duty-free booze on board but I've yet to meet one who wouldn't aid a fellow boater and those unaware of their legal responsibility to preserve life are few. They will jump down your throat for 'flying' rather than 'wearing' an ensign, yet will guide novices with infinite care and patience. If I were to ascribe a unifying quality I would suggest Independence of Mind. A sometime blog reader with whom I've enjoyed a drink or two related how his 19 yo son asked to borrow his modest boat for a long weekend, and without fuss or bother sailed his girlfriend to the Azores and back. "weren't you worried?" I asked. He shrugged. 

So when there's up to £5k a head available to smuggle economic migrants across the channel - a route as familiar to many as that to the local supermarket - our boaters can with no great difficulty follow a British seafaring tradition as old as The Revenue itself. 

One aspect of officialdom universally resented by boaters of all types is the heavy handed police marine patrols - masked black armoured thugs whose big clumsy black boots mark pristine GRP hulls and decks, whose rudeness suggests Britain's half a million boaters shouldn't be on the water, and whose mixture of arrogance and marine incompetence is enough to turn any boater from law-respecting to an angry smuggler. Those guys have a serious attitude problem. Their wash flooded and almost capsized my dinghy once as they raced around at full throttle in shallow waters just pissing people off. So whatever the migrant flows through beaches and small ports, any extension of May's Marine Army is not welcome. A quantity surveyor from Surbiton who dresses his family in matching tee-shirts to play at Master on his 25' sloop is unlikely to be an exploding jihadist, and crashing heavily on board his beloved marine kingdom with cocked weapons and gas masks is just anti-public stupidity. 

No, I think the answer is to pay Britain's own skilled boaters to police themselves part-time, on government supplied fast patrol boats, with not a shred of black body armour or ski-masks between them. A revival of the Sea Fencibles; a crew in every port, with unrivalled local knowledge and the sense to be respectful and polite - not as a people apart, as the Thugs are, but as fellow boaters with craft moored in the same harbours as those they challenge.    


Anonymous said...

I must say that I for one was impressed yesterday, to find that having sent a warship to sail off Tripoli, providing a taxi service to Europe for wet Africans, Border Farce are offering the same service in the English Channel.

DeeDee99 said...

Whatever the Government does to try and stop the smugglers will be little more than a PR exercise.

And anyone they rescue, instead of being returned to the port they embarked from, will be brought to the UK and given the full benefit of our welfare state.

Cull the Badgers said...

I'll say it directly, all these buggers who come over must be towed or taken back immediately. We don't want them here we don't need them.

And as for Mrs May, it will of course be difficult but get some balls and defend our shores. As for Cameron, your days are numbered, redeem yourself while you can.

This is a non-military invasion but it needs to dealt with as if it were armed.

Anonymous said...

Slightly O/T but on a meme.......

Providing a ferry service in the Med and then stopping 'em coming over the channel (wot wiv?), there needs to be prosecuted and forthwith a new policy...............

For a start, pour non encourager les autres:

Rip to shreds and tear up all protocols relating to and accordant with the Geneva convention - most particularly the Dublin accord and then get the message loudly, via apps, the internet, total blanket coverage on the4 news media; across Africa and all parts Asia inclusive of the subcontinent, Iran, Iraq, Syria, IndoChina - all migrants to be now classed only as economic itinerants and that, escaping war and pestilence - there will be no formal recognition of such categorization - is now defunct.
Pertinent to the above para, all refugee migrant benefits to be ceased with: immediate effect.
All illegal entrants, to be sent back on the day, and that: there will be no chance of illegals being accepted.

In future, only legal applications for settlement in the UK to be considered.

Fucking and well - get out of the EU.


Slightly more - On topic,

Your post is spot on, those who know our shores and small ports best, the local fish experts - fishing boat skippers, to casual and amateur anglers, the pilots, port masters, the weekend yachtsmen and gals - these people know our shoreline and more importantly know what is going on thereabouts.

The aforementioned: Don't piss them off. Correctly, as you say Radders - use their local expertise to close off our shoreline to predatory Paki, Albanian, Serbian, smugglers and traffickers - they are scum and they allow for unknown numbers of malign, seriously bad fuckers, miscreants and terrorists to arrive clandestinely and besides that - the rest of the 'travellers' - we neither want them nor have need of them.

The United Kingdom needs the world to know, that, yes we are open for business but the door will be firmly shut off - to all and anyone who decides to roll up uninvited.

We have to get out of the Brussels Empire otherwise our borders will start at the edge of Asia Minor; Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Poisonedchalice said...

There seems to be 2 points at play here. Firstly the border force, which seems to target the innocent and secondly the smugglers, who are not innocent. R, you seem to suggest (unless I have misread your post) that it is OK for amateur mariners to smuggle people? I totally disagree with people trafficking; it creates nothing but misery and death and trafficking should be met by heavily punitive sanctions such as loss of the boat, loss of the criminals houses and possessions and a hefty spell in prison. If there were no traffickers, there would be no illegal migrants.

Coney Island

Barnacle Bill said...

Instead of wasting vaste sums on ego-boosting aircraft carriers we should have invested the money in a fleet of small patrol boats to keep our shores safe from incidents like this.

Crewed of course by the RN and not the thugs from UK Border.

Also any illegal immigrants found on board any boarded vessels should be returned to the port they came from. They should not be allowed to put their feet on UK soil. No ifs, no buts, straight back to their port of departure.

Raedwald said...

CI - No, I don't condone in any way people smuggling - but am realistic enough to know that the financial incentives are great enough to tempt many in our coastal towns and villages who are having a hard time to try. Twas ever thus.

Agree - their boats should be confiscated and financial penalties the same as bent truckers applied

Anonymous said...

We could have the aircraft carriers and the shore patrol if we stopped hosing money at nonesense like 'green energy', some types of social benefits ... the list is endless.

James Higham said...

I'm a bit worried about this aspect when I hit the water - it's not as safe out there now.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

£5K a pop? blimey... hardly poor then...

A few trips I've made through the tunnel show the goons to be far more interested in stealing tobacco from British OAPs (the older the better) and with a level of officiousness and straightforward dishonesty that beggars belief.

Standing in a passport queue of day shoppers and watching very furtive eastern European types in well loaded battered vans getting waved through has always caused a bit of head scratching...

Tony Harrison said...

Re those "goons" of the Border Force, last year on one of a great many cross-Channel journeys I've done (Le Tunnel, + ferries) over many years, a female goon at a ferry port did a cursory, pointless look inside the rear of my car, then asked me whether I had any "lock-blade knives". Naturally I replied in the negative (fingers crossed behind back...) but it was difficult to resist asking her what her reasoning was. I mean, such things are perfectly legal to carry in France, indeed switchblades are on open sale. Maybe she thought I might commandeer the entire ship, armed with a deadly lock-blade knife..? Who can say. These people are a mystery. So are the commercially employed goons at Eurostar, one of whom stole such a knife from me, spouting half-wit rubbish about "London knife crime"...
Re smuggling, the regular variety is a social service with a long history, brandy for the parson, baccy for the clerk, and so on - a natural and commendable protest against arbitrary State greed. The smuggling of aliens into our country, however, should be punished with severe sentences, as undermining the social fabric.
Re those aircraft carriers, agreed that the money should have been spent on a serious fleet of fast coastal patrol craft. It is an utter mystery why our island nation, with a very long coastline, is not so protected. I believe the official number of patrol craft at the Border Force's (snigger) disposal is four, with sometimes only one in service. It's beyond a joke.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - nice idea, and probably would work very well.

But you know as well as I do that's not how government under the NWO works. If there's no ignorant stupid thugs there's no control and if there's no control that won't do at all.

So we'll keep paying more and more to be more and more inconvenienced by people who are totally useless at what they are supposed to be doing, so we can live in a country which is slipping away from us.

And we will curse and fulminate on blogs such as this but until there is a real tidal wave of anger nothing will happen.

I shudder at the thought but we need to take a leaf out of the French book and get seriously angry and mildly violent - that is the only language they understand.

After June 23rd we will have an excellent opportunity and I would not be surprised at all if there were massive and hugely disruptive protests at evry turn of the EU screw from them until the end.

In the mean while at least here in Italy one can be a free man (such as is outlawed and is certain to remain so) in the UK.

cascadian said...

National borders mean little to nothing these days, especially in the EU. Add to that the terminal indifference of the likes of May and the camoron when it comes to unlimited immigration then it is easily predictable that another "unforseen crisis" is about to happen. Are they capable of any worthwhile action-no! Just more waffle and PR, pointless to discuss Border Force v volunteers.

While it will be costly for UK it is possibly just the news you need right now, the brexit faction have shown their incompetence thus far, perhaps finally they can use this event to show the camoron and chums economic arguments are just as flawed as his immigrant projections, and that the immigrant problem is in fact the major economic drag on the economy.

Stated simply newcomers should not be eligible to plunder the social services paid for by long-term contributors of the indigent population. Whether your politicians can understand that whether in or out the EU remains to be seen, I am not optimistic.