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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Brexit - good sense and reason

Many of you will have picked up Der Spiegel's series of English language pieces on Brexit. The comments are now becoming visible and are interesting. In response to Schäuble's piece every single Brit response was for Brexit. German reactions tend to be nasty, spiteful and immature - showing the less attractive aspects  of the thwarted German character that the decades have not tamed. My favourite though is from an Oliver Thiebaud:-
"In a complicated world, JCB and Dyson are simply right. Unlike bankers and academics, they paddle their own canoe. They pay the price of their mistakes unlike ... 

I predict almost 60% for Brexit (well, over 55%) a small drop in the value of the pound (10% or less) as the markets have already taken account of value, and then, because of this benign devaluation - a strong resurgence of growth in exports and particularly tourism; within 10 years we'll be growing much faster than the rest of the E.U. - with the City in a dominant trading position because of, 1) the ever increasing use of the English language along with 2) lightly regulated, unfettered independence and 3) the benefit of the time zone between N.Y and the Asian markets all giving us a fair wind. Do you remember when Frankfurt was going to take over from the City of London, or how not joining the Euro was going to leave us behind, they just always end up getting it wrong? I just pray that with another impending Euro crisis due to, Italian Banking failure and another Greek crisis, the inevitable break up of the Euro into strong & weak components doesn't end up costing us too much...? You have no one to blame but your, ECB and the illiterate fiscal policy of an undemocratic E.C. 

The over speculated, over valued London property market will drop approx 20% (already dropped 10%) with the exit of foreign Asian buyers who have already taken flight leaving the 'executive' market flats 70% empty. A socialist London mayor will further undermine these erstwhile values by taxing empty property, and inflation will rise to 3% over Bank of England guidelines while it all settles down. The simple laws of R.R. & M. A. (Reciprocal Reasoning and Mutual Advantage) will come in to effect - in other words, the reality of Europe's need to continue to export - Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, VWs, Fiats, Renaults, cheeses, wines, foods, etc will mitigate against any trade tariffs...We will see an intelligent market at work if a newly reluctant bride, Britannia, goes in to negotiate a new loving LAT relationship (Living Apart, Together) with a fiscally, financially and economically dysfunctional and undemocratic E.C. that has had terrible social effects on the 'olive picker's children,' in Greece, S. Italy, Spain & Portugal. The E.C. has failed the young in the Mediterranean. Look at Goya's painting, 'Saturn devouring his Son,' which I have rechristened, 'Europa devouring its Young.' That is what the E.C has done to the next generation. 

With freedom and democracy at work again in the UK, the future for our extraordinarily creative, inventive and enterprising people will be cushty and once again hold up a democratic beacon of light for Europe and the world to see and follow. It's always been about democracy and freedom! Your perfect Anglo/Irish/French/Swiss-French European. Oliver Thiebaud"
It's joyously upbeat and positive and I buy into it without problam. 'Remain' keep asking what a post-Brexit Britain looks like; this is the best vision I've seen.   

And now I'm deeply and hotly internally angry and I want to shove this message deep into Juncker's fat arse for him to feel 0.0001% of the pain, misery and suffering he and his crooked unelected cabal have caused:-


Barnacle Bill said...

This is a vision we must continue to push right up to when the polling stations close on the eve of the 23rd.

Couple this with Ambrose Prtichard-Evan's most honest statement about his voting intention recently in the DT. Giving us a very powerful and positive message to help the undecided.

The light of freedom is flickering at the end of the EU tunnel, a final push could turn it into a flaming beacon of hope for our futures.

Anonymous said...

I predict a narrow OUT vote. However I think we will never leave. There will be another vote with the goalposts massively moved,or a change of government and the new one won't honour the result. The powers that be simply cannot allow the EU to fail.

G. Tingey said...

It's going to be very tight ...
But I suspect if the majority is less than 1% then there will be vast panic in the rest of the EU (The money-supply having dried up) & a desperate attempt to tempt us "back" which could make life interesting, to say the least.
Beyond which I'm not going to predict

rapscallion said...

I wish I could share your optimism Radders about it being 55%, but I can't, mainly for the reason that TPTB will strain every nerve and sinew to skew the result. And even if the result goes against them I expect them to do an Ireland on us and get us to vote again until we come out with the "right answer" Perhaps the subsequent uproar may dissuade them.

On the other hand I was encouraged by this piece penned by Toynbee of all people, not because I agree with the thrust of her argument - I don't, but because of the empirical evidence she comes up with that the Labour cannon fodder on whom they've depended to corrupt this country has finally dug their heels in and told "them" where to get off. The second paragraph is particularly telling, and many of the comments are not what you'd expect from the The Grauniad. It is quite illuminating.

Enjoy -

Anonymous said...

In summary:

Vote Leave for cheaper Series 3's and Brie.

It's a no-brainer.


Nick Drew said...

Let's fasten onto that 55% (or 51% or whatever): what's needed the day after is for a serious political leadership with y'man Thiebaud's attitude to run up the Jolly Roger and say - right, now for a very purposeful Brit-led Euro free trade area, with the following [highly attractive] principles and No Membership Fee. We understand we shall have to soldier on alone for a couple of years, but we've been there, done that: join us when you can break free

Sadly ...

mikebravo said...


Good article but, poor old Polly - absolutely barking!

liblavcon could have invited 100 million in and it would still be tory cuts and austerity that caused the social breakdown.

Anonymous said...

For a de-risked Brexit plan see Flexcit crowd sourced, led by Richard North of
The full plan:
Flexcit the Movie:

There is absolutely no need for anyone to claim leaving would be a leap in the dark, especially on the Leave side.

Ravenscar. said...

A vote leave, if it is secured is only the start.

What needs to really happen is for the lav party to be erased and made a footnote in UK history. The Tories, party and grandees to be dismantled and booted into touch - for sure their cosy political cartel twixt lav and CON must be vanquished forever and kicking and screaming, whatever: Westminster must be brought to heel.

Though, in fact, the whole administration works against the wishes of the people. In a previous post, Brendan O'Neill pointed out in an article given out on this blog, that, during this sordid campaign of hate and BS statistics, its lurid bollocks and schoolboy civil service/amateur economics - headlines - browbeating and bullying the UK public into remain camp, the whole establishment has shown its pockmarked, fat, greasy, endlessly ugly face.
Yeah, the whole sorry lot of them, Radders neatly sums it up:

[quote]This campaign really has exposed the fault line between the establishment and for a better term the people. On the one side the rich and powerful, the corporatists, the political class, all those sucking at the public tit and their dags, the media, the bloated and sclerotic university vice chancellors as corpulent and wealthy as pre-Reformation Abbots, luvvies enjoying tax money siphoned from Brussels. On the other side, us.

The challenge to overturn the status quo is formidable, but the prize now clear; we will not just be throwing over the yoke of the EU, but delivering a devastating blow to every bien-pensant prodnose, every arrogant minister, every crooked peer, every lying journalist, every bloated academic. Do we have the courage? Yes, I think we do. [/quote]

Courage, observation, fortitude and bubbling black anger - but keep it cold AND never forget - it wasn't the EU - Brussels just gave them the excuse. Know it, our real enemies live cheek by jowl - in Oxfordshire green welly brigadelalaland - Chipping Norton, in Notting Hill, in luvvieshire, Hampstead, in Islington, working in gov departments, in academia, in quangos and government, local government - we need to inform them all - it's time for us - Joe and Joanna public: to take back control and to wrest our country BACK!

Power to the people - national and regular public ballots/plebiscites; something very akin to, the Swiss-Norway model - a good place to start and remember who has just told the EU - " no longer will we be forced to keep open the gates, ie we don't want open borders!!!!!" - aye SWITZERLAND!

Read, mark and inwardly digest then: Think on.

DeeDee99 said...

The modern-day version of the French Ancien Regime is so insulated and remote from the people they have no idea how much they are loathed.

I hope the tumbrils start rolling soon.

Poisonedchalice said...

We need an anthem. And the best anthem is "Roots" by Show of Hands. YouTube it and you'll get the sentiment.

Coney Island

mikebravo said...

Anon. 00:01

Flexcit is not just about leaving. It's not just about the money any more.

The final part is the Harrogate agenda - making sure that liblavcon and their ilk can not continue to crap on us from their ivory towers.

plantma said...

sorry DeeDeee _ I think the Ancien Regime simile is no longer appropriate. Following Osborne's latest hissy fit I think we have now reached the Ceausescu moment. The swell of mocking laughter is rolling across the land and the figures on the balcony are beginning to retreat even further into their fantasy world.

Let us hope that the outcome for Castirondave and Georgieporgie is the same as it was for the Romanian two.

Poisonedchalice said...

'Scuse me but...

Has anyone here (or elsewhere!) seen a clear concise plan from the remainiacs as to what the EU intends to do with Britain over the next 10 years? No? If the EU had only good positive plans for us, and wanted us to remain and pay our fees, then surely they would have sent their slickest salesman to the UK along with the clear concise plan (with promises) to demonstrate that all will be well and we need not worry.

Why wasn't a summary of "the plan" (and I will bet a plan does exist) produced and distributed to all households in order to a) prove the point and b) win confidence.

Because it doesn't; it doesn't; it isn't and it won't be!

Coney Island

hatfield girl said...

O/T but I wondered if you might comment,R, on the Thames fishermen's flotilla and the little rubber boats driving round the fishing boats so closely. Is that usual on a river? It looked very dangerous.

Geldorf and his plastic barge full of Remainistas and their hand gestures shouted abuse for itself.

anon 1 said...

Raedwald and HG!!! :) :) :)
Hope you'll allow this, from f/b Battle for Britain:
'Won't you join our Common Market?' said the spider to the fly,
'It really is a winner and the cost is not too high'
'I know De Gaulle said "Non", but he hadn't got a clue,
'We want you in, my friends and I, for we have plans for you.

'You'll have to pay a little more than we do, just for now,
'As Herr Kohl said, and I agree, we need a new milch cow,
'Its just a continental term, believe me, mon ami,
'Like "Vive la France" or "Mad Anglais" or even "EEC".

'As to the rules, don't worry friend, there's really but a few
'You'll find that we ignore them-but they all apply to you.
'Give and share between us, that's what its all about,
'You'll do all the giving, and we all share it out.

'It's very British, is it not, to help a friend in need?
'You've done it twice in two World Wars. a fact we must concede,
'So climb aboard the Market Train, don't sit there on the side,
'Your continental cousins want to take you for a ride'! (Anonymous)

James Higham said...

Nice addition, Radders. Seven days.

Budgie said...

Jo Cox MP (of Labour In campaign) has reportedly been shot and stabbed at Birstall (near Leeds) Library. Reports claim the assailant shouted "Britain First", possibly referencing the far-right group of the same name.

Apart from the personal tragedy, this is an attack on democracy.

Referendum campaigning has been halted nationally.

Anoneumouse said...

Jo Cox, So far there is no evidence of a hate crime. At the moment all we know is a constituent has killed their member of parliament !!

anon 2 said...

And she's from Heckmondwike - my Ma knew a little Yorkshire song about that place!

RIP Mrs. Cox, condolences to the family. Also, condolences to the accused and his family (innocent until proved guilty by a jury of his peers) - they too will suffer greatly.

leila said...

How can this event NOT affect the vote? what citizen of these islands uses a gun AND knife?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Mr Jo Cox was on the Thames invading Nigel's Armada. Funny how invading migrants are used for virtual signalling while our own fishing industry completely destroyed by the EU, putting hundreds of thousands of British people out of work is not only not worth their attention but is in fact attacked by this bunch of holier-than-thous.