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Friday, 17 June 2016

Political justice - and human kindness

The effects of a frightened establishment on justice and punishment can be remembered from recent history; after the 2011 riots we had a nine month stretch for looting a bottle of mineral water, five months for receiving a pair of stolen shorts - all sentences fully endorsed by the Lord Chief Justice who said "the imposition of severe sentences, intended to provide both punishment and deterrence, must follow". The public was torn between support for harsh measures and resentment at MPs who had recently been unmasked for stealing hundreds of thousands in the expenses scandal and who got off scot-free. So don't let any fool tell you that we don't have political justice in the UK. 

Almost as soon as poor Jo Cox breathed her last yesterday the Home Secretary had already decided that Scotland Yard would take the case, and I've no doubt an officer of at least Commander rank will be tasked with interrogating Thomas Mair in order to secure the most severe sanctions using anti-terrorist legislation. He will be judged sane, of course, with no mitigation for either his health or environmental circumstances. Witnesses will be coached, the best prosecuting QCs engaged and the case listed before a judge with a reputation for excessive sentencing zeal. The poor sod's been trussed like a turkey already and to all intents and purposes has already started serving what I'm sure will be a 20 year minimum. 

However unattractive a character Thomas Mair may be, however heinous and unforgivable the dreadful murder of a woman so gifted and accomplished, he remains entitled still to a just hearing, to fair treatment and to basic Christian dignity. No doubt he is already held in the fortress of Paddington Green anti-terrorist interrogation centre far away from the familiar accents of his home town - which he will never see again. And although my thoughts and prayers are with Jo Cox's husband and motherless children, I would ask you too to spare a brief thought for Thomas Mair. All the accounts of Jo Cox I've read and heard suggest she was a champion of fairness, and I'm sure, had someone else been Mair's victim, she would now. as his constituency MP, be fighting to secure the basic kindnesses for him. 

Update - Sat am
This post was written before Mair was charged. I don't need to remind anyone that now the case is active the matter is sub judice and that s.2 of the 1981 Contempt of Court Act applies to comments. Pointless though it seems.


Oldrightie said...

Spot on as always, Raedwald. This whole sad business shows the blatant, constant arrogance of our Establishment and its contempt for democracy and fairness. I really believe we will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to win this referendum unless we could gain in excess of 75% of the ballot. As with the Austrian Presidential vote, postal votes will trump the box.

Thud said...

From the bits and bobs one can gleam through the leftie chorus he seems mad not bad and needs to be dealt with accordingly, as you say " fat chance".

Anonymous said...

Mair, is just a very troubled man, who committed a deranged act of utter brutality but let us not, please God, for there is already a circus, let there not be a show trial.

Equality, under the baleful influence, obeisance to the ECHR and ECJ has stripped UK Jurisdiction of its equity. Thus, there can be no fair and objective hearing for the accused and inevitably we will not hear any of the salient details of his case, they've already branded him 'right wing nutter', 'Fascist' blah, blah, blah and in the Kangaroo court of Dave and his peers - Mair has no human rights, A stark contrast it is, that with the illiberal yuman rites brigade battle to speciously indict British squaddies on charges of trumped up war crimes - in Iraq - where said PBI were ordered to go = by their political masters. The irony is heavy and think on the endless procedure on the taxpayer's ticket, in defence of murderers, rapists and terrorists we are unable to kick out, all thanks to the HRA and then think on - who installed that dreadful act of perfidy into British it?

In very tragic circumstances - no one in his right mind would wish a horrible death on this poor lady but in saying that and to high heaven: the whole affair it stinks, it fucking well stinks.

Kemi said...

You're getting sentimental in your old age, Raedwald!
The man who wrote this post just 3 years ago wouldn't be hand-wringing about the milk of human kindness now.

The left has helped far too many paedos, perverts and sadists use mental illness as a cover for evil.
I didn't accept it when it was used as an excuse for the murder of Lee Rigby, for the massacre of gays in Orlando last week and I won't now. This was a brutal assassination (let's call it what it was) of an MP who had 2 young kids who will now grow up without their mother. My sympathy is reserved for them.

I am sceptical of some of the "Britain First!" claims, but he didn't suddenly have a panic attack in the street. The police have said she was shot in the head for crying out loud. The Telegraph (not the grauniad, or morning star) says
According to witnesses, Mrs Cox’s killer used either an antique or a home-made gun which he calmly reloaded between shots. As she lay bleeding to death, he repeatedly kicked her before walking away, having stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to intervene.

Like the Rigby killing, this was done in broad daylight in front of many witnesses and clearly pre-meditated. If you weren't worried about show trials for the Adebolajo and his accomplice, you shouldn't be for Mair.

And I don't care whether he's In, Out, a neo-Nazi or marched in support of Mandela, murder is murder. He may very well have stopped the momentum of the entire Vote Leave campaign with his stupidity and ruined an opportunity to change and even save the lives of so many people in this country for the better.
Of course the more cynical of our opponents will use it to their advantage, we would too if the shoe was on the other foot.

He deserves to hang and have an end put to his miserable life.
Don't talk to me about the milk of human kindness -get a grip.

Raedwald said...

Kemi - you're right, I have mellowed since I retired. Many congrats on the LA seat btw - and my congratulations presumably also to the lucky Mr Badenoch!

DeeDee99 said...

My sympathies go to Jo Cox's family. However, although she was an MP (and I take an active interest in politics) I'd never heard of her before her murder. I can't help thinking that The Establishment is "milking" her tragic death for all it's worth.

And I also can't help contrasting it with the incredibly laid-back reaction they've shown to the murders, assaults and rapes carried out by many EU immigrant criminals who have simply walked into this country to continue their lives of crime.

If Ms Cox had been murdered by one of them, rather than a mentally-ill British "loser", I can't help thinking that their reaction would be very, very different.

Double standards. You bet.

anon 2 said...

"Contempt of Court" Raedwald. Now there's an interesting concept under present circumstances.

Let's hope this Court is not so euro-driven as to destroy the trust and respect of the People it's supposed to protect. Otherwise, I'll have no problem in despising it utterly, no matter what powers the 'Ass' raises against me.

Oh - and btw - someone above has intimated that the "milk of human kindness" is irrelevant to this case. My own thoughts on the accused are less emotional than intellectual: one is aware that some causes life-long mental illness are rooted in the maltreatment of children. So, I once more assert the need for all the facts to be honestly and meticulously uncovered by those qualified to do so and to assess them. Beyond that lies hope of a British approach to Justice: all are Innocent Until Proved Guilty to the satisfaction of a Jury of their peers. Of course, we also need to be assured of the integrity of the Jury.

So, again, never mind what Dave's sibling liars and alien pigs have to say about anything... .

Cull the Badgers said...

I too am doubtful and suspicious of the reporting of the words said to have been uttered by Mair.

As far as I know only one person has claimed it, and in early stages of the media panic it was reported as 'Britain First' or 'put Britain first'. And who is he? I have not seen him much since.

The two words shout prompted the BBC to claim he must be part of some right-wing political organisation and 'Britain First' has been repeated in comments and reports.

But there is a big difference in meaning between that and 'put Britain first' and if Mair said any such at all, it is an expression much like the Left going around shouting 'stop the cuts'.

It doesn't justify murder, but I share such a view, when billions of pounds are spent on overseas aid and the Chancellor had no intention of cutting it when he announced his 'austerity horror' budget for the citizens of the UK the other day. It is not loaded in itself and maybe this is why it has been dropped. I have no intention of murdering anyone but I don't intend to stop using the phrase.

The Left have exploited Jo Cox's murder in the most disgraceful way and many commentators ought to be ashamed. Sadly the Left doesn't do shame.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

BBC going full bore on this one - they don't seem too bothered about contempt of court....

The flash ticker "Death to Traitors" on my browser didn't survive into the wayback machine and hasn't re-appeared...

This is shaping up for the cultivation of mass hysteria... compared to say the 15 minute Parliamentary recess for Airey Neave / Ian Gow - aiui...

weird ... is it all "going a bit Weimar"

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Rather handy that he's already a certified nutter isn't it?

Sackerson said...

The antidepressants strand in this story is already coming out.

Anonymous said...

The Home Office are in desperate need of some 'far right' scalps, Mair will do nicely if they can create a link that stands up in court - and I'm alluding to Raedwald's thoughts on the possibilities surrounding Mair's interrogation. We've all grown to dislike our politicians and though much of it is justified the taking of this MP's life falls wau outside that bracket.

People overuse the word 'hate', thanks to the Left it's almost meaningless anyway. Tommy Mair didn't hate Jo Cox, he was probably directing his anger through her, to whatever target he had in his mind. Something snapped, he went from being: “a bit of a loner...he did everyone’s gardens...I can’t say a wrong word about him...he was so quiet..", to 'Brexit Murderer' in one day.



Span Ows said...

The day before 13 'brown' men were charged with "the horrific sexual abuse of a vulnerable schoolgirl from Halifax."

It was front page online news in Mair's local paper the night before the attack on Jo Cox:

maybe it tipped him over the edge. maybe he knew the girl.

Anonymous said...

Span Ows said @ 19:40

'maybe it tipped him over the edge. maybe he knew the girl'

That certainly could be enough for some people; was for Breivik, whose cousin was brutally raped by a migrant.


Anonymous said...

"That certainly could be enough for some people; was for Breivik, whose cousin was brutally raped by a migrant."

Condone his acts I cannot but understand him, maybe a little better now.

Having said that, soon everyone - labour or Tory and everyone else too, we're all going to need a bit of a prescient Anders Brevik in our veins. A battle is coming to all our doors, the struggle will be merciless as it will be mortally God awful, whether you asked for it or, and certainly we never sought out this poisoned chalice but as surely as night snuffs out the light - such is a 1,400 year old evil - it is arrived and only the timing, is now the remaining unknown factor.

Plus, remember who it is who allowed it and facilitated this disastrously designed circumstance - yes, those weeping rivers of crocodile tears up in Birstall and sporting red or, blue rosettes, EU writ large on their sleeves.

RandomAnonymousCrank said...

Madman kills M.P..... It is bad and it is sad.....Stop...End of.
It is not relevant to the discussion that will decide the fate of our country. Our country and others who are teetering on the brink and watching our lead.

leila said...

@ Anonymous, never truer sentences said.

Budgie said...

Who benefits?