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Friday, 17 June 2016

The murder of Jo Cox

The murder of Jo Cox was a tragic event and all my sympathy is with her husband and young children. She was a victim. The question we cannot ignore is of what or of whom was she a victim; this is what dominates the pronouncements of the clever and the ignorant, the erudite and the fools, the shrill Cassandras and the calm pragmatists. 

The greatest fools such as Polly Toynbee and Oona King, shrill, hysterical and motivated solely in making as much political capital as they can from this poor woman's death, have already poisoned the news media. Mere emotional idiots such as Rod Liddle, who calls for the cancellation of next Thursday's poll, are small beer. The grieving husband blamed forces of evil. The Establishment of which Jo Cox was a part blames the 'far right', whom they also blame for having lost the trust and the votes of  ordinary British people. The ace idiots, though, blame Brexit campaigners, as though we had spent the past few weeks inciting murder instead of leaving the EU. A very few blame the mental illness of the killer. No one has yet blamed the failure of the Reform Acts to implement all the points of the Charter, so I may be the first. 

The exercise of British democracy is robust, open and forthright; on the hustings rowdiness and sturdy challenge allow tough examination of candidates, policies and proposals. And it works. Humans are not good at lying - and in front of a vocal crowd, the clear-voiced truth teller trumps the mealy mouthed liar at every turn. Hence Michael Gove's hands down and clear voiced triumph over a wriggling and oleaginous Cameron from their respective grillings. There are calls already that as such processes disadvantage liars, that Jo's murder should serve as an excuse to protect candidates from the public to the extent that nervous porky-tellers are never exposed to ridicule - ban the hustings, ban leafleting, ban town-centre paste tables and volunteers in T-shirts. Hide MPs in TV studios that exclude the public. 

This would perfectly suit the old, dying Establishment parties that no longer have any actual members worth counting. Abolish both the need for the candidate to be physically present in the constituency and the need for any party members whatsoever once you ban the hustings and they can survive on the donations of the global corporates and under the management of slick PR companies. For one of the great triumphs of 'Leave' during this campaign are the numbers of feet on the ground, challenging an establishment bereft of popular support. 

At a time when the British people are placing the media, the political class, the global corporates, the whole bien-pensant left-liberal wealthy elite and all their dags under unprecedented scrutiny, the greatest danger is not from silly and hysterical scribblers such as Polly Toynbee but from those who would coldly seek to abuse Jo's death to protect the establishment from due scrutiny. If you value her memory, don't let her name become a future byword for political and democratic repression and coercion. Let us instead 'Carry On'  in that most valuable of British ways, and let her name stand for the triumph of our democracy.


DeeDee99 said...

To say that the Establishment are milking this tragic murder for all its worth is an understatement.

I can't help but wonder that if it had been one of the many EU criminals who have entered the country under the freedom of movement rules whether they'd be quite so vocal.

May Ms Cox rest in peace and her family find comfort in the support of her local community - many of whom seem to have genuinely liked her and respected her as their MP.

Poisonedchalice said...

Raedwald - another well written and articulate piece and I agree entirely with DeeDee99's comment.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hear! Hear!

rapscallion said...

In reference to Toynbee's disgraceful attempt to sully the whole proceedings, I can only express surprise that the Establishment didn't immediately declare that "it was nothing to do with Brexit"

. . . or is there something I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

I thought that some of Stephen Kinnock's comments were coming very close to pushing the idea that rule by the remote Commission would provide suitable separation of the rulers from the ruled.

Mike Spilligan said...

I knew I could rely on a succinct, level-headed and pertinent posting here.

Mr Ecks said...

Exactly so:

Islamic mass killings--lone nutter --nothing to do with islam

One native nutter--Its all down to Brexit

Esp when the claim that he shouted "Britain First" have been debunked by eye witnesses.

Remain are beyond scum. Endless stupid lies, followed by actual threats from that clown Osburke. And now trying to cash in on a tragedy.

Please everybody--do everything you can to help the leave vote. Lets turn out and stick it to the scum of middle-class cultural Marxism.

The Stigler said...

If Polly Toynbee wants to complain about the hatred of the political class, let her defend how they have acted on immigration, which has frankly been to treat the public with utter contempt.

Migration Watch were frequently labelled as racists. Pakistani men grooming girls was ignored. Politicians lied about dealing with the problem. Nick Griffin was arrested for saying what we now know to be broadly true. Nigel Farage has constantly, across the broadsheet media been labelled as a Nazi. Radio 4 comics constantly blow the dog whistle at their supporters over "The Daily Mail".

Gordon Brown's encounter with the "bigoted woman" summed up the political class. He didn't take the time to discuss it with her, to try and convince her of why immigration was a good idea. He smiled and listened, got into a car out of earshot and called her a bigot.

Anonymous said...

It gets murkier

Barring 'axes to grind' and all that, somebody, somewhere is not aware of the whole truth - which, no doubt, will emerge in the passage of time.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Toynbee's execrable piece:

"Democracy is precious and precarious. It relies on a degree of respect for the opinions of others, soliciting support for political ideas without stirring up undue savagery and hatred against opponents. “Elites” are under attack in an anarchic way, when the “elite” justice minister can call on his supporters to ignore all experts."

"opinions of others" indeed.

Toynbee, for once, open your eyes and see, observe a dystopia of nightmares, those dispossessed in their own land, the wilful trashing of UK society and that, all done, wrought, fashioned by your ilk.

One eyed, one opinion - no ears and nothing betwixt.

John miller said...

The whole tenor of the Remainers indicates a desire got an MP to be merely a name on a piece of paper, unelected, appointed by the PM and his cronies. No surgeries in the constituencies, no visit to the place at all.

Just like an EU Commissioner.

AndrewWS said...

It's noteworthy that Ms Cox was going about her duties in her constituency and meeting the public - doing things few if any MEPs do and something no MP will need to do if they end up with even less power or clout in a centralised EU than they have already.

Cuffleyburgers said...

The squalid tone of the "debate" has been set more than anything by Cameron.

Cox seems to be an innocent victim, and an MP doing her job the way it should be done, however one may despise her politics.

However here are a couple of random but hopefully relevant thoughts:

* how come after three months of hate mail was she still unprotected? what was the plod thinking of? Nobody wants to see motorcades, helicopters what have you like that twat Obama, but a couple of stout lads with discrete pistols... why ever not? As Radders said we mustn't give the bastards any excuse not to meet us face to face.

* she had apparently campaigned vigorously in favour of Syrian migrants. I have barely heard of her so I do not know if what she was saying was in any wise reasonable or whether she was a hard line "let the right choke on diversity" extremist.

Either way to a mentally disturbed man unable to find proper work you can see why she could be a hate object. The possibly excessive focus on migration by Brexiteers is therefore a weakness. The more balanced and intelligent focus on sovereignty and sensible economics by other campaigners was a shrewd move.

But it is equally true that the single issue that seems to have stirred the otherwise "couldn't be arsed", has been migration - and it was not therefore unreasonable to use it in the campaign.

In fact I think, to be honest, however good the real arguments to leave are, we'd never have got into the lead without focussing on migration a lot. That and Cameron's abysmal campaign tactics of threats and transparent lies.

* The timing of this episode stinks to me - and I would not put it past our friends over the water to have sought out this loser, tooled him up and pointed him. I think there is a lot more truth to come out than we have seen to date.

Junker it was who famously said "when it gets serious you have to lie" what he didn't say ws that when lying doen't work then you have to resort to other means.

THey may be buffoons but they are playing for the highest stakes imaginable.

Anonymous said...

The truth is about to become the second casualty of yesterday. The folk who best know Mr Mair are his neighbours, and their description of him is he "kept himself to himself", that he "wasn't a well man" and "took medication" for psychological problems. Having fatally injured Ms Cox he walked back to his house, in the same "slow manner" he always did. A raving neo-Nazi? I don't think so. Just a sad man living at a time when his community is dissolving around him; he doesn't understand the huge political force behind it, and they don't want him to know either. He isn't evil, he just cracked.


Budgie said...

Unfortunately from initial reports of the suspect shouting "Britain first" to Corbyn condemning "hatred"**, the meme already in the media is that Remain is the victim and Leave is responsible.

It does not matter that this meme is false, or that we think it unfair. The consequence is the "sympathy vote" will get Remain past the winning post, if the Referendum even goes ahead on 23rd June.

**Bear in mind that the Corbynasties hated, spat at, and threatened attendees of the Tory conference last October.

Dave_G said...

Has it been established beyond all doubt that Jo Cox was the intended target or simply the first 'suitable' person the attacker came across?

Dave_G said...

...and, whilst her death was tragic, what of the 'other' person who was attacked? Why should that person be of such 'inconsequential thought' that the media pass over his/her predicament?

What makes the fact that Ms Cox was an MP the 'point' in this discussion? Had she NOT been an MP would her death have been any less 'worth'???

This has 'propaganda' writ large.......

Anonymous said...

"* The timing of this episode stinks to me - and I would not put it past our friends over the water to have sought out this loser, tooled him up and pointed him. I think there is a lot more truth to come out than we have seen to date.

Junker it was who famously said "when it gets serious you have to lie" what he didn't say ws that when lying doen't work then you have to resort to other means."

Who knows but if I was a speculatin'.....under heaven and earth if mankind has aught to do with it all things are possible Horatio, certainly we'll (ordinary man jack) will never be any the wiser.

Forsooth, there is, some Machiavellian thinking, and a very evil deed at the base of this because. the tragedy - is too synchronous with another forthcoming event. And the dirge will go on and on and on, in fact all weekend and Dave and George can fly their statesmanlike airs to all and sundry, how virtue signalling can it get, no tear wasted - alack.

anon 2 said...

"This has 'propaganda' writ large" --- Yes indeed, Dave G: it reeks.

Brexit can use that fact, but our problem is to be sure that the investigation and trial are above board. Watch out for some of that nasty stuff that began to show on "Inspector Frost" before I stopped watching in disgust.

Anonymous said...

What if?

How would a novelist write a scenario?

It would start with, just a friendly bloke gardening, telling a stranger, "I love gardening it gives you time to think"

All he is, a loner but importantly is and vitally so, that, he's well known for his history and long periods of, in a disturbed mental state.

H will have, no real mates just a few casual acquaintances, putty in some hands, clever manipulative hands and emanating, imparting poisons too.

A writer would spy an in. because, anyone could ply the fellow with a few drinks and win his confidence, "come round mate to mine, we'll watch some vids, got some gear and do a bit, there's some really mind bending substances and jug a few tinnies too, talk politics a bit....."

Get into his psych, wind him up and then set him to ticking.

Pause a moment, in the Telegraph, Times et al....we hear of it all the time and isn't it, just this sort of grooming, - that which, the brothers of the cult of the east - do and learned from the past masters in, among others, agent provocateurs, steeped in espionage and counter intelligence and always looking for 'suitable people' - the CIA and KGB?

Yes, MAYBE....... some 'full of ideas' screen play writer will have a script drawn up and in a jiffy, the beeb love that sort of 'Happy Valley' thing, useless lives, "plenny of scoobie snacks", no hope, no direction just empty heads looking for a reason, a cause and right wing nutters turned into headbangers are always a targeted subspecies for the media carrion to scavenge, pick and gouge.

Speculation, maybe very idle.

Anonymous said...

This is rather good, an indictment on the UK establishment classes and is just how they think of - to a tee "we see no ships!"

Anonymous said...

On the very same day as this..............infliction - that's what they are.


b said...

Don't forget Anna Lindh murdered by stabbing 3 days before the Swede's voted on whether to join the euro in 2003.

Rossa said...

Several things 'reported' make this a very murky situation and trying to unravel it is probably impossible.

The right wing National Alliance is an American white supremacist group and the man is reported to have bought a manual on how to make a home made gun. Reported in the Mirror, that that was in 1999 and lo and behold the bookseller in West Virginia remembers it and manages to produce a receipt just like that!

The witness interviewed on TV claiming he said Britain first or Put Britain First is apparently on a Wikileaks list of BNP supporters. Also "Put Britain First" is one of David Cameron's slogans for Remain!

There is supposed to be a hand written sign in the window of the launderette that states that the owner did not tackle the 'killer' and he did not say anything when stabbing and shooting Jo Cox.

Another report of a 14 year old girl looking out of her bedroom window that overlooks the street and seeing a man lying prone in the cemetery opposite watching the scene through binoculars and then running off when he spotted her watching him.

I wasn't aware of the report that he slowly walked home as there have been reports of the Police turning up very quickly at the scene to restrain him. Did someone dial 999?

A report that her husband has had to resign from his position at a childrens' charity because some women he worked with were alleging sexual harassment.

There are claims that because she was murdered the Tories won't field a candidate when the by election comes up which disenfranchises some of the voters in her constituency. If that is the case, does that also apply to other candidates? It may well be a Labour 'safe' seat so they might as well just appoint someone. Anything to avoid the voters, it seems.

Another one claiming it is the EU that ordered a suspension of the campaign, not Downing St, also suggesting the referendum should be cancelled or postponed. While her death is tragic, it seems if a person is killed it changes everything. I guess if it had just been a heart attack it could still go ahead. A death is a death after all, but some deaths are clearly more politically useful than others.

It all adds up to a big mess, with a lot of these 'reports' being used to distract people from what was probably a man with mental health issues who snapped and she got in his way so became his victim.

Anonymous said...

It is sickening but I also wondered whether this was another 'David Kelly' moment. It came at a very favourable time for Cameron when Brexit were running ahead in the polls and he looked as though he was losing it. It gave him a breathing space. And Jo Cox is the absolutely perfect victim - lovely, sunny, friendly, liked and respected by members of all parties, hardworking, and a young mother. If you were looking for the victim who would cause the most outrage, you wouldn't find one better.

When I first heard this appalling news, I felt sickened, because my instincts tell me, it is a set up.