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Monday, 31 October 2016

A guide to Syriaspeak

Mosul - The liberation of innocent civilians. Hard military assault by army, artillery, airstrikes on enemy positions results in unfortunate but necessary civilian collateral damage. Bombardment of civilian areas, and deaths caused, is justified in order to achieve a speedy end to the campaign.

Aleppo - An attack on innocent civilians. Hard military assault by army, artillery, airstrikes on schools, hospitals, orphanages, children's zoos and cute puppies result in criminal civilian death and injury.  Bombardment of civilian areas, and deaths caused, is unjustified and a war crime

White Phosphorus - Use by Iraqi and US forces assaulting Mosul to provide smokescreens is necessary to save friendly soldiers lives. Collateral damage to innocent civilians including appalling burn injuries is regretted. 

White Phosphorus - Use by Syrian and Iranian forces assaulting Aleppo is a war crime using prohibited substances and can never be justified.

USAF / RAF airstrike on wedding party - An unfortunate case of target misidentification of a gathering at which known terrorists were known to be present. Collateral damage is regretted.

Russian Air Force airstrike on wedding party - The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians by overwhelming military force. A war crime, without doubt.

Use of Mustard Gas on civilians by US/Iraqi forces - An over-zealous recourse to emergency munitions by a commander fearing for his safety. Use of banned substances and civilian collateral damage is regretted

Use of Mustard Gas on civilians by Syrian Army - A calculated war crime using prohibited gas against innocent civilians. 



Cuffleyburgers said...

You've nailed it Radders.

How in hell did we get dragged into this quagmire? how the hell are we going to get out? and how many ministers, senior officials and parliamentarians will we hang?

Span Ows said...

Very clear. I still haven't figured why even three-legged stray dogs are making better sense than Western politicians re Syria/Russia etc. (and a whole lot more: I haven't managed to get their view on Brexit or POTUS 2016 yet).

Dioclese said...

Mind you one side in Aleppo is as bad as the other...

Anonymous said...

Right, talking about stray dogs and furry creatures.

My cat and the meeses he chases was having a break and a conflab - he loves the milk of negotiation does my cat anyroad up, the furries united - they wish to know why?

Why, there is never a mention by the TV experts talking nonsense heads and UK/EU politicians come to think of it, why there is no mention of the self appointed bosses of the Moslems, those Saudi head choppers liberal democracy bombing, starving out their fellow Muslims, those many innocents in the Yemen and it is reckoned by MSF that, four of its hospitals have been bombed by Saudi aircraft and schools etc...........

Thus, it is OK to arm and supply the Saudi whack jobs doing the dirty in YEMEN, who openly through their boys in Qatar - arm the al Nusra, al Qaeda - opposition headbangers in Aleppo and at the same time, be allies with the Sultan of the Ottomans whose been supplying ISIS and is, a big mate of the Russian President [awkward one that]?

Dave, that fookwit kicked it all off, during the Arab uprising...... "Syria it's TOOOOO STABLE and ASSAD is presiding over a STABLE COUNTRY, therefore something must be done"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah Dave - you certainly did that, though actually Bliar kicked it all off really by invading and destabilizing the whole region, through regime change in Iraq..................and the Saudis certainly were involved in that debacle and are still stirring like the nutters they are and always have been - 'our allies'.

My Siamese cat says, you humans, you Brits are fooked up beyond all explanation and he says, why the fuck do you put up with your leaders, they'd be more useful as cat food.

Barnacle Bill said...

I agree with your take on the briefings we have coming from those supporting regeme change in Syria. It's quite 1984ish in the double-speak being employed. Just the sort of thing we would suspect a certain T B-Lair to engage in.

He hasn't got his grubby little mits into this as well as all his other get-rich-quick schemes?

Anonymous said...

Another thing, they'll have ears and eyes on the ground, it is their requirement to know, they will know.

Is it beyond the ken of some UK 'expert' not to consult the Israelis or, because most of our lot [westminster #antiJews] are in bed with the Brussels subspecies, the Arabists and Palestine Philistine lovers, don't we [HMG] now talk to the Israeli defence analysts?


Dave_G said...

US/UK Media outlets - demonising the Russians attempt to stop the conflict in Syria is acceptable.

RT Media outlet - demonising the Americans attempt to start a conflict in Europe is unacceptable.

mikebravo said...

I'm glad to note that most (literate and normal) people can see through the doublethink and are not taken in by the propaganda any more. Only the useful idiots and those with an agenda buy into it hook line and sinker like we used to.

Lots of us get further information from RT and blogs and so do not swallow the establishment/bbc bilge like we used to. The legacy media are dying on their feet and I hardly ever see anybody under 50 reading a newspaper. As I write there is not one single newspaper in our canteen - no Sun, no Mail, no Mirror - just a couple of London freebies which are used to mop up spilled tea - unthinkable 20 years ago.

I'm not sure how they would get the required millions of young men to volunteer for "their country" now.

What is needed next is for the plebs to stop voting for more of the same establishment stooges.

Anonymous said...

May I recommend the book "Burning Country" ? It is a history of the revolt in Syria up to the end of 2015, and gives a very good account of what went wrong.
Definitely worth reading.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

mikebravo said @ 11:01

'I'm glad to note that most (literate and normal) people can see through the doublethink and are not taken in by the propaganda any more.'

I wish it were more mike, I really do. The way the West has behaved in the Middle East is nothing short of criminal. The Russians joined the fray only last September but since then they've stopped ISIS in its tracks and in few weeks Aleppo will liberated. Listen to the media whores and you'd be forgiven for thinking Putin did 9/11.

Think I'm joking? In the States just now they're suggesting the FBI is working those emails with Putin doing the supplying. The Deep State is so desperate at the moment they'll say anything to keep Trump out of the White House.


Anonymous said...

I have a deep and abiding loathing of the Boy Buggering Corporation, their one sided interpretation of events, often downright lies, sycophantic reportage of eu remainers and U.S. warmongering. Occasionally I wonder if it's just me losing my grip, seemingly it's not.

Anonymous said...

I have a deep and abiding loathing of the Boy Buggering Corporation, their one sided interpretation of events, often downright lies, sycophantic reportage of eu remainers and U.S. warmongering. Occasionally I wonder if it's just me losing my grip, seemingly it's not.


al Beeb, indeed Westminster and the bubble; always depict the Syrian conflict as some sort of simplistic battle where the forces of democracy and yuman rites [what a fucking joke] ie, the goodies versus the evil baddies and where Russia and Bashar al Assads forces are new devils incarnate. The beeb/Westminster/Tory idiots - like that fucking eejit Fallon, deny the facts of the matter, that: this is a Muslim on Muslim effort.

Further, to consider for a moment the albeeboids clear prejudice, always showing the choreographed bombed hospitals output straight from al Nusra/al Qaeda/Isil - towards and pro the Wahhabist Sunni jihad - for that is what the Syrian conflict is clearly about. Inevitably leads one to wonder, who, whose hand is steering their one sided myth making and Arabian nights are the clear suspects, one could almost believe that Al Jazeera might be more objective than Auntie because: she's clearly got the hots for the Sheikhs of death.

Spoon fed by Medina, I bet the Theorcratic nutters those pedlars of the cultist pestilence, they're laughing at that black irony, guffawing at Westminster's, the BBC's total obeisance to the Wahhabist cause.

Anonymous said...


Absolutely great Raedders.

Linking it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


Syria is governed by a secular party, and all religions are respected and allowed. To the Sunnis in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood , and their supporters Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, a secular non-Muslim country in the ME, is totally unacceptable. So this war to remove Assad, and replace it with a Muslim brotherhood Wahabbi Islam one. Christians can/could practice their faith publicly, and without fear. Women can/could get an education and job, drive cars, and do just about anything.
It is interesting to note that the minorities in Syria - the Druze, Alawites, and Christians of various denominations, have not abandoned Assad. In reality, Assad is winning for precisely that reason, while ISIS, al Nusra and others such, are losing. It is not then a surprise, that most Syrian refugees swarming to Europe, are fighting fit young Sunni Muslims, with few Syrian Druze or Christians among them. Do we really need young fighting fit Muslim Brotherhood supporters.
It is also interesting to note that among all the millions of Muslims that have crashed into Europe, there are very few Christians. How come, as one would expect a far larger number of Christians fleeing Syria to "Christian" Europe. Well, Christians in the ME have realised, that getting out from the protection of Assad, was likley to be gfraught with danger for them. .Also the boat ride to Greece ,was likely to be a swimming marathon. Then the position of Christians in the refugee camps of Europe, was very dangerous.

All in all, much safer to be in Assad controlled Syria.

The US mainly,Obama and Clinton, started this was on Syria, and they couldn't care a toss about the position of minorities. As .long as they could appease Saudi Arabia and Islam, thats what mattered. The UK simply went along with the US.