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Friday, 21 October 2016

Five years on - Cameron's Libyan disaster

It's five years since Gadaffi's bloody corpse was dumped from the cargo bed of a Japanese pickup, no doubt watched live by Dilettante Dave from Downing Street before a glass or two of Chardonnay and a kitchen supper. I doubt if the thought ever entered his coiffed head that his stupidity, ignorance and wilful malfeasance would open Europe to millions of African migrants, give ISIS Islamist killers a new base at Europe's soft underbelly and cost a vulnerable continent billions to sort his mess out.

And these are not my conclusions but the findings of Dave's Parliamentary colleagues. Last month the Foreign Affairs Committee published a report into Libya that was lost in the news noise. 

They concluded that Cameron had personally taken a decisive role, had relied on flawed intelligence, and just didn't understand what was going on in Libya; "UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence". Cameron was described by the committee as "ultimately responsible for the failure to develop a coherent Libya strategy".

Well. No wonder he buggered off, then. He really was a total screw-up. 


Mr Ecks said...

Hey--what is good enough for Gadaffi, is good enough for Dave in my book.

And that prick Princess Toni who pioneered the entire evil circus.

Anonymous said...

Why did they have to interfere in a Sovereign state and one which was a SECULAR, I'll say that again SECULAR State?!

Alors........... BECAUSE: the liberal 'intelligentsia' and luvvie cognoscenti demanded it!
It is true that for some reason and NO doubt about it - prompted from Medina...... the media was being wound up to a frenzy by al beeb; the "we must do something brigade" those KSA useful idiots per in Berlin, Paris and London.... were up in arms about Gaddhafi forces who were marching on Benghazi. It was known though and intelligence sources knew full well, that, Benghazi this particular city was becoming a hotbed of fundamentalist nutters, small wonder Gaddhafi's forces had to roll.

.... and see now, how the fundos have spread their pestilence not only across Libya it has thoroughly destabilized all of the Maghreb and Sahel regions [though evidently it meant happy days in Riyadh] - nice one Dave and with his poison dwarf frog mate.

But wait! what happy tidings! with Shariza now in charge, you have to really wonder about the party of Heath [though not me] and when all is said, they are no better than Bliar'scorbyn's cunts and Westminster is our problem and probably never will be a solution until we assert just who runs the country...........and therein lies the rub.

Poisonedchalice said...

Cameron suffered from the same delusions as Blair. And Blair had long admired Thatcher's stance on the Falklands. Thatcher's popularity sky-rocketed once she took the decision to retake the Islands from Argentina and lets face it, the outcome of that was a win-win because the Argentine defeat brought about the downfall of the ruling Junta.

Both Blair and Cameron thought that war would make them popular in just the same way as it did for Thatcher. However, the difference between Thatcher and either of those two fuckwits can be measured in intellectual light-years.

Barnacle Bill said...

Unfortunately we all know that like T B-Lair the Cameroon will escape just punishment for his actions.

Like Annonymous it does seem intriguing that it was another settled and secular state that was attacked. Who was whispering instructions in the Cameroons ear? As he didn't have the brains, nor the backbone, himself to act upon his own convictions.

All we can hope, is that like T B-Lair, his wealth will not shield him from a long lingering and painful departure from this earth before his bus pass is issued to him.

DeeDee99 said...

I've always assumed he made his decision after consulting his predecessor - "The Master" who Destroyed Iraq.

They are two of the greatest tossers who have ever occupied No.10.

Anonymous said...

So your theory is that mad dictators should be left to massacre their citizens without any interference ?

We have seen how that worked out in Syria.

The no-fly policy prevented the bombing of civilians. Obviously Libya could not transition directly into a liberal democracy -- Ghaddafi had broken the country, as Mugabe has broken Zimbabwe and the Kims have broken North Korea. It can take two generations to recover from these vicious tyrannies.

Don Cox

Raedwald said...

Don - there's a very good reason why the Blairite doctrine of regime change at foreign gunpoint is now utterly discredited - it simply doesn't work.

Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine - everywhere the West has sent its armies or arms - are utter fuck-ups. More dead, more poor, more displaced, more human misery, suffering, disease and poverty than if we'd left well alone. Intervention is utterly discredited.

And your kind of Bloody Blairite warmonger I find frankly quite loathsome. That you'd trade 250,000 additional deaths for the sake of a nominal, possible, future, perhaps but theoretical in 50 years 'liberal democracy' just makes you a bloody ruthless zealot, not a man of understanding and compassion.

SAK said...

Anoymous at 10:05 you are both stupid and evil.

Your intervention caused still growing levels of terror and chaos and destabalised vast areas of the world.

And all for a theoretical improvement of government system that may never come: evil.

And despite the government itself now slamming its own former chief's flawed decision making in creating this mess: stupid.

Barnacle Bill said...

@ Don Cox

Before the loonies directed their attention upon "regime change" in Syria it was a beacon of hope to how a Middle Eastern country might be governed.

We certainly didn't have to view videos of head chopping and other gruesome methods of execution that have come out of there in recent years. Nor was it a training ground for the export of terrorism as we have witnessed in France and Belgium in the past twelve months.

All of which we have had to endure since our political elite decided they knew better and decided Assad must go.

As for your two generations to recover - Why?

Libya wasn't a failed state, in fact it was a relatively peaceful country that the we were just beginning to inter act with again. There was hope of a better future for the Libyian people as a whole. I doubt if in two generations time they will be any happier.

Anonymous said...

Next and not even from a philosophical point of view though I could wax long on the ethics - its lack thereof and the nihilistic vacuity of warring for democracy.................. is, the other thing.

What can we teach the Libyans?

Observe, how the political class now, are fulminating, seething with resentment and anger, black hatred in their hearts because the people had the temerity to vote to leave the Empire of the damned.
Yep, the Brussels Empire, is a formative superstate where, the whiff of, the merest idea of granting the Demos, Kratos is about as likely as Putin flying the rainbow flag over the turrets of the Kremlin.

And yet, these same hypocritical wankers, these loathsome types shall we call them [fuckwits] interventionist hand wringing illiberals. Yup, these same cunts who decry the British people their rights and in this moment sabotaging by using every device and thus egregiously abusing their power against those who wanted OUT, and who won! post the EU referendum vote.
These shitheads are indeed selling England out and off by the fucking ton - to the ArabsChinksGermans.

These liberal cunts, want to install 'democracy' in Libya?

The only thing I can add is, then may Almighty God Help Libya, because - see what you have wrought and it makes me despair but also, what you now wreak in EUrope, is Libya via the slow road.

We need to do something about Westminster, unless and very soon: it will be too late.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "Why did they have to interfere in a Sovereign state and one which was a SECULAR, I'll say that again SECULAR State?!"

Well, what with Huma Abedin a close aid of Hilary Clinton with links to the Moslem Brotherhood, there's a good chance US foreign policy has been hijacked by the MB and run for their own benefit.

It would explain quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

Don Cox: "Ghaddafi had broken the country, "

Libya had one of the highest standards of living, almost no external debt and some of the best educated people in the Maghreb.

Anonymous said...

Don Cox said @ 10:05

'Obviously Libya could not transition directly into a liberal democracy - Ghaddafi had broken the country,'

Really? Life under Gaddafi may not have been perfect but it was certainly a good better than it is now. For under Gaddafi, Libya could boast one of the best healthcare services in the Middle East, and Africa. To cap it all medical treatment was free as was electricity.

Before Gaddafi came to power only 25 per cent of Libyans were literate. By the 21st century that figure had grown to 87 per cent and all education was free, including university education taken abroad.

On top of that Libya had its own national bank, which provided Libyans with loans at zero per cent interest. Indeed that may have been the prime reason for Gaddafi’s overthrow. Because even while the rebels were struggling to oust the Libyan autocrat they were also making moves to establish a new Central Bank of Libya.

Indeed before they had even butchered Gaddafi the Western backed Libyan rebels had already set up a Rothschild styled Central Bank of Libya = debt

So with their new national bank Libyans can now enjoy the fruits of the New World Order: along with waves of migrants en route to Europe, human trafficking and internecine conflict; all of which were virtually unknown under Gaddafi.

War-weary Libyans miss life under Gaddafi - Zimbabwe Daily

Back to the topic.

Raedwald said:

'Well. No wonder he buggered off, then. He really was a total screw-up.'

Resigning as PM was a consequence of losing the Referendum - his position was untenable. Resigning his seat was a consequence of the Foreign Affairs Commitee report - his position was untenable.

One of the three worst PM's since the war.

Remember, Cameron had no preperations for a 'Leave' result which left us a year behind at least. Arrogant cunt who should never, ever be considered for a gong


Anonymous said...

Steve: "Remember, Cameron had no preperations for a 'Leave' result which left us a year behind at least. Arrogant cunt who should never, ever be considered for a gong"

I'm APL and I endorse that message.

leila said...

All I can say is take great note of recent developments. That god awful woman May was,yesterday screeching about 'appalling Russian perpetrated atrocities' in Alleppo.

Our own government could well lead us into a nuclear confrontation with the amazingly diplomatic Putin. Add the missile encirclement R has had to endure, NATO war games in Poland, a possible HC war hawk presidency, our puppets are lined up, all of which leaves us in great danger. So it's same old, same old but the game is right here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 15:39

'I'm APL and I endorse that message.'

Thank you.

leila said @ 15:55

'Our own government could well lead us into a nuclear confrontation with the amazingly diplomatic Putin.'

The Russians will defend only. Putin knows the game the West is playing which includes acts that would provoke many lesser nations. He won't bite until you are inside his yard. His use of the Russian military is unique in modern times: neutralize and withdraw.


Anonymous said...

A significant date today in British history seems to have escaped the UK media. Knowing the Russians the date will not have been missed by them, they love history!
Whereas thanks to our once shining beacon of scholarship and now, an education system being dumb ass for dummies, nobody seems to have noticed that, as the Russian Northern fleet steams imperiously down the north sea and out into the English Channel and all the while the Royal Navy is watching on, barely able, helpless to do much about it, no ships - just lots of Braid and admirals..............

Yes, indeed, the RN used to proudly celebrate this day and annually ever since, Trafalgar in 1805.

Vladimir Putin, surely he must smile at the irony and the Russian fleet buzzing Britain, its complement on the Kuznetsov, Kirov and support: will piss themselves with laughter and grog all round but no splicing the mainbrace for the RN this year methinks.

All due in no small part thanks to the Brussels Empire and our sad rundown of military particularly marine power. The blame is also with the fuckers we name our representatives who embezzle and navel gaze in what used to be a legislature.

Though, one can't help but admire the Russian's chutzpah and lets face it, they're on a mission which will doubtless benefit the whole of Europe. In fact, if we had any serviceable ships we'd be best served through sailing in support with our Russian friends.

We salute you Russia and good hunting.

anon 2 said...

Yes, indeed - Anon @ 18:56.

While the Russkies are about it, I wish they would inadvertently drop one on that vile tunnel affair. In any case, they're showing us what the RN should be doing in the face of the cross-channel invasion Parliament is currently pretending not to notice ... nay, abetting.

Cascadian said...

Worst half prime minister ever-the camoron-everything he touched turned to shit, piled debt on as quickly as Gordoom, never did get the hang of "follow-up" and monitoring progress of previous decisions, big society ditherer, windmill-loving hippy.

Ghaddafi in contrast was turning his country around spending oil wealth on health, education projects and infrastructure. He was a drug taking megalomaniac but a hundred times the man of the pusillanimous camoron.

Well done anon 18:56 for pointing out the extreme embarrassment (if only the politicians had a knowledge of history) that Putin imposed on yUK on this Trafalgar day. The mythical EU "rapid response force" once again not in evidence-how could it be?

Dave_G said...

Was Libya EVER about democracy or was it simply a case of American hegemony fearful of Gadaffi's efforts to unite Africa under the gold standard?

Either way the Americans are clearly becoming a pariah state themselves with their continual exporting of terrorism and upheaval across the world.

Putins 'promise' to visit the same hell on America as America threatens to unleash on Russia is well founded and, hopefully, one that the people of American can take onboard and, perhaps make a decision on who they elect to take them forward.