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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Hail to the Chief. Eventually.

"America" said Churchill "always does the right thing. Eventually". We take it for granted now that the 20th century's mightiest nation, a country that assisted us with money and vital war materials in the many years before they themselves joined the battle, both in 1917 and 1941, could never have been anything but a member of the original United Nations - united, at that time, against the Axis. It was not always so certain. America's population in the 20th century was filled with first and second generation Irish, Germans and Italians - indeed, German almost once became the young nation's official language - which explains much of why the US could not do more in 1914 or 1939. And yes, I reject wholly the notion that in the last century the US should not have been involved at all in Europe's wars. 

In trying to form a new role for this century, Americans are asking themselves whether they just reprise the roles of the cold war, in which Russia was rich and China poor, with a new version in which Russia is poor but China is seeking economic (though not per capita) parity with the US but both are prioritising guns over butter. 

And all this at a time when we in the UK, who should maintain an army of 100,000 and a fleet of 50 vessels, are still shrinking our defences to help pay-off  Brown's lunatic tsunami of borrowing. That bloody man's irresponsible party politicking with the security of the realm should see him in the dock. But our inadequately resourced armed forces mean that America's election is a matter of national interest for the UK, though not an excuse for interference. 

We will need to work with whomever the US elects as President. Whether that person is a narcissistic lunatic or a chiselling crook. But we must wonder if the candidates are really the best that a nation of 325 millions can do?


DeeDee99 said...

The American system of selecting candidates - whoever has, or can raise the most money - prevents "the best" from getting through.

Hillary is owned lock, stock and smoking emails. Trump got through because he didn't need anyone else's money.

I don't know if I could bring myself to vote for Trump (if I had a vote) but I certainly wouldn't vote for corrupt Hillary and give Bill another position of power in the White House.

Anonymous said...

German almost once became an (not the) official language of the USA

Barnacle Bill said...

I have hopes that should Trump get elected he will "grow" into the POTUS that the ordinary American deserve.

Whereas with HRC one knows that given the keys to the White House she and her ilk will become worst cabal to sit in the Oval Office ever. Doing no good for her fellow Americans excepting of course those who have favours to call in. Nor will her reign do any of us elsewhere any good. Again with the caveat of those foreign governments that bought into her prostituting soul.

As for the question of whether this was the best two candidates; for a first attempt at breaking up the political confederacy that is ruling the USA you have to take your hat off to the Donald. A lesser man would have been broken by now with all that has been thrown in his direction.

Nick Drew said...

it's not an original observation: but the trouble is that the Germans did take over the American bureaucracy

as their citizens (and anyone else needing to wade through it) have cause to rue

Mr Ecks said...

Barnacle Bill +1000+

Trump 2016--I wish I was his kind of "lunatic" Radders.

Anonymous said...

I think that Donald Trump makes a very pertinent point, in that, Bill Clinton's bint if in the event of, the very unhappy circumstance that she is installed.
Then, Billary will listen to the beseeching of the US arms manufacturers and also lend an ear to those brain dead hawks in the CIA and Pentagon. Plus, playing to the gallery of the mewling liberal jerks in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London and their own US tosserati in NYC-WashingtonDC-CA and consider doing some really stupid stuff - really stupid liberal interventionist stuff.

For example, while Obarmy did at least inform the Saudis that they are the world's pariahs, Hillary will cozy up to the Arabian pestilence and moreover and very contrary to the aims of Russia and Bashar al Assad, in Syria.
Dear God in heaven, then not only is, the Levant involved in a proxy war between Sunni and Shia. If Hillary gambles on the advice of Goldman Sachs and inevitably fails then, it could become the spark, for some sort of worldwide agitation with Russia and the big elephantine posers in the room there are impregnable egos, with nuclear arsenals and playing Russian roulette.

For that [above] and not least, at last finally to deflating the ballooning green madness and therein the boondoggle industries, which surely is financially speaking killing the west bleeding £1.5 Trillion p/a out of western taxpayers/businesses pockets. It must be Donald Trump.

Dr Evil said...

Mr Trump, whom I would vote for if I was American, despite his history, will be shepherded by a gaggle or cabal of civil servants of high intelligence and long standing political experience. I expect much advice to be given in the usual subtle way that makes the POTUS think he thought of it himself. Americans have their own Sir Humphreys.

English Pensioner said...

Presumably the reason why they can't find anyone better is that those who are genuinely better have zero interest in the job. Who wants their private life crawled all over by the media? If you are, say, the CEO of a major company, very few care if you've got half a dozen mistresses or prefer rent boys just as long as you keep the profits rolling in. I think this is the situation in most countries, if you've got brains or talent you use them for what you are good at, otherwise you become a politician.

RAC said...

We may need to speak to you again Hillary, don't leave town.

Dave_G said...

Dr Evil - I suspect the Donald has met and can recognise a sycophant from a million miles off and that should they try to influence him he would take whatever measures necessary to act on or ignore the 'advice' being offered.

Trump is a fairly well known risk in that his history is documented and abilities widely known - crucially he cannot be tied to any of the existing US policies/failures - whereas Clinton's failings have been well (badly) hidden and only recently being (slowly) exposed but, typically, ignored by the media.

Politics NEEDS individuals that cannot and have not been tied to the existing cabal/policy structure - Donald is one. I wish I could name someone in the UK with similar attributes.

The major reason why Donald would be so good for America is that 'everyone' is against the idea..... the 'everyone' being the corrupt establishment that abhors anything they haven't had a hand in steering.

leila said...

I would vote for Donald for the simple reason he loves his country.

Only Singapore seems to have had a wise ruler, Lee Kuan Yew, who advised his cherished people in their best interests from 1959 to 1990,maintaining political influence until 2011.The results are truly amazing. Hangings for murder and drug dealing are carried out at dawn on Fridays, a punishment that dates back to British colonial rule. If only we hadn't lost our way!
Compare the truly appalling government decisions we have to endure, as has America under present and past cabals.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee: " Trump got through because he didn't need anyone else's money."

And there you have one very good reason to vote for Trump.

Barnacle Bill: "for a first attempt at breaking up the political confederacy that is ruling the USA you have to take your hat off to the Donald"

Don't forget, this is the second attempt, the Tea Party was the first, that was taken over by the Republican movement and hollowed out from inside until it was neutralised.

DeeDee: "I don't know if I could bring myself to vote for Trump"

I would, in a heartbeat.

Cascadian said...

Thats a strange commentary Raedwald, while I am unimpressed by Trump's social and presentational skills I find very little wrong with his political aims, whilst Hilliary is obviously criminal and a sociopath with no history of achievment.

If we are to judge the candidates, then lets at least attempt to grade them against recent yUK potential leaders-the camoron, clegg, corbyn, milliband, brown, hague, kinnock, bliar mental midgets all, and in Canada we have turdeau, in France sarkozy, hollande, in the EU everybody. There is a dearth of "leadership" throughout the world.

Of course the USA is a special case, until recent times they have benignly acted as our big brother, protecting us from the real ills of communism. Having won that fight the entire western world entered a ridiculous world of the "cold-war dividend", squandering military budgets on windmills, human rights courts and other fripperies. Europe has renounced the concept of borders and sensible social policy-if the world-wide gimmegrant class sees it as a dumping ground for the feckless and workshy unwilling to protect itself, so be it.
Now to sit and cry how you need a fleet and an army (I might also include a sane electricity generating infrastructure) and how this can be achieved through a "need to work with whomever the US elects as President" is rich indeed.

I hope Trump is elected, and sincerely look forward to his negotiation with the EU and yUK for payment for the NATO rapid reaction force (previously European constipated inaction force). Europe (and Canada) should pay handsomely for their security if they believe their social welfare states are worth protecting.

Anonymous said...

Good posts made on here, Donald - we love ya! God for Donald, Britain for Donald and go Donald!

DeeDee99 said...

@ Anonymous.

I'm female, I guess you're not. I'm not a feminazi, but I found his comments about women extremely distasteful and having been on the receiving end of "locker-room behaviour" in the past, I know it's no joking matter.

Anonymous said...

This is what its all about:

Trump's Election Will The Biggest "Fuck You" Ever Recorded In Human History


Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: "I'm female, I guess you're not. I'm not a feminazi, but I found his comments about women extremely distasteful .."

So, ..... fair comment. But, those comments were made with a reasonable expectation of confidentiality, and [this] had been kept in waiting for what, ten years?

A lot of men, occasionally fantasize about women. We are, both sexes, sexual creatures. As it turns out, a lot of women like to fantasize about men, I give you 'Fifty shades of Grey which went down a storm with female readers. Men frequently like fantasies about domination, women frequently like to fantasize about being dominated by the right man. So, the down and out living in a cardboard box under a bridge, is usually automatically disqualified.

The fact is, being an influential multimillionaire, does accord him more leeway than than the average guy at the labour exchange might expect.

The other thing, Trump was, you'll not be surprised to hear, misquoted. he said, if we are thinking of the same Arianne Zuker related comments, 'they'll let you grab 'em by the pussy'. The media, made a big thing about coercion and assault, but conveniently left out the fact that Trump operates on a consensual basis. Whereas, for example, Bill Clinton does not!

Deedee: " and having been on the receiving end of "locker-room behaviour" in the past, I know it's no joking matter. "

Well, you have my sympathy.

Raedwald said...

I think Dee Dee is being kind. As a man and a human being, I find Trump utterly repugnant; there's not an ounce of compassion, empathy, respect or love in him. He's vile. You wouldn't leave him alone with your dog let alone your kids.

However, I agree that Hillary is even worse, and a Trump win would be the best result. And a Trump win would be cathartic for the US and safer for the world - Hillary is so much part of the crazed military - industrial complex that commenters who fear her fomenting war are probably right.

Mr Ecks said...

You are talking absolute crap Radders.

You are aware of the hundreds of thousands dead because of Clintons bought and paid for political antics? Gadaffi had been brought to heel and was becoming a useful idiot.

"We came we saw he died--hee hee fucking hee" Compassion? Have you lost your marbles?

Not to mention 60+ mystery deaths around Billyboy and his missus. 2 or 3 might happen in innocently in the course of forty year careers in politics . Half a dozen would be suspicious. Ten times that many is conclusive in my book. The two of them have personally ordered more killings than Al Capone.

You have never met the man and you know nothing about what he is like. But you swallow media Kool-Aid like it was Champagne.

Raedwald said...

So he's still vile but just less vile than the others?

It's true that one forms an accurate opinion of people within a few seconds of meeting them, but these days video serves the same purpose.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "As a man and a human being, I find Trump utterly repugnant; there's not an ounce of compassion, empathy, respect or love in him."

Like all of us, I expect you are basing your opinions on the little you've seen in the press.

One woman who has met him, and I believe was the subject of the 'pussy grab' quote too, had this to say about Trump, “I did flirt with Donald. He is so cute and charming.”

Whereas a woman who has met up with the Clinton's had this to say about them both: "Hillary Clinton threatened me after Bill Clinton raped me.", that would be Juanita Broaddrick. there seem to be quantitative and qualitative difference between them.

Raedwald said...

Um, no, I don't need the press to form an opinion of someone. Just a few minutes of watching them being themselves on informal video recordings is usually enough.

Yes, I'd prefer Trump to win but I don't have to believe he's anything other than a bullying narcissistic rich thug.

leila said...

Raedwald you echoed Eddie Mair, BBc am Saturday 29/10 Radio 4,describing Donald as a bully etc, etc. Eric Trump's wife (impossibly beautiful of course!) was interviewed on Fox last night and painted a picture of a charming, funny man with large family Christmas/Thanksgiving gatherings. Eric started a cancer kids charity at 22 and she vouches for income getting to the kids. She seemed genuinely sincere, and grateful for being part of the Trump clan. I know whose opinion I agree with.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump, he must have some rapport with humanity, he is a businessman for goodness sake.

Do you ever hear about the Clinton and their klan, other than, just glad handing and politicking?

Donald Trump, is spoken of, more oft in friendly terms of endearment and FFS - not all of that, can be bought. Yes, he's not perfect but name me a man who is, compared with that lying fuckwit and social engineer of death Tony Bliar and the creepy ghoul that is Lord effin Mandelscum - Trump, is far nearer to Sainthood than they - or for that matter, BamBam and his mate Daley and Bill Clinton and his weird wifey.

Donald Trump, was in Louisiana, post the August flood giving out food aid and where was Billary>? I'll tell you, fucking nowhere near Louisiana.

Trump can talk to people, ordinary folks of whatever political and skin hue, whereas and like all lefties in the UK, Hillary Rodham Clinton hates the proles with such venom it is bordering on sociopathy.

If the hellcat is installed in the White House - then the world will shudder not only with revulsion but with genuine terror.


DeeDee, I like your style, lady, I like your posts and not one of them have I ever disagreed with.

But here's what I think:

DeeDee, we must be careful to gum up our minds through imbibing present day attitudes to stuff and behaviours which maybe, because of the post modern puritanism are now set to taboo, in contrast to where, in earlier times different manners and social comportment were 'the done thing'.
I used to work in, a large public sector office, the girl talk therein was, in terms of lascivious dirt, just off the scale. Abroad, some naughty ladies and some very demure types; I've had my arse pinched, slapped, and the meat and two veg grabbed many a time, in some countries it is the done thing, I take it, laid back amused - and rather, perhaps even very much - as a compliment.
Trump, was a boy, a greenhorn overloaded but under sexed, very rich hormonal dickhead once and probably is, still of the philandering eye, no doubt. Yes he abused his position but that doesn't make him a monster - like, er..... Hillary's hubby 'Slick' Clinton.

Oh yeah, Locker room banter, as God is my witness, the ones to watch out for: are the doers - never the talkers, it's just gas.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 07:14

'As a man and a human being, I find Trump utterly repugnant; there's not an ounce of compassion, empathy, respect or love in him.'

Trump arrived at the veterans hospital just after 2pm, strictly no media as per his instructions, and went directly to the games room where a majority of vets spend their time playing pool.

The young men gave him a cheer and he smiled, then looked down at one of the games being played. He said: "are all the tables like this?". "Yes" came back the reply. Trump turned to his aid and ordered all of the pool tables to be replaced with new ones "by tomorrow morning", adding: "don't forget I want best, these men deserve the best".

Twelve new pool tables arrived that day. Donald spends about 10 million dollars a year on this kind of thing; all off the record and most of the time nobody but the recipients know about it.


anon 2 said...

Steve ... Where did that story come from? It could make me (and I'd guess many others) take a second look.

Everyone makes mistakes, and I part of being human is, or should be, to learn not to repeat mistakes. On the powerful wealthy types --- well ---I've met and watched enough (Yanks or no) in my day to make me despise and distrust most of them in the long-term: just for being of that group. However, one or two break the mould; if Trump's one
of those, I might even dare to hope!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Hillary is one of "them".

Trump, for all his faults, is not.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

anon 2 said @ 17:34 (30 October 2016)

'Steve ... Where did that story come from? It could make me (and I'd guess many others) take a second look.'

Sorry for the late reply. The extract I posted was published in a small local paper in Tennessee about 2 years ago. I was shown it by a friend who lives about 40 miles from Memphis, he emailed me a scanned copy of the text - he's a keen player and shoots pool with the vets on occasion. The Donald may be many things but he's the only one who'll 'drain the swamp' and put the Constitution front and centre again.

Vote Trump to avert WWIII


anon 2 said...

Thank you, Steve.

Worth thinking about. Mind you, I don't think even those idiots will be daft enough to 'nuke' anyone. Have to admit I've lost count of which WW we're in. I thought it must be somewhere around V, but maybe it's all a continuation of I!!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's possibly a setup who knows?