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Thursday, 27 October 2016

One battalion doth not an army make

Britain has announced that the deployment of a mixed battalion to the Russian border is to be increased. Cpl Jones has now returned to duty from paternity leave, and Rfn Hawkeye's hernia repair has been successful. The pair will deploy-out to Poland within the week. An additional GPMG has been released from store and will leave with the next BFPO consignment from Amazon.

Defence experts were warning of overstretch as the RAF still has three aircraft in Syria, and the Navy's destroyer HMS Beyonce patrols the seas between the Western Approaches and the Norwegian Gap. At a Naval conference in London attended by all 73 Admirals, the government was called upon to increase the number of flag officers by 10% to counter the Russian threat. "Russia has over 100 Admirals" said a spokesperson "and the Royal Navy is committed to achieving parity by 2020".  

Retired Armoured Brigade commander Gen Smallbit also called for both of the Brigade's tanks to be sent to Poland, subject to Number Two's pneumatic starter being replaced. The vital part is expected to be delivered by Amazon in the next few days. 

Con Coughlin, commenting at an MoD journalists lunch said "It's bloody soul destroying. We're doing our best to talk-up a war, but the public can't be arsed. Whether it's 'Bake Off', 'Strictly' or they just won't be spooked by us any more I don't know".  


mikebravo said...

Just reading Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer about the German retreats from the Russians during the last attempted Russia overthrow.

Thousands upon thousands of young men killed trying to escape an overwhelming superiority in numbers and machinery on the ground.

Having been on many battalion sized exercises I know that I wouldn't want to be in the way of an advancing Army Group.

Muppets like Con Coughlin (his photo makes him look like a disheveled drunk for some reason?) can huff and puff all they like but people now are armed with much more knowledge than in the past and will not be so easily fooled by fake calls to patriotism by those that clearly despise it when it is not being used as a propaganda tool.

andy said...

I don't understand this hostility towards Russia,
have they made any threats or hostile moves towards us? seems to me if we give Putin and Assad a free hand in Syria the sooner the situation might be resolved,
Assad might be a total bastard but what`s the option? ISIS running the place or some coalition of rebels who we know next to nothing about their long term aims?
And as for the Crimea or the Baltic states,how many British Army personnel or UK parents want their sons and daughters to go to war on those countries behalf?

mikebravo said...

Your starter for 10

The Russians are ruining the septics plan to wrench Syria from the Iranian camp.

Our so called government and it's compliant meeja are the septics lickspittles and dags.

James Higham said...

This is more than utterly stupid over there - it's criminally insane and is designed to start the war they so desperately want.

anon 2 said...

Oh dear me, Raedwald -- This is so tragic I couldn't stop laughing for ages! I bet the Russkies are doing the same --- who knows! Perhaps that's the latest Western strategy for disarming them.

I'm with others here who question the "Russia" meme. Obviously the Yanks are leading the 'charge,' though I doubt if most of the present-day wunderkind even know where Russia is ... much as their lefties, media, and pols wax all root'n and toot'n about Poot'n.

..... Western civilisation? Wot's that?

leila said...

I got a reply from London SW1A 0AA after writing to my MP re the statements from our politicians ( aptly described above by mikebravo.)He merely quotes from the 'Foreign Secretary' and it's hardly coherent...but then it is from BoJo Having deduced illogically the Russians did destroy the UN aid convoy he ends with 'I trust the UN enquiry will establish what happened and we, in the UK gov stand ready to help. I emphasise that it is the UK week after week which is taking the lead- together with our allies in America and France and all like-minded nations- in highlighting what is happening in Syria to a world in which, I fear, the wells of outrage are becoming exhausted. You couldn't make it up.
We should all be thinking of what we can do- and writing to even good MPs is a waste of effort.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

root'n and toot'n about Poot'n


The way it works... Really - take a read of Thomas E Ricks' FIASCO - or even this

It is only a matter of time before the Ivans poop off an S-300 at a "difficult" target and as far as the USN is concerned there's this

That said - the efforts at whipping up sentiment are getting increasingly irritating and fantastical.

leila said...

I'm getting too serious (as if it isn't! )Your blog was hilarious Raedwald

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

that episode with the USS Donald Cook - it would seem that mooning the 'Merkans wasn't possible from a Sukhoi cockpit - but the pilot did a fair job of rubbing it in.

wiggiatlarge said...

The Telegraph did a peace on the Russian aircraft carrier and its inability because of engine problems to go anywhere without its own personal tug.
They finished the article by saying the RoyalNavy was "shadowing" the Russian fleet with a type 45 destroyer out of Portsmouth as though this showed our superiority, all type 45s have been laid up in Portsmouth awaiting hugely expensive refitting of engines as they continously break down, how this one staggered out for a few hours is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

So what are we up against:

The Baltic States, that's Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


Sweden and Finland possibly, and the Norwegians - letting the Yanks hide some armour in a mountain they've hollowed out.

This lot couldn't even put a division together let alone get it to work so that leaves us, neo-con central and the Jerries - France will call in sick with a doctor's note. Looks like we'll be facing at least 3 Russian divisions, mostly armoured with the best air defence system in the world (S-400M). Often overlooked is the fact that these 3 divisions have been training together for the best part of two years now. For those interested the tactics they use will astound, e.g. a battlefield information system called the 'Dome' which can't be penetrated digitally because it's super analogue and the West don't do analogue no more.

Seventy-two hours in we'll either have to withdraw or threaten to escalate. In Putin's backyard? No thanks.


feargalthecat said...

The VW endorsement is inspired.

Cuffleyburgers said...

You've all beaten me to it - it's all been sadi.

I don't care for Putin - nobody does - but I don't see him as a threat to us. Seems only Yesterday we were all having a good laugh that he was getting himself embroiled in a quagmire - now he's completely outflanked a pathetic US state dept and our own equally inept (largely because the responsibility is in some undefined way shared with the EU in the end nothing useful gets done beyond photo ops and stupid threats which are not backed up by any big stick) politicians.

I firmly believe we have the finest military personnel in the world but they (and we, whose taxes pay for it all) are grievously let down by the MoD and its appalling procurement combined with incompetence ignorance and laziness in the ministry. As a result our ability to project force where necessary for the furtherance of legitimate political ends is extremely limited.

And now a completely unnecessary crisis seems to be spiralling out of control just at the moment that a weak president who has got us where we are now is likely to be replaced by an equally weak individual who as former Sec of State is almost as Responsible as Obama for the current mess, and who is even more in cahoots with the Military Industrial complex than Obama was.

So yes a serious shitstorm brewing, which cannot end well.

I don't care for Trump either but he's the only one on the horizon with the gumption to start telling the right people to fuck off and Putin to back off.

Can it happen? we'll know in a fortnight.

Anonymous said...

anon2: "Obviously the Yanks are leading the 'charge,' .."

Don't count on it. Clinton at the State department, having her strings pulled by the Moslem brotherhood via Huma Abedin.

Obama? Is there any need to mention Obama, he's so out of his depth it's a wonder he hasn't drowned. If there is a vacuum at the top, somebody's going to fill it.

How else can you explain the systematic destruction by the US and allies over the last eight years has been the secular Arab states? Libya and Syria.

If there was a 'pro west' strategy, you'd have thought they might have learned something from Iraq.

anon 2 said...

Yes, exactly, Gordon the FPT - and thank you for the resources. Yanks haven't a clue, yet they cruise on like any overgrown bully-boy who thinks he's the biggest, the brightest, and the best. In the process, they constantly re-write history to suit themselves. Indeed, Sellars and Yeatman had it right: real "history came to an end when America became Top Nation".*

That they're playing in the Black Sea, of all places, only shows them for what they are. Talk about ignoring the lessons of history/experience AND surrounding yourself with the putative enemy. Furthermore, if they and the euSSR hadn't taken Marxist Doctrine as their own, one might be able to imagine they had Communism to fight against!

So certainly, Anon @ 17:13 I'm not counting on the Yanks leading anything, let alone being capable of winning. I must say, though, that your picture of wotsername (HC) is even more nauseating than any heretofore! The vision of her playing around with the Mozzies is more nauseating than anything we had to watch in her hubby's day.

Oh my. I'm off to read Raedwald's post again -- I need a laugh.

"1066 And All That"

Demetrius said...

We are Fred Karno's Army...........

Mac the Knife said...


Your woeful ignorance is apparent from even a casual glance. I
suggest you refer to the current edition of Jane's All the World's
, where you can see that HMS Beyonce has been re-tasked and permanently guards the bed of the Clyde, owing to a procurement error in which she was launched without a keel.

The minesweeper HMS Innit? Has been re-commissioned as HMS Most Destructive Bastard Thing Ever, and is doing a
perfectly splendid job ensuring our national interest is protected
on it's new patrol assignment between the Denmark and Malacca

Buck your ideas up!

RAdm. Toby Jug-Head (retd.)

Anonymous said...

anon2: "The vision of her playing around with the Mozzies is more nauseating than anything we had to watch in her hubby's day."

Not to mention, treasonous.

Rossa said...

Wiggiatlarge: Agreed.

As we don't even have a fully operational aircraft carrier of our own and the Charles de Gaulle is often in dock, the laughing by our media at the Russian 'rustbucket' is just pure jingoism. As The Saker details, 6 of the 10 US carriers are older than the Russian heavy aircraft cruiser. They don't call it an aircraft carrier (though effectively it was an attempt to produce one), nor want any more carriers, as they are out of date as a concept (mainly being a way for America to project it's power thousands of miles away from home) and extremely vulnerable which is why they are always accompanied by frigates, battle cruisers, subs, destroyers etc.

Maybe if our glorious media had taken a look at Peter the Great, and wondered what else may be in the group but hidden from view, they might have had another view on the matter. And the missiles the 'carrier' is carrying rather than anything else. His take is that this is a way for the Russians to deliver a launching platform to the Eastern Med, to test out their capability in a live situation should they need to.

But then that wouldn't suit the MSM's narrative, that Russia's Cold War ex Soviet stuff will be easily overcome in any confrontation with NATO and coalition forces....yeah, right! IMO this is a massive game of bluff and double bluff while the real war in terms of currencies and economics will do the real damage. This is just the puppet theatre to distract the masses from the inevitable fiscal tsunami heading our way very soon, regardless of which muppet ends up in the Oval Office.