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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Polly's weekly butt-hurt really does cheer me up

I once worked with a woman whose boyfriend had left her. After some time off sick, she returned to work heavily medicated enough for her to spend 90% of the time in a sort of monotonal zombie world of fluffiness. The other 10% was spent shrieking in tear floods of self-pity. The first week, the other girls would huddle around her like worker bees and carry her off to the ladies. The second week, they were mostly urgently engaged in doing other things when the breakdowns came. 

The problem was, we never knew when the whining fits would hit. She would finish a perfectly normal phone call quite calmly then collapse on her knees howling. I had a seasoned groundworks contractor with me once when this happened, and the poor man leapt straight out of his chair. 

The joy of Polly is that one knows exactly when the shrieking fits will start; every time her column is published in the Guardian. The consistency of her whining butt-hurt over Brexit makes it a joy to be savoured. And she doesn't work up to it - it's straight in  
Hardly anything in Britain is untouched by the Brexit vote. With the country angrily wrenched apart, this has caused the greatest political, social and cultural rift of our life-time. But in few places is the hurt felt more deeply than inside the NHS....
And it gets whinier and whinier .

Which means we are still going in the right direction. She's a sort of Brexit monitor - as long as she whines when exposed to newsprint, we can be reassured. I'll bet she never imagined how useful she'd turn out to be.


Anonymous said...

It's just another puff piece of incoherent, miserable, bullshit whinnying posing as political comment but then, evidently as its readership vanishes: this execrable reportage does not sell newspapers.

Moreover, and as I have averred oft' before, her prose is, at best schoolgirl stuff and about 4th form/10th grade level. She's never grown up aye but she's never needed to, everything in her cossetted 'to the manor born' life has been provided and she trades on her daddy's name which is, her only and somewhat watery accreditation.

Forsooth, why she - Toynbee is still in a job is quite astonishing, it is, a discombobulation of misplaced loyalty granted to a mealy mouthed, childlike, pinch-minded, pious, Marxist bird brain [aren't they all?]. As, the graun is down the financial tubes and insofar as informed opinion goes gone to the dogs of momentum/SWP misogynists [why no comment on they - Polly?]...

Still in a job? why? and only the almighty will know, because I'm as sure, as hell is hot - I can't comprehend it.

rapscallion said...

The whining, the groans, the hissy fits and the inevitable insults are music to my ears. I wallow in their tears of frustration. Oh how sweet is victory. What she really hates is that 17.4 million of us told her beloved EU to F**k Off.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether these benevolent donor countries in the EU can supply us with some well spoken (for a foreigner) journalists, something has gone badly wrong with the native stock.

Sackerson said...

Go to that article and rank the comments by "Recommendations" - fun.

Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago Virginia McKenna was on the telly talking about 50 years of 'Born Free'. She and her husband were in Kenya for the best part of a year, as she told us "in a country recently released from the jackboot colonial oppressors ..." or some such. I was so enraged I forgot the precise words. She's a Toynbeeite if there ever was one.

So what about Mau Mau - now the norm in one of the world's dangerous shitholes?

As from Polly, well fuck me, if she ain't happy, the world is a better place.

mikebravo said...

She only writes that dross to excite the muppets who back her up in the comments section and the wankerati.

She is so batty she can not see the glaring holes in her own 5th form student essay. No wonder she failed all her exams and Daddy had to have a word.

As Sackerson stated, Recommended comments are great, the rebuttals are spambot drivel.

Anonymous said...

Polly Toynbee, Labour's equivalent to Tory Anna Soubrey. Ladies of a certain age and cotton wool brain who look as though they enjoy a glass or eight of vino. Laughably pathetic pair.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I haven't detected the sorts of change along the these lines:

"With the country angrily wrenched apart, this has caused the greatest political, social and cultural rift of our life-time."

I mean I live hear in England; go out and do some jobs to earn a crust; go to the pub twice a week; visit friends and such, down in Devon as it happens. Seems to me the only folk who can't stop squealing about our leaving the EU (don't like the word 'brexit') are:

Failed MP's
Business bosses with no vision
Pop stars
TV personalities


A polish bloke who goes frequents my local and doesn't like English beer.

The thing about Toynbee is she's a twat. Her world is very small, if thruth be told it's probably less than a street's worth. Saw her once on the BBC's Dateline London and she was so bad she made that Yasmin (I want all white men to be extinct a hundred years from now) Alibhai-Brown look balanced sensible.


Bill Sticker said...

As far as Toynbee is concerned, I'm with Conan.

DeeDee99 said...

What amazes me is that the self-pitying whinger doesn't seem to understand that the country had already been wrenched apart by EU membership...... with the Establishment/Guardianistas/BBC determined to foist membership on the country against the wishes of a majority of the country.

What she wants is for the "lid" to be forced back onto the genie's bottle.

I'd love it if, just once, one of the presenters who allow her to whinge on, unchallenged, would call her what she is ..... and arrogant, elitist, self-pitying, anti-democratic snob.