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Sunday, 23 October 2016

We don't lack compassion, but we won't be lied to

The issue around the fake migrant children - those who will never see 20 again - is not that we lack empathy or compassion for their situation, but that the government, and in particular the Home Office, has lied to the British people. That is why the Permanent Secretary must now be sacked. 

We have, as a nation, made a decision that we will not admit economic migrants who are fit young men of an age for military service who have run away from their homes. They are the least vulnerable and the least deserving of help. They have crossed Europe unlawfully and should not be rewarded. Whatever shady deal the Home Office have done with the French, to flagrantly breach such a democratic tenet and to lie to and deceive the British people about it is simply unforgivable. That is why heads must roll.  

Widows and orphans, the elderly and infirm, those least able to cope with the desolation of global upheaval, are rightly the focus of our compassion, our care and our charity. We have a scheme under which such vulnerables can be taken directly from camps in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere to the extent that we can accommodate them. Would-be migrant parents who subject their young children to suffering, sexual abuse and the risk of death in sending them unaccompanied and unescorted to establish a 'bridgehead' that will enable these evil and lazy people to follow safely should be forever excluded from the UK; their poor young children can be adopted by caring, compassionate Britons.

Our message must be clear; bullying, violence, blackmail, lying, deceit, selfishness and a thuggish sense of entitlement are not human qualities we wish to import into our realm. These fit young men must go home or find safety where they are. Those who with the complicit malfeasance of Home Office officials have wrongly entered the UK must be deported. 

Our government and civil servants ignore the strength of popular feeling on this matter at their peril. 


Anonymous said...


I deem that it would be inhuman to not empathize with the plight of Syrian families their issue caught up in a war not of their making, while their situation is dire, actually can anyone say of a sizeable majority of Syrians - the pestilence of Wahhabism was not in the minds of many Sunni tribesmen? And again I beg, who would bring a child into such a situation, with a blood gorged internecine war going on around their heads and houses, ah but they are not allowed to practise a little self restraint.
One thing I did agree with Cameron on, that, Britain would assist the Syrians by funding and very generously at that, camps in Jordan and Turkey where families could be accommodated in relative safety and while this is by no means ideal, it is far better than families risking kids and all crossing the Med/Aegean and working their way towards the land of milk and honey and UKIslamism - such as they are taught to believe and that I do credit whether its provenance was via the information bureaus of 'British Charidees workers' or some local Imam doing the work of the Medina nutters.
Why does no one, not in the beeb nor even in that fount of all knowledge - Westminster......not one Luvvie ever point out, another outstanding anomaly and salient FACT nary a one of these poor buggers has been taken in by their 'brothers' in the Arabian peninsula and not least the centre of the Moslem world - the KSA?

Why do we [the west] have to do something but some of the richest nations on the planet do - nada, zilch, nothing to aid their fellow believers - what is that all about?

Why is there, from the great and the good: a total silence on that matter [above]???

Most of the 'kids' in the Calais camp are not of Syria at all, one 'child' rescued from the 'jungle' was in fact a Kuwaiti....Dear God is it really beyond the HMG/authorities.....can't they ask him what the hell he is doing leaving the most wealthy satraps in the Gulf to come here and live at the UK taxpayers' expense?

Anonymous said...


As I have averred elsewhere, the numbers are fantastic gimmegrants arriving in Britain and last year on estimated figures another 600,000 wandered in and those are only guestimates for most probably the figure is much greater than even 600,000! The question is, don't we already do too much?

Our welfare system, benefits, housing, councils, NHS as we are constantly being told by the virtue signallers and George Soros organizations/UKuncut/FoE/BLM/UAF/BMA/RCN/UNITE/UNISON and uncle Tom Cobbley and all - is at breaking point. We cannot tend and look after our own, how is it that we are forced by our own authorities to take in more, when the Rotherham scandal and so many other similar appalling episodes amply demonstrate - councils cannot, will not, do not ever look after their charges with anything other than willful neglect.
In reality, if the facts were actually well known thereabouts in the Levant, then probably the last place Syrian fathers and mothers would wish upon their issue is, a UK council childrens home.

All round, when in the first place it could well be argued that, it is a situation fashioned by our own inability to leave well alone the foreign affairs of a sovereign nation [namely Syria] and where we fund the insurrection through sales of arms to the nastiest regime on the planet [namely Saudi Arabia] and the 'cousins' don't know which end is up but are allowing the Qataris, Turks and Saudi proxies to flood the levant with weaponry and for crying out loud if they weren't killing each other it is undoubtedly a fact - both of this lot, al Qaeda, Isis, al Nusra, Hezbollah would wish to be killing us!
For the love of God, it is a social engineering clusterfuck on a scale almost unimaginable but the reality is not being faced nor will ever be faced so long as we are ruled and subject to such utter fuckwits running the shop in Westminster.

English Pensioner said...

One thing that I've noticed is that there don't appear to be any females amongst these "children".
I'm surprised that the Feminazi haven't made any comment, or perhaps they feel a need for more men.

Dave_G said...

Government managed to ignore 'popular feeling' (or, rather, general unrest) over the issue of EU membership for decades.

They need only do the same for a fraction of that time over the issue of refugee 'qualification' in order to get their real intention completed - dilution of our heritage and customs and a breakdown of potential opposition to their future scheming.

'Popular feeling' needs to be more than just keyboard warrior protests but we all know how complacency takes over (yes, guilty here too...) and real protest comes after the event - in this case in the form of public uprising when the truth of such policies finally dawns.

Peter S said...

"...bullying, violence, blackmail, lying, deceit, selfishness and a thuggish sense of entitlement are not human qualities we wish to import into our realm."
No, we've got them in abundance here already. Otherwise I agree 100% with what you say.

Mr Ecks said...


"We have a scheme under which such vulnerables can be taken directly from camps in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere to the extent that we can accommodate them. "

This is Camoron's scheme.

Taking them from the camps ensures they are RoP because any Christian Syrian going there would be murdered.

I believe 1600 of these supposed "vulnerable" people have arrived so far with more on the way.

4 of them have already been jailed for sexually assaulting a little girl. From these supposedly specially picked crew.

"Widow's , orphans, elderly and infirm" would need to be rather elastic concepts to include 4 child molesters.

We should take exactly NONE into this country. Send aid to where they are--sure. But that is it.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Our message must be clear; bullying, violence, blackmail, lying, deceit, selfishness and a thuggish sense of entitlement are not human qualities we wish to import into our realm. These fit young men must go home or find safety where they are.'

Essential reading:

Let the world know: Germany is going down


Anonymous said...

It has just been announced on BBC News South West that 70 of the "children" now at the immigration centre in Croydon are being taken to a centre in Great Torrington, Devon, prior to being reunited with their relatives.

Why cannot the relatives simply collect them from Croydon ? Assuming the relatives exist, of course.

Birkonian said...

What do you mean by 'Popular feeling'? it isn't popular with me or anyone with an ounce of compassion.

DeeDee99 said...

Spot on Raedwald.

I accept that we have some responsibility towards unaccompanied CHILDREN who have a close family member living in the UK who can take responsibility and care for them.

I do not accept that we have a responsibility towards children who have no such ties to the UK, when they are in a safe country (France.)

And I certainly do not accept that we have any responsibility whatsoever for fit young men who are economic migrants fleeing their countries for "a better life" in Britain, courtesy of British taxpayers.

The Home Official officials who have deliberately allowed in adult men, posing as children, should be charged with Malfeasance in Public Office and be sacked, losing their pension rights as well. It might encourage the rest of our so-called Public Servants to understand who it is they are working for ........ and it isn't Middle Eastern/African migrants.

Mr Ecks said...

Birk--We--and by "We" I mean the UKs political shite--should not have been involved in fucking up these countries.

Neither I --nor any of mine--told the political scum to do it. Indeed had I the power I would have stopped them from doing so.

Be clear that we have no obligation to these people. When you bring the 3rd World to the first World what you get is the 3rd world. With 3rd world standards of violence, sex crime, poverty and tyranny.

They are being imported on the orders of Marxist scum to balkanise and destroy the West. And will be given the vote in order to do so.

If you have compassion for 18-30 yobs masquerading as children you are a prize fool.

Dr Evil said...

That's almost exactly what I say, my wife is saying and my friends are saying. We really hate being conned by being lied too. That first bus load of blokes, notice they are all blokes, are not children. So where are the 50% of these children who are girls aged 14 to 17? A, they are not there are they? Just blokes.

RAC said...

Birkonian, the compassionate move would be to stop this arse licking poodle government from being a servant of america, aiding it in its psychotic quest for world domination.
Regarding the 30year old "teenagers", just hope some one is going to keep track of them because in another 30 years when their pretend age will be mid forties they will be doing some forward time travel to enable themselves to collect their pension, never miss out on a freebie.

Cascadian said...

We don't lack compassion, but we won't be lied to......absolute nonsense.

Remember "homes fit for heroes" nigh on a century ago, still not fulfilled, you accept lies and lack compassion as a matter of policy.

1.Keep your nose out of others business, do not go around destroying countries whose political system does not measure up to some impossible ideal.

2.Show extreme compassion to native (born here) population who are not doing so well due to illness, injury or old-age. If there are any funds surplus to that task consider helping others.

3. Tax luvvies and trustafarians at rates not seen since the 1970's (95% surtax), if they won't help voluntarily and insist on being gobby, then the government MUST assist them to donate.

Budgie said...

Sounds good to me, Cascadian. But you've missed out on being compassionate to 30 year old, dishonourable, fit, male, criminals who have lied and cheated their way past UK government, and NGO, politically correct liars who are ably abetted by the likes of Birkonian. Whatever happened to the compassion of women and children first?

Cascadian said...

Budgie, I missed nothing. The gimmegrants deserve no compassion.

"Whatever happened to the compassion of women and children first?"...see 1.