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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kermits on the horns of a snail

There are times at which one could almost feel sorry for the Kermits. Trapped by the painful slavery of gratitude for our and the US's saving of France in 1944, they were rather looking forward to belittling, humiliating and hurting us during the Brexit negotiations. Now they are faced with a rather cruel dilemma.

Fillon, the candidate of the pragmatic right, looks set to beat Marine le Pen, but only if the socialists, statists and liberals vote for him. His small-State, pro-business platform would see hundreds of thousands of feather bedded French civil servants sacked, subsidies cut and trade unions challenged. In contrast, le Pen's FN is a big-State, big-subsidy, pro-central control old type national socialist party whose policies would best benefit the socialists, statists and liberals - if they can bear to hold their Gallic noses to vote for her. 

Reader, if ever you've seen an effete slim fingered Kermit eating black pudding, you'll know the sort of facial expressions they'll pull when voting le Pen to save them from the Fillon knife. The butthurt will outshine that from Brexit and Trump. Watching them do it will be exquisite fun. Even more fun if they do so but Fillon gets in anyway. 

There's a price of course. The Kermits will know we're laughing at them and will want their revenge in the usual underhand, poke in the kidneys and run-away French fashion - that is, via the EU. After we leave, they will also resent the Germans even more - post Brexit, the Hermans are set to bear 25% of the EU's total costs and 50% of the CAP budget cost - both of which are like milky udders to the French.

You'd need a heart of stone not to feel a twinge of sympathy. 


DeeDee99 said...

I've got the popcorn in ...... and a bottle of sparking wine (English, natch) ..... and will settle down to watch the show.

Much as I'd enjoy the global Establishment's outrage at a Le Pen win, I'd also enjoy watching the French unions create havoc ....... gosh it's a tough one.

Curmudgeon said...

Would Fillon turn out to be like Sarkozy, though - all mouth and no trousers?

mikebravo said...

You can be sure that the frog civil service/establishment is the same as ours deep down. Secret power in their hands and knowing that the plebs are ignorant fools who should take what they are given and be grateful.

The Euclusterfuck can not go on forever though. Somewhere the plebs will kick one of the supporting walls out of the house of cards. Then when the kermits loose the CAP money and all the rest of the hidden subsidies they will really go into meltdown.

rapscallion said...

Ah yes. the good old centuries long rivalry that is alive and well even today. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than beating the Frogs, except that is beating the Jocks. It is though a strange relationship, we mutually admire, and are envious of each other at the same time.

I don't deny that I will derive huge pleasure and satisfaction from seeing that slim elegant french socialist hand touching the Le Pen "black pudding" whilst the hauteur for which they are so famous disappears from their collective fizzogs. In this matter Radders I'm afraid I do have a heart of stone, because I have no sympathy for a people that have consistently kicked the can into the long grass of easy comfort for decades. They've enjoyed their "strike at the drop of a hat" unions, very fat public salaries, hugely long lunches, heavily subsidised farming payments courtesy of the CAP, and sucking at the teat of German War guilt. Not only have they been having the gateaux, they've been scoffing it too.

Personally I'd like to see Le Pen win, because it will achieve two victories. Firstly, it will put the ROP followers in their place. Being French comes before being muslim as far as FN are concerned. Secondly and more importantly it removes at a stroke the very premise of having an EU in the first place (to prevent France and Germany going to war with each other). Once you remove one of the symbolic protagonists - it's game over.

The EU can easily survive Brexit, It simply cannot survive Frexit.

@mikebravo - given the current trend post Brexit and Trump, it would not surprise me in the least if the Frog plebs kick off. This is the basic problem TPTB have forgotton - never, ever put anybody in a position where he has nothing to lose. It is going to be the "Enarques" that are going to lose out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, basically the Frog left are fucked, the run off will be between Fillon and Marine Le Pen and then the howling will begin.

Fillon was Sarko's PM, he talks a good game but I can't see it, as you say the Frogs will be served on the pavements of the Avenue Charles De Gaulle/Etoile and further down to the Champs D'Elysees and onto La Place de la Concorde...... a grand projet banquet of merde - made to eat shit and then - vote FN.

All the remoaners, the Beeb Fascists and the toryboys, plus the rest of the cunts - anti Brexit pussies. I roar, I laugh out loud at you and long, these twats, moaning about the intricacies of the "will of Parliament" being visited again and other such fucking tripe. That bunch of superior tossers - the Supreme Court of Nancy boys and effete EU ECHR slaves and wives and girlfriends their opinions notwithstanding. PLus, all the quango queens shitting in their Manolo Blahniks and leather trousers and all, those union barons and their wank strata scum party in Westminster, the council taliban chieftains and the social services depts, in fact all if not most of our ever so disloyal civil service to a man and crybaby every last one of them..............

December 4th, the Dutch vote in March, France in May..... will kick it off, the beginning of the end of the Brussels Empire.

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poisonedchalice said...

Austrian vote / Italian vote / French vote / Trump / Brexit - "may we live in interesting times"

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with French black pudding, aka boudin?

Dave_G said...

Bait and switch anyone? Fillon will adopt many of Le Penn's controversial policies towards the RoP and engender enough support to whittle away any chance Le Penn has of winning.

Of course, once in place, Fillon will renege on his policies and there'll be no backbone in France worthy of bringing him to account for this treasonous betrayal of the French public.

Situation normal - for another term.

Rinse and repeat.

Raedwald said...

Anon 12.38 - From my experience they mostly like their boudin to be blanc rather than noir - sans the lovely sang they sing about but don't like the sight (or taste) of ....

Demetrius said...

My vote is for Boudin Noir.

mikebravo said...


You are probably right but, one day they will notice that they are being butt-baisered (someone can correct that one!).

Anonymous said...

Love the prose in the comments today. Nobody writes polemic like us sceptred islanders.

Raedwald said:

'Fillon, the candidate of the pragmatic right, looks set to beat Marine le Pen, but only if the socialists, statists and liberals vote for him.'

Fillon's a wanker. Marine Le Pen is a titan by comparison. Futhermore history is on her side and even if she loses this one she'll be there for the next one - which she'll win because the Muhammadans will have made french lives even more miserable by then.


Budgie said...

I think we can be reasonably confident that Le Pen will do what she says. I think we can be reasonably confident that Fillon will not do what he says. Consequently it's Le Pen who has the better of the argument.

Anonymous said...

Fillon, like Juppé, wants to move the Jungle to Kent.