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Saturday, 9 January 2016

I hate to say I told you so ...

So, it seems 'Sir' Bob Geldof and fellow slebs are full of crap. Back in September Bob said 
"I've a place in Kent and a flat in London – me and (wife) Jeanne would be prepared to take three families immediately in our place in Kent and a family in our flat in London, immediately, and put them up until such time as they can get going and get a purchase on their future."
So many migrants has Bob taken so far? None. Nil. Nada. Zilch. You see Bob, along with assorted wealthy slebs including Sting, Emma Thompson, Michael Palin, Vivienne Westwood, Steve Coogan and the whole up-their-own-arse bunch of soft left dribblers have begun to realise what rancid idiots they are. In exchange for five minutes of publicity, they very nearly exposed their teenage daughters to rape, abuse and sexual assault by assorted horny and amoral young Mohammeds. 

I'm not one to crow, but we told them so. Telling the easily foreseeable truth doesn't make us fascists, swivel-eyed loons or baby killers. We said months ago that the migrants were fit and lusty young men who had deserted the army, their homes and families, were wealthy enough or powerful enough or criminal enough or dominant enough to have secured passage money and who pursued nothing more noble than sheer hedonism - most just want a good apartment, a BMW and a ready supply of easy women to ficken without having to do a stroke of work for it.  

So when Europe's city streets are filled with such men - frustrated at the Christmas consumer glut of goods around them, envious and excluded from Europe's wealth, kept in barracks eating pasta - it's hardly surprising that they grab, grope, rape, steal, mug and thieve. Being at the bottom of the heap is a new experience for many - at home they were the takers, the bullies, the favoured ones. Here they are as nothing. Germany is just waking up to the problem. 

Bob can just be grateful he recovered his wits in time and doesn't have to deal with screams in the middle of the night coming from Peaches Quinoa Trixiebell's bedroom. Let's hope he keeps his gob shut now.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Cull Health Fascists to improve health, say experts

Experts reported to Parliament this week that only a radical cull of health fascists and self-styled diet and health experts will bring overall improvements in the nation's health. A cull, they said, would bring immediate health benefits including decreased blood pressure, lower rates of depression and anxiety and reduced frequency of eating disorders. If we cannot cull all the health fascists at once, government health recommendations recommend the following incremental effects:-
Cullee                                                      Effect
Dame Sally Arrogant-Bitch                     15% health improvement
The BMA                                                 25% health improvement
Council Obesity Counsellors                     7% health improvement
Government advice continued that if you are unable to cull at least one health fascist, an alcohol intake of one bottle of wine a day or four pints of beer a day was required.

The government now recommends that both men and women drink a bottle of wine a day, without making any allowance for body mass. "If we included a proportionate level for body mass, then 17 stone bankers would get 3 bottles of wine a day as a healthy allowance and little blond Chelsea mums would be limited to half a bottle. This is clearly wrong". 

Dame Sally Arrogant-Bitch commented "It's all a load of bollocks, really. I only do it for the money and the title".  

Those who disagree with the new government limits are advised to move to France, Spain or Germany, where the recommended wine intakes are respectively 3 bottles, 2 bottles and 1 bottle and some schnappes each day to achieve the same health levels as the UK. The fact that all these nations have a vastly more effective health service than the UK has something to do with the differences.

"We can't make the bloody NHS work even to a minimum level of efficiency" said Dame Sally "So we have to make people live like bloody vegetarian hermits instead". 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Con Coughlin earns his biscuit

Con Coughlin has earned his establishment biscuit again with a crawling encomium to the sagacity, tolerance, wisdom and mercy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and urged us all to back the primitive head-choppers against the primitive crane-hangers. I value this man's  barometric qualities highly; if ever in doubt as to which is the right cause to back, it will be the one diametrically opposite to that which Con evinces to earn his biscuits. 

As I have suggested in the past, most folk with a modicum of brain know this is a vicious civil war between primitive Sunni and primitive Shia, and our most advantageous course of action is to flog arms and technology (but of a level below our own) to both sides and stand well back. If the madmen are detonating themselves at each other, they're not detonating themselves amongst us. 

Con is not proud. He'll turn out drivel on demand in support of US torture, the EU and the effort to takeover Ukraine, the benefit of bombing Libya, the decisive impact of our three aircraft in the ME (that have so far dropped four small bombs on Syria) and whatever else his MOD controllers ask him to; for it is quite clear that all Con's stories originate from the line that the MOD would like to take. And with so many of the MOD's personnel and so much bonus-creating profit, not to mention so many members of the Bath and the Michael and George, tied up in dirty Saudi money, he's clearly had his orders to defaecate pro-head choppers drivel. It's a living, I suppose.  

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

British Jihadis? Don't ask our lads to kill 'em unless you give them an '00' licence first.

The revolting hypocrisy of the governing class is exposed in its true hideous filth today. The papers and screens are full of the identity of another Brit Jihadi, filmed committing one murder live on TV, and the press and politicos are howling for drone strikes and SAS sniper teams to 'slot' this particular piece of scum. 

One page in, and the same politicos are praising the efforts of freelance plods, treasonous shitehawk lawyers and turncoat MOD clerks to stitch-up the lads over imagined 'crimes' during Blair's wars in Iraq. You couldn't make it up.

Apart from Bloody Blair himself remaining at large when he should by now be in a cell in the Hague, these dunderheads just don't see the problem in asking the lads to take out Daesh / ISIS death cult scum today and then face murder charges for doing so in six years time. 

There must be some very angry faces around the mess breakfast tables this morning.

Monday, 4 January 2016

A view from the Alpine Adria

I was fortunate this week to enjoy a memorable lunch in the glowing warmth of a Gasthaus fitted with an enormous ceramic Kachelofen. My companion sits as a Deputy in the Austrian parliament for the ÖVP, a sort of Christian Tory party. Further up in the high valley, at 1,100m, was an empty hotel on the verge of bankruptcy now filled with 45 Fluchtlinge from the middle east.  Italy, Slovenia and Austria are all within 20 minutes drive and the locals shamelessly exploit the tax and cost advantages of goods from three different jurisdictions. 

The local council didn't get a say over the Fluchtlinge; the Burgomeister was unaware that a deal had been done until the coaches arrived. The desperate owner had contracted directly with the federal authorities to house and feed the migrants, and is now doing very well from the taxpayer. He feeds them rice and pasta and a local version of Essex cheese*; "no meat or spices to stimulate the libido" the MP explains, and 2€ a week pocket money each doesn't even cover the cost of a single ticket on the four-times daily postbus. With the cold and the snow, the poor buggers spend 24 hours a day inside, gazing out at the gorgeous winter landscape not in joyful anticipation of a Breugel frost-fair  but trapped and scared, with nothing to look forward to except their next bowl of pasta. It's impossible not to feel some sympathy (mixed with a guilty sort of humorous satisfaction) seeing their faces at the windows. 

My tame MP is an intelligent man, a Viennese ex-police inspector. Migrants are the biggest issue everywhere, and he is depressed and pessimistic about the outcomes. The danger, he says, is not from the existing far right but from the ordinary middle classes; each day it becomes acceptable to be a little more racist, a little more islamophobic, a little more xenophobic, and his entire voter cohort is nudging inch by inch away from his party. It's not, he explains, that the middle classes don't already hold these views, but until now it has not been socially acceptable to voice them. Once these things can be said, openly, then there will be a change at the ballot box. 

On the reputation of politicians generally I explain the dichotomy in England; ask any English voter about their own MP, and most will term him a fine chap, honest and upright, doing fair by his constituency, working hard in parliament. Ask the same voter about MPs in general, and he will say they are all crooks, with their snouts in the trough. He becomes even more depressed; the system here means that voters vote for a party, not an individual, so an MP here cannot even buck a trend by being locally populist. And here, like everywhere in Europe, people have turned away from their old party allegiances. 

At his next suggestion I could not help but snort loudly and openly; he said with all sincerity that the solution was for people to put their trust in the EU, and forget their existing national sovereignty. I thought he was joking. The pained expression on his face told me he was entirely serious. I told him frankly "In England, never." He nodded. "Then maybe this is the End" he said, meaning the end to consensus centrist Euro social democracy (but with very little democracy). Not wishing to wound him further I shrugged noncommittally, thinking quietly "Oh I do hope so!".

* I mean the rock hard nutritionally worthless sort carried by naval vessels in the 1800s to be eaten as a final desperate effort to forestall cannibalism

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kier Starmer is confused and mistaken

I never rated Starmer when he was supposed to be a politically neutral DPP; perhaps it was clear even then that he was little more than a Labour apparatchik of mediocre talent and little ability who was just marking time before launching his political career. Now safely established as a Labour MP, he's written a piece of scary trash for the Observer warning that leaving the EU will put national security and the fight against terrorism at risk. He doesn't of course explain quite how this would happen.

What utter piddle. What self-serving mendacious twaddle. What bilge. What disingenuous crooked piffle. And he can't explain how it it will happen because there are no explanations.

The EU's institutions have shown themselves on every occasion and at every opportunity to be ineffective, incapable and grossly inferior to both national agencies and established international police, security and intelligence sharing and co-operative bodies. Withdrawing membership from such leaky, insecure, dead-wood, obstructive and sclerotic EU bodies will actually have the effect of enhancing overall efficiency in the fight against international terrorism. NATO, Interpol, International intelligence sharing (with the US, Australia and Commonwealth nations) will all still be there. What will be missing are the spurious play-bodies set up by the EU with the sole purpose of accreting power. And we're better off without them. 

Starmer has irrevocably blown whatever little cred he earned as a placeman DPP.