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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Three reasons the UK is an easy touch for migrants

I've had the same post-Brexit vote conversation with numerous Austrians, all of them travelled, all English speakers, aged from twenty to sixty, and they have repeatedly identified three factors that make the UK uniquely attractive to economic migrants.

All non-Austrian residents must officially notify their presence and location to the government for every day of their stay in the country; this is the reason for the standardised hotel registration form, and even if you are staying with friends, in a rented farmhouse or in your own house, you must submit a notification to the local council. For EU nationals, you can stay for up to three months; after that, you need to obtain permission for residency, which will need proof of income / resources / employment, proof of medical insurance and proof of identity. 

None of this applies in the UK. Once past border control, anyone coming to the UK is lost to official knowledge, EU nationals can stay indefinitely with no further proof or registration and the government has absolutely no idea how many visitors / migrants are in the country or where they are.

Car registration
Here the number plates are issued to the driver, not the car. They fit easily with little spring clips, and you can use the same plates on up to three cars, paying insurance only for the most expensive. Plates are issued by insurance companies through local offices staffed with clever and capable office ladies who scrutinise carefully all documents and make it virtually impossible for a non-qualifying driver to get a pair of plates. Only EU or international driving licences work here, and you still need insurance to get a pair of plates. This means you will see in the Summer in the cities loads of gloomy migrants on bicycles. Mostly they have to be taught to ride them, and it's a comic sight to see a squad of former Sryian tank commanders, Iraqi tanker drivers and Afghani taxi operators wobbling around a sports centre car park on learner bikes. Being confined to cycles and watching Austrian women confidently whizzing about in cars really pisses them off. 

In the UK of course you can buy a car compete with plates in the pub, and drive it about without any insurance unless you're caught by ANPR cameras or have to abandon it after an accident. The ability to own and / or drive vehicles with hardly any checks in the UK is believed here to be a major pull.

Health treatment
An engineering manager here had a slight accident when on holiday in the UK and was surprised that he was treated at every stage without having to produce a single document, form or proof of reciprocal insurance. He asked several times with whom he should establish such details, and was told we didn't bother with that sort of thing in England; all were treated, whoever asked. This was a few years ago; it was such a stunning omission that he has queried it since several times with others, and also with me. I confirmed that what he already understood was, in fact, the case; the NHS is filled with deeply humanitarian, caring people who genuinely see no problem in providing treatment completely free of charge to anyone that asks. 

Here, your insurer (cost about £100 a month for me) provides you with an e-card that entitles one to treatment. You can use any GP you like but the first thing the receptionist does is scan your card to make sure it's live and access your history. Doctors are paid by the insurance firms per treatment. There are special registration cards for migrants, whose costs are borne by the State. However, treatment is 'care and maintenance' only - any migrants needing expensive or lengthy medical treatments are better off in the UK. Again, lack of checks are felt here to be a major pull.

Of course, many diehard Libertarians may ruffle their feathers and huff that they'd rather have millions of migrants in the UK than have any retreat on personal liberty, but my own experience with the restrictions here is that they're not at all onerous. Austrians also have such a deep commitment to personal privacy that not only is Google's streetview banned here but so are CCTV cameras and drones that can view your land and property, let alone government cyber-snooping as undertaken by GCHQ. I'm starting to believe that just a few simple tweaks to UK systems would reap huge advantages.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Islamist Hate Crime MUST be stamped out

As usual, plod has completely failed to understand the nature of hate crime. The British are a remarkably tolerant and accommodating people - the most tolerant, the most flexible and the least bigoted in all of Europe. We are also blessed in abundance with both a sense of humour and a bloody-minded attitude to the sort of blokes described over here as sitzen-pinkler, men who sit to wee in order to curry favour with women. None of which has prevented plod from jumping at every ambiguous word, any piss-taking comment, any barbed irony that has Islam as its subject. 

Whilst plod has been devoting mega resources to tracking down cartoons of plum puddings that just might, to a drunk with a squint, resemble his holiness the bloody Prophet, his devotees and worshippers have been getting away with conspiracy to murder. 

Anyone who calls me a kuffir is committing a hate crime. Anyone who thinks it's OK to lie to me, cheat me and steal from me because I'm a Christian is committing a hate crime. Anyone, like the loathsome babu Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani from Walthamstow, who encourages Mohammed worshippers to kill any kuffir who fails to treat the old kiddy-fiddler with reverence, is guilty not only of hate crime but of conspiracy to murder.

And where is plod? It really is time we took back local control of the Police.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Working class are now wise to Labour's exploitation

Throughout the 20th century, British history has been one long chronicle of Labour's exploitation of the working class to win political power for its internationalist and privileged leaders. The leitmotif of this campaign has been to disempower this traditionally independent and bloody-minded cohort of our people by creating total dependence on an overweening central State. From the very first 1911 National Insurance Act, which destroyed the mutuals, co-operatives, friendlies and self-insurance creations of mutually-dependent working class communities, the century was one lengthy litany of entrapment, enslavement and disempowerment. The nadir was Gordon Brown drowning the nation in a tsunami of borrowed cash, for which our grandchildren will still be paying, in an all-out effort to create total State dependency. He failed.

The loathsome Emily Thornbury's sneering at ordinary people during the last election campaign was just a peek behind the curtain that usually hides both Labour's hatred of the British working class and its fear of their realising their own capacity for independence. June 23rd was rightly a day on which this brave cohort of our people growled and set the establishment trembling. It was the day on which the working class showed they were wise to Labour's exploitation.

And it really won't help the readers of the Guardian if that rag continues to term anything that empowers the working class as 'populist', any more than it helps to label them 'vulgar' or sneer at their homes. 

The establishment needs to understand that democracy means that our people are truly free - for the first time in a century free from Labour's enervating talons piercing their flesh - to use universal suffrage and the secret ballot for their own interests.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

For the sake of the people of Aleppo, the rebels must surrender the city

History is punctuated by stories of city sieges; from ancient Greece to Sarajevo, the difficulty in taking a dense urban area in which fighters swim as fish in a sea of civilians has been reflected in the consequences contingent on failure or success. A besieging army that takes a city after arduous and dangerous combat with high levels of fatalities traditionally ends it in an orgy of rape, violence, drunkenness and fire, with no quarter for the defenders. A city that withstands a brutal siege works against the besieger in terms of not just a boost to morale for the defenders but a very substantial advantage; Vienna and Stalingrad both changed the course of the enemy invasions. To take high casualties then to withdraw exhausted is as destructive of a failed besieger as a defeat on the battlefield. 

So for the Syrian government and rebel fighters, a lot hangs on Aleppo. There are only three possible outcomes. The city falls, and the defenders are slaughtered, or the rebels withstand the assault and Assad is grievously weakened, or the rebels surrender for the sake of a civilian population without food, clean water or medical facilities. Of the three, it is clear that Assad will never lift the siege - he is all too aware of the consequence of failure. 

There is therefore only one option for the rebel defenders and their US, EU and Saudi Arabian / Islamist backers - for the sake of humanity, for human dignity, and for peace and mercy, they must surrender the city and secure the best terms that they can.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Medical places to rise to 2007 level

The UK's programme of training doctors for Australia and the US is set to be temporarily dented by a proposed requirement for financial penalties for those who leave within four years of qualification - probably the period of their lowest earnings, and therefore cheapest for the NHS. As a scheme to get two English trained Housemen for the cost of a single Sudanese-trained agency quack it has merits. 

Of course, the greatest qualification required by new medical graduates today is the ability to the use the NHS computer that tells them what to do. Today's doctors are so woefully unskilled and inept that they cannot be left to make their own diagnoses or to prescribe treatment; patients have a better chance of survival if their doctors follow the flow-charts and computer systems provided by the NHS. A chum of mine at medical school had to use lengthy and quite filthy mnemonics to remember the cranial nerves and suchlike, whilst mine own to remember the French bourgeois virtues was just so memorable (All English Men Chew Toffee On Dreary Mondays*) I can still use it after forty years. 

Anyway, the news that medical training places are to rise to their 2007 levels from the 2016 level of about 6,000 a year will at least give (after an initial hiatus) the US and Australia young doctors with four years of postgrad experience under their belts. 

*Assiduite Economie Mediocrite Conjugalite Tenacite Optimisme Dynamisme Modernite (insert your own accents)

Monday, 3 October 2016

UK firm Bell-Pottinger fleeces CIA of $660m for a few videos

When the CIA needed a non-American PR firm that was prepared to play dirty, had no moral scruples about deception, didn't mind breaking domestic US law, would do anything for money and most importantly could be discreet, they had to look no further than the UK - and Bell-Pottinger landed the lucrative five-year contract. 

The task involved faking Islamic agitprop videos and embedding some simple tracking code that allowed Langley to monitor transmission between Jihadist teens across the globe. Bell-Pottinger saw the Septics coming; for a score or so of brief, low quality fake 'amateur' vids, they charged the CIA  $660m over the five year period from 2006 to 2011. 

The firm, whose past clients include Rolf Harris, Mrs Assad, Kate and Gerry McCann, Augusto Pinochet and much-hated comms firm Talk Talk, proved once again that our unscrupulous and amoral British mercantile buccaners can fleece gullible foreigners like no others. 

However, I'll bet that Bell-Pottinger bosses David Beck and David Wilson will be increasing their personal security, as there will be no doubt that some very cross Islamists will now have them in their crosshairs, and the Jihadists may just be 'assisted' by a vengeful and embarrassed CIA.