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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Same old same old Blair

I suppose it was naive of me to have expected that ten years in office would have matured Blair's relentlessly sixth-formish view of the world, perhaps improved his appalling judgment, maybe injected some minute trace of self-doubt into his pious self-righteousness. His speech on politics and the media proved otherwise.

Here is Blair complaining that a centralist, controlling, micro-managing government that placed the media above Parliament is being, er, over-scrutinised by the media. He complains that ministers are demoralised by the media attention; that would be those same ministers who'd chew your leg off to get 90 seconds on the evening news, then.

He complains about the focus on misconduct. That would be the misconduct of ministers who have spent ten years lecturing and hectoring the population on proper conduct, then I suppose?

The whole thing is a horribly school-boyish essay, without depth, understanding or insight. It really does demonstrate just how shallow this man's mind actually is.