Monday, 29 June 2015

Petulant little nobody 'feels betrayed'

If ever there were a greater exhibition of folie de grandeur than shown by unelected EU official JC Juncker today I've yet to find it. This petulant little nobody says he 'feels betrayed' that Greece has failed to agree austerity measures by today and is set to default on loan repayments tomorrow.

Dear Herr Juncker, you are a nobody. When the history of Europe is written you will be lucky to appear even as a footnote in 6pt print alongside other forgotten trash such as the Vuvuzela. No-one knows who you are, few recognise the silly titles and pompous styles you have adopted. You are a minor here today gone tomorrow unelected official. Greece on the other hand is a sovereign nation with five thousand years of history, art, culture, war, civilisation and literature behind it. Against Greece you are as nothing, so small and insignificant so as not even to register on a macroscopic scale. You are, to paraphrase Napoleon, a turd in a Milanese silk lounge suit. 

You are an unelected official of a corrupt non-federation to whom no democratic citizen of any sovereign state in Europe owes even polite recognition, let alone fealty or allegiance. You are a minor clerk, a grey pen pusher, a nonentity, a servant and the only people who may betray you are your sub-clerks and minions, dags of your nothingness. Certainly the 500m citizens of Europe are not obliged even in good manners even to recognise you. 

You are clearly, in the vernacular, so far up your own arse that you can lick your own gall bladder and are in clear need of some perspective on how utterly insignificant you are.     

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Britain's National Barrier

National Barrier on manoeuvres
Sometimes I feel that the government doesn't make enough of our quiet successes, such as the National Barrier. You didn't realise we had one? Well, there you go. The National Barrier was first commissioned for the 2012 Olympics and deployed in East London, after which it wasn't seen again until the last NATO summit in Wales in 2014. Now the Minister for the National Barrier, Mr James Brokenshire, is set to send the Barrier on its first foreign expedition - to Northern France. The Minister has been trying to deploy the fence in France since 2014, when it was much admired by NATO leaders, but the French, keen to extol the virtues of their own Barrière National, with an eye to export orders, have repeatedly blocked the UK deployment. However, this weekend the Barrier's handlers are under orders for Mobilisation

The nation's crack National Barrier Asset Team are based at Larkhill behind, er, high fences and train constantly using articulated loaders and Telehandlers in the precise alignment of Barrier components and assembly using specially forged spanners and Barrier keys. Barrier parts stand ready for home or overseas deployment at short notice, and are resilient to most environmental threats such as rain. This dedicated team of men and women are maintained on full alert at all times, ready to deploy the National Barrier on a moment's notice from the Minister. 

So there you have it. Mr Brokenshire has a powerful asset at his disposal, and the United Kingdom can rest easier in its bed that we have the National Barrier. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Why, Mr Cameron, are these men still free?

Why, Mr Cameron, are these men still free? Both fail your 'radical Islamist' tests in spades on a whole range of factors, not least their refusal to condemn unequivocally Islamist violence. Both should now be in Belmarsh in solitary cells, awaiting trial, forbidden from inciting convicted Islamists already imprisoned here.  

So why, please, are they still free to spread their hate and Sedition?

Destroying Radical Islamism with every sneeze

The numbers are still coming in, but it seems that Brits and Germans may form the majority of the victims of the Tunisian Islamist dogs. If ever confirmation were needed that we are at war with radical Islamists, this must be it. I'm afraid that there is only one solution for members of a fanatical cult so careless of human life - and that is to eliminate them like vermin. However, it's also the aim of the Islamist dogs to foment religious war even with those who can pass the Prime Minister's Islamist Test (below) - so a general violent reaction against Moslems in the UK is certainly not the answer.

Incidentally, I saw my first Islamic face-veil in Klagenfurt in southern Austria this week. Normally Austria is fairly hostile territory for Moslem migrants, so it was fairly brave of this young woman to endure the frankly unfriendly stares she was attracting. As we passed eachother I did without thinking what is ingrained in me to do always in this part of Europe; make eye contact, and give an eye-smile with the greeting "Grüß Gott!" before the hostility in her own eyes showed clearly how unwelcome this traditional Christian greeting was. Well, tough. If she wants a society in which the people are now afraid to say 'Bless You!" to a Moslem sneezer she needs to move to the UK. The Austrians will keep their obligatory greeting and good luck to them.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Never closer union

"Who's this bloke, then?" my colleague asked "Has he taken over from the other bloke?" He was referring to (respectively) Martin Schultz, an MEP who is styled President of the European Parliament after receiving the votes of his fellow MEPs, and JC Juncker, an unelected official styled President of the European Commission. No, No, I explained; Europe had scores of unknown, unelected non-entities styled President of this or that. In fact, I said, there had been twenty-seven previous EP Presidents during the reign of our Sovereign Lady not one of whom could be named by anyone in the UK, including the Brit who held the title between 1987 and 1989.

MEPs in the UK occupy a social niche somewhere between county councillors and golf club managers. They are the last resort of journalists desperate for a quote and not one Londoner I've ever met can name a single MEP for our capital city. More Brits know when National Breastfeeding Day falls than can pinpoint Europe Day. The EU is a subject so mind-numbingly tedious that rational Britons have gnawed off their own hands rather than hear QMV explained. People aren't just uninterested in discussing the EU, they are negatively interested; their degree of uninterest passes zero on the scale and continues into the minus numbers. 

None of which means that we don't care about the power wielded by that amorphous, grey, unelected and undemocratic officious mass in Brussels. We may not be able to identify or differentiate them, or tell what they do individually, or understand the pompous titles and spurious offices with which they reward each-other, but by Golly we don't want to give up our own democratic power to them. They may be fine running places such as Luxembourg or Belgium, countries that don't matter, but you wouldn't trust them with the UK, would you?

Unfortunately, Brussels is filled with folk like Mr Schultz MEP deluded enough to believe this is exactly what we Britons need. And the matter is getting loud enough to penetrate even to those such as my colleague. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dear Greece

Today my hopes and wishes are all with the people of Greece. Not innocents, but more sinned against than sinning. Something of the reality of those inflated Greek pensions is the example of a 64 year old grandfather getting 750€ a month, and supporting a wife, workless married children and grandchildren from it. For sure there is barter, work in the black economy and the network of semi-legal mutual support structures but some things - utilities, rent - must be paid in real cash. Would you take it from him? I don't think I could. 

This weekend let's read Kavafy and hope for the future;
He was out of work that year,
so he lived off card games,
backgammon, and borrowed money.

He was offered a job at three pounds a month
in a small stationery store,
but he turned it down without the slightest hesitation.
It wasn’t suitable. It wasn’t the right pay for him,
a reasonably educated young man, twenty-five years old.

He won two, maybe three dollars a day—sometimes.
How much could he expect to make out of cards and backgammon
in the cafés of his social level, working-class places,
however cleverly he played, however stupid the opponents he chose?
His borrowing—that was even worse.
He rarely picked up a dollar, usually no more than half that,
and sometimes he had to come down to even less.

For a week or so, sometimes longer,
when he managed to escape those horrible late nights,
he’d cool himself at the baths, and with a morning swim.

His clothes were a terrible mess.
He always wore the same suit,
a very faded cinnamon-brown suit.

O summer days of nineteen hundred and eight,
from your perspective
the cinnamon-brown suit was tastefully excluded.

Your perspective has preserved him
as he was when he took off, threw off,
those unworthy clothes, that mended underwear,
and stood stark naked, impeccably handsome, a miracle—
his hair uncombed, swept back,
his limbs a little tanned
from his morning nakedness at the baths and on th
e beach.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Cameron sets Islamist test

In a hard-hitting and very welcome speech in Slovakia on the 19th, Cameron set out seven tests that define an Islamist extremist - whom he has previously termed enemies of the British people. British Moslems this weekend will need to look very hard at themselves and at each other - for their British neighbours will now surely be evaluating everything they say and do against Cameron's check list. All Moslems in the UK should test themselves; "Do you believe that:-
  • The West is bad - In contrast to immigrants who want to be part of the Western life, a society at the apex of two thousand years of social and economic development, enemies of the nation hate our culture and seek only to exploit and undermine it
  • Democracy is wrong - Extremists believe that our democratic framework is mistaken and that only the Quran and its interpreters, the imams, should dictate law and policy; Islamist dog Anjem Choudary recently harangued British Moslems against voting in the 2015 elections as 'UnIslamic'
  • Women are inferior to men - This gross stupdity lies at the heart of Islamism. They use it to justify forced marriage, child sex abuse, domestic violence, unequal opportunity in the workplace and to silence the voices of a half of our people. Morons. 
  • Homosexuality is evil - Many Christians legitimately believe homosexuality to be disordered and unnatural behaviour, yet tolerate those who choose this life. Islamists go far beyond this; If you think throwing gay men off high buildings is justified, as ISIS are doing, you're an Islamist.
  • Islamic doctrine trumps British law - There is no place for the Quran, or Sharia, in British life. We have a set of laws that is both comprehensive and complete in themself and governs fairly the conduct of all our lives. British law is not trumped by any other.
  • The Caliphate trumps the British realm - Those who foolishly imagine it is legitimate to support an insurrectionist sect against the British realm are already guilty of Sedition; to act on this belief makes it treasonous.
  • Violence is justified -  To believe that violence is justified in achieving one or more of the false tenets above is the mark of an enemy of my country. 
If any Moslem in the UK scores three or more, they should get themselves out of here pronto and detonate themselves in some lonely patch of desert on the road to Hell. Now we know officially the signs of the Islamist extremist dogs that threaten our nation, we will come for you; our police and our security services will watch you and catch you. Your time is limited.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


I suspect that the majority of the massed hordes crowding Europe's borders are motivated only by self-interest; that they are economic migrants keen to be away from the battlegrounds on which the Islamic civil war is being fought, keen for wealth and a western lifestyle, keen for health, education and social welfare. The vast majority of those now arriving in Italy by boat, or through the Balkans by the safer land route from Turkey, will also be Moslems. Although not terrorists, many will be one stage removed from animism and the worship of village Fetishes, and all will be stuck somewhere in the 14th century. They may wear the same jeans and tees as our teenage kids but they're a world away in terms of human development. 

The UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia are their destination of choice - all mosque-friendly nations where they will find large, established Moslem population cohorts eager to share the tricks to unlocking the bounty of their host nations. Poland, Hungary and the Baltic states, in which Moslems have failed to establish a foothold, are not on their list of destination countries. The EU plan to resettle Moslem migrants in Poland is doomed to failure from the start; the Poles are a deeply racist and nationalistic people, openly hostile and violent to migrants, particularly if they are black and Moslem. We may condemn their xenophobia but there is little doubt which nation will have the lower incidence of Moslem problems.  

These millions at our borders all duped by the myth of globalisation, the myth that the world should be a place without borders, believe fully that it is their right to settle wherever they wish. They have no regard for the well-being of the chicks already in the nest. This is our biggest challenge, our greatest crisis. We must either take unilateral action that places us with Poland and the eastern states, or must face the collapse of our national commonweal.