Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Is it time to regulate Islam in Britain?

Back in the 1970s Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey enthusiastically backed PIE, a paedophile organisation, in lobbying for their right to abuse children. It was a phenomenon of its time; everyone had a right to everything, and keen young lawyers like Harman were there to promote them. There's no suggestion she favoured nonces over dope smokers, squatters or town centre Onanists. 

Back in July I wrote a post that stands well, entitled "Islam is a religion of violence, but most Moslems are peaceful". I reproduce it below. 

The point is, if Islam is a religion of violence, which it is, why should we permit the violent bits to be promulgated any more than we permit the promotion of paedophilia? If we regulate and classify sexual images and sexual stimulation, should we not also regulate and classify the Koran and its verses? Can it be right that a book that contains 160 or 170 or 180 verses encouraging Muslims to violence remains legal and unregulated?

If this seems radical, imagine looking back in 40 years time and viewing those who defend the unedited Koran's legality today in the same way we now view those defenders of paedophilia in the 1970s. 

I've no concrete proposals, just that we should think about our continuing acceptance of a text that justifies the most horrendous crimes and violence. Should publishing or possessing a Koran that contains the 160 violent verses be made illegal in the UK? Or should we leave the Koran alone and just ban the Salafist Sunni Muslims from practice in the UK in the same way as Catholics were banned up to the 1870s and Scientologists are banned in some countries today? Or as true Liberals, should we not regulate anything at all, including the paedophiles?

Islam is a religion of violence, but most Moslems are peaceful 
 In the post below I wrote that the BBC were right to reject the PM's call for a change of name for ISIS but for the wrong reasons. The Tories were also right to pick up on the Nazi meme - the duty of the State broadcaster to the national interest overides any aesthetic desire for 'impartiality'.  

It is a paradox that we have to accept that Islam is a religion of violence, bigotry and intolerance but that the vast, overwhelming majority of Moslems are peaceful. Thank you, Greg. And why is it that the combined intellects of the Conservative Party, the SNP and the BBC are unable to understand a matter so simple that the Speccie can explain it in a handful of words? 

It has been the Speccie's Douglas Murray who has fearlessly done most to disabuse the nation of the nonsense of Islam as a 'religion of peace'. And it's the Speccie this morning that states clearly
To say that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is like saying Stalin’s Soviet Union had nothing to do with socialism, or the Inquisition had nothing to do with Catholicism. Islamic State has nothing to do with most varieties of Islam, just as Stalinism had nothing to do with most varieties of socialism, but Islamic State has everything to do with Salafist Sunni Islam, which has spread its ultra-puritan, ultra-reactionary literalist interpretation of the myths of early Islam across the world.

As the historian of the ancient world Tom Holland put it, when Islamic State fighters smash the statues of ‘pagan’ gods, they are following the example of the Prophet, who cleared the pagans from Mecca. When they proclaim themselves the shock troops of a would-be global empire, they are merely following the imperial pretensions of the early Islamic armies. When they execute prisoners of war, impose discriminatory taxes on Christians, and take the women of defeated opponents as slaves, they are doing nothing that the first Muslims did not do. As Holland neatly put it,
Such behaviour is certainly not synonymous with Islam; but if not Islamic, then it is hard to know what else it is.
So let's stop pretending that Islam is something it isn't. We're really grown-up enough to be able to handle this paradox; for Christians, it's 'hate Islam, love Moslems', and atheists and agnostics can condemn us both.
(NB This post has been checked for legality under the terms of s29(j) of the 2006 Racial and Religious hatred Act "Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents, or of any other belief system or the beliefs or practices of its adherents, or proselytising or urging adherents of a different religion or belief system to cease practising their religion or belief system.")

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Turkey's Erdogan hit by Russian destruction of oil convoys

The extent of close involvement of Turkey's corrupt leadership with ISIS has become clear today when an enraged Erdogan ordered retaliation against Russian jets operating over Syria. Erdogan's son Bilal is the man behind the export of ISIS oil to Turkey in huge convoys - convoys that Russia has attacked over the past week, destroying 1,000 tankers in the last 5 days.

Previously, these tankers have been 'off limits' for US and French air attacks. Both countries and the UK were fully aware of the massive extent of ISIS' oil exports to Turkey, but given Erdogan's close family involvement in the business didn't want to provoke him. The Russians, fighting seriously against ISIS, have no such restraints. The Americans have even agreed, given Turkey's support for ISIS, not to launch any anti-ISIS attacks from the US Incirlik airbase

One can imagine the furious and enraged phone calls from Bilal to daddy Erdogan as millions upon millions in corrupt family profits went up in black smoke - and Erdogan eventually ordered Turkish forces to strike against any Russian targets within range. 

Make no mistake - Turkey under Erdogan is Europe's real enemy; an ally to ISIS, this corrupt Islamist is playing a dangerous game.

Defence review - watching the little spinning wheel

My own military experience was a brief and very junior period back in the era of the Leander-class frigate and the L1A1 rifle and my only distinction a haunting suspicion that I may have been responsible for the sinking of a submarine - a British one. No lives were lost. So my comments on the latest defence review are not those of the experienced soldier, sailor or airman but rather of an historian. 

I feel comfortable with an army of 100,000 and a Navy of 50 surface ships. For the Navy, the ability to 'be there' is in most cases more important than having a necessary whole fleet of warships with a carrier at its heart moving nervously around great waters, fearful of attack and vulnerable, with more time and effort given to self-defence than offensive capacity. So frigates for the oceans and corvettes for fisheries protection (after the 'leave' vote) and the RFA to evacuate Europeans from whatever third-world shithole in which the Islamists are currently slaughtering foreigners. 

Using Typhoons for ground attack seems to me like using an Aston Martin to pull a plough. Why not cheap and cheerful Tucanos and Hawks? That is, if we need piloted aircraft at all for combat zones - drones are cheap, cheerful and ubiquitous. Watching Russian aircraft ineffectively tackling 4km long lines of fuel tankers last week with guided bombs one longed for a genuine WWII Typhoon with cannon blazing moving along the column - it would have made a glorious mission. 

And as for army battle units based around our new IT-smart armoured scout vehicles ... I recall when the RNLI began equipping lifeboats with PC-based navigation systems. The hardware was rugged, the charting software well proven. The only problem was that it ran under MS Windows which rumour said took so long to boot-up that the lifeboat was often at the scene of a 'shout' before the chart had loaded, and then crashed on the way back to the boathouse. The vision of lads inside these scout vehicles trying desperately to send a picture of an enemy emplacement to a distant 105mm via bespoke army software and Bowman doesn't bear thinking about; and I predict it will take about five minutes before they start using Twitter and Instagram instead to communicate targets rather than endlessly watch a little spinning wheel on their MoD screen.  

Monday, 23 November 2015

Met police waste and inefficiency - Cut away, George!

A huge whine can be heard as far distant as Catford coming from Pimlico; it's the whine of senior Met police officers lunching with their press contacts in the chic little bistrots convenient for both Parliament and these servants of the people. And in advance of the Chancellor's announcement of budget cuts they're whining very loudly about losing their thick fiscal padding.

Here for example is a list of the top civilian jobs at the Met in 2012 equal to Commander rank or above - that's very senior, and each probably earns a wedge in the band £70k - £120k pa. You won't find it anywhere on their website any more; after I originally published it and submitted an FOI question, it disappeared. But I think we can be sure that two years on the list will be even longer, the duplication and triplication of jobs even more prevalent and the job titles even more absurd:-

Director of Information
Director of Resources
Director of Human Resources
Director of Public Affairs
Director of Legal Services
Strategic HR Director
Director of HR Operations
Director of Leadership Development
Director ofLogistical Services
Director of Catering Services
Director of Transport Services
Business PartnershipsDirector
Business Services Director
Strategic HR Director (2)
Strategic HR Director (3)
Programme & Information Manager
Director of Property Services
Director of Finance Services
Director of Strategy & Improvement Department
Director of Procurement Services
Director of Asset Management
Director of Construction
Director of Facilities Management
Director of Resilience & Compliance Group
Director of Commercial Operations
Director of Exchequer Services
Director of Business Development, Core Finance & Special Projects
Director of Business Support
Director of Business Strategy
Director of Business Performance
Director of Category Management
Director of Supply Chain Management
Head of Service Delivery
Head of Security, Standards & Architecture
Head of Business Systems & Integration
Head of Business Services & IT Training
Deputy Director of Information
Head of Technology
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Assistant Director (Olympics)
Assistant Director (Head of Internal Communication)
Assistant Director (Chief Press Officer)
Director of Business Development
Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus
Director of Business Support
Director of Forensics
Head of Business Services (Human Resources)
Head of Business Services(Finance and Resources)
Director of Business Services

Each of course will have their own little empire, bigger fleas have little fleas (I imagine for instance a Department of Category Management, in which, under the Director of Category Management, serve a Senior Category Manager, 3 x Category Managers, 4 x Category Management Assistants and 8 x Category Administrators).

And one does really have to ask what the 4 ACs, 7 DACs and 26 Commanders (2012) are actually doing if not this sort of stuff - I mean, they're hardly hanging around Waterloo with Glock G19s strapped their ample thighs, are they?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

We're not stupid; please don't lie to us.

Dear David Cameron,

I have previously opposed your desire to engage militarily in Syria because it was geared as much at regime change - removing President Assad - as at degrading ISIS. Well, things have moved on; the UK has a fair wind from the UN on engaging ISIS in Syria, whilst any military action against Assad remains illegal under international law, allowing us to imprison you should you be tempted to do so. So my objections to the RAF's three operational aircraft in theatre flying sorties to Syria have been removed. 

However, in seeking the support of the British public you are being less than honest. You have been pretending that this will not increase the risks here at home, whilst knowing that it will. You know as well as I do the extent of Muslim support for a Caliphate in the UK, and it is not negligible. You know that the killers of Bataclan explicitly blamed France's bombing of ISIS for their action. And you know that the RAF bombing of targets in Syria will infuriate many UK Muslims to the extent that they will be willing to die to inflict random damage on the British people. We're not stupid - please don't lie to us. If we support action in Syria, we support it knowing that it carries a real risk to all of us here in the UK (except to the nobs such as you and your ministers and civil servants, obv). 

And if we have to pay the price yet again, as Paris has paid it, we also need you to be honest about the root of the problem in Salafist / Wahabbi Sunni Islam, funded and promoted worldwide by Saudi Arabia. You need to tell us that successive governments have allowed the KSA to pour millions into Islamist gangs in the UK, and that the Muslims who will kill us in revenge for Syria have been radicalised by Saudi money. And above all you need to bite the bullet and join the people of Britain in taking a hit - not to your life, as we will, but to your wallets and to the financial interests of you and your cabal that are so closely tied to the barbarians of KSA.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Juncker's fantasy spy bureau

Every pettifogging senior clerk sooner or later imagines they can replace their boss or bosses - and JC Juncker, the EU's senior unelected official, is no different. Whilst Islamist killers shot the golden youth of Paris last week, all the brandy-loving Luxembourger could think of was the risk to his beloved Shengen agreement. Yesterday, he decided that what Europe really needs is a new Intelligence Agency - headed by no other than JC Juncker.

The remainder of the outcomes of the extraordinary Justice & Home Affairs meeting in Brussels were mixed. So no official roll-back of Shengen but an acceptance that individual nations can suspend it for emergency reasons - as France has done. But external border checks to be applied - when, ahem, an integrated database including SIS, SIS II, SLTD, VIS and Interpol records are made available to EU border nations and erm Europol and Frontex, Juncker's new baby police and border forces.  

They're also going to restrict and make difficult non-bank wire transfers i.e. Western Union of remittances back to home countries; these are sometimes highly economically significant, and fund much more than terrorism. 

We know from experience that the EU has managed to screw up every single competency it has taken - migrants, the euro economy, Ukraine, terrorism, TTIP - so I guess it's natural for our little brandy drinker to want to screw up intelligence as well. 

Make no mistake, these unelected officials already have blood on their hands - their playing for power has left the people of Europe vulnerable and exposed, and the Islamist Shits will kill again. The sooner we can kick them out of our own lives the better. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages to hack head from man for ceasing to believe in their God

Primitive and savage natives from Saudi Arabia are set to hack-off the head of a Palestinian poet unfortunate enough to find himself in their barbarous and evil empire at a time at which he lost his faith in their evil pseudo-prophet and their religion of hate founded on blood and death.  

These animals are counted as valued allies by Cameron and his ruling cabal. They are also behind the savage Muslim natives of IS (Islamist Shits)

 May their wretched evil book hang in the privies of Europe. That's all it's good for - wiping arses.

Hat-off to Andrew Neil

Old Brillo doesn't often feature on Raedwald but for once enjoy 1.47 of glorious polemic against the rancid ordure that is IS - Islamist Shit:-

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cameron's A330 - Only if we leave the EU

I really can't disagree that the United Kingdom should have a dedicated RAF aircraft for Royal and State / Ministers use - but only if we are an independent nation, outside the EU. As an EU member, we have no need of such a frippery; our Prime Minister is no more important than the Chairman of the local Parish Council, we have no seat at the WTO, no place at the UN and we are headed by an unknown and unelected foreign bureaucrat.

So yes to Cameron's proposed conversion of one of the RAF's A330 tankers (which can also seat 291 PAX) but only if the 'Leave' campaign succeeds. If we stay in, we don't need it. 

The arguments are becoming very clear that if we leave the EU we gain unarguably in status and global influence and the EU without us is diminished as a world player. Our WTO seat and our place on the UN Security Council, together with our nuclear capability and our place as the world's 5th largest economy, and as leading Commonwealth nation, mean we deserve a State aircraft. 

Now let's please just make sure it's repainted in that lovely dark Royal maroon ...