Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Hague joins Leadership debate

William Hague joins the Conservative leadership debate with a plea not to make Boris Johnson leader by changing the rule book. It is a cri de couer from the deeply establishment ex-leader of a predominantly Remain parliamentary party to an overwhelmingly (and growing) Leave party membership. It also acknowledges unwittingly that party members can force rule changes if the parliamentary party remains unwilling to change; Arron Banks did not pluck the figure of 10,000 new ex-UKIP Conservative members out of the air; it is also the size of petition specified in the party constitution needed to trigger the start of a rule-change process, and I believe a coded warning.

Hague instead asks the party to trust its MPs to make the right choice of Leader.

However, the party Board may hold an easier and quicker answer to changing the process used by the '22 Committee - which opens the possibility of a compromise that may not be the 20-member open ticket, but will not be a process that excludes Boris from the membership ballot.

Given recent choices by the parliamentary party, Hague's plea is a big ask. Hague is also opposed to the involvement of members in 'open primaries' on the basis that the adoption of the process in the US gave America Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - what he calls 'appalling' choices. Yes, William - but popular. His plea is deeply patrician, wholly establishment and antithetic to change, and will no doubt find favour amongst supporters such as the CBI and the global corporates. I doubt it will find much support amongst a Conservative grass roots membership who may themselves find the actions of many in the parliamentary party equally 'appalling'.

Robbins No.2, Jonathan Black, in power stance, selling the Robbins Plan to Cabinet members

Monday, 20 August 2018

PTSD Adonis and 'Howler' Grayling - your pain is real

You know I really wasn't jesting when I dubbed Adonis and Grayling with their blog monikers. I have the evidence of semi-hysterical radio and TV interviews with pitched, stressed quavery voices, staccato delivery, mental confusion and so on. Plus an assortment of tweets so ill-advised, jejune and illiberal that only some dreadful cerebral confusion could have caused them. And Since neither of these fine gentlemen could have been at the pharmaceuticals, I reasoned, they must have been overwhelmed at the Brexit vote collapsing their secure little universe.

Now it seems I am academically vindicated - Poltico EU claims
For Britain’s pro-European middle classes, Brexit is akin to a psychological trauma which has left many unable to behave rationally, according to two leading experts. Far from being hyper-rational observers concerned only with what is economically sensible, many have morphed into the “Remainiacs” of Brexiteer disdain.

They are acting no differently to what psychologists would expect from those suffering from chronic anxiety caused by loss of control and insecurity, Dr. Philip Corr, professor of psychology and behavioural economics at the University of London, and Dr. Simon Stuart, a clinical psychologist, told POLITICO.
The shrinks have even coined a clinical term for the condition - Brexit Anxiety Disorder, or BAD. But is it curable, or will 'PTSD' and 'Howler' stay that way for life?
Those suffering anxiety might return to more ‘normal,’ ‘rational’ behaviour if the context around them changes,” he said. Clinically, however, this is often a forlorn hope, because contexts don’t usually tend to change enough.

“In that case, what I’d try to do is help the person become more flexible — in short, to learn how to live with the anxiety, tolerate the uncertainty, and work out how they can continue to engage with what truly matters to them in life, rather than getting caught up trying to change things they can’t change.”

In other words, Remainers may just need to relax and get over it.

Modifying the powers of the 1922 Committee

Apologies for a techy Conservative Party post, but I suspect this will be of interest to all other new or rejoining members. The Party Constitution is a fairly simple document for anyone used to dealing with commercial or construction contracts. In relation to election of a Leader, s.3 of Schedule 2 requires;
Upon the initiation of an election for the Leader, it shall be the duty of the 1922 Committee to present to the Party, as soon as reasonably practicable, a choice of candidates for election as Leader. The rules for deciding the procedure by which the 1922 Committee selects candidates for submission for election shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the 1922 Committee after consultation of the Board.
In other words, as suggested below, the 1922 Committee could currently conspire to withhold from the Party membership as a whole the most popular candidates.

Christopher Hope reports in the Telegraph about efforts by a fellow Party member, John Strafford, to amend the rule to allow any MP with more than 20 nominations from fellow MPs to go on the ballot paper to the membership.  

I am sure all MPs and members of the party who, as I am, are committed to openness, transparency and full democracy will support these fair, equitable and sensible rule changes, which will benefit the image and electability of our Party and of our candidates.

Saturday, 18 August 2018


The launch by Leave Means Leave of a concerted campaign to regain control of Brexit marks a turning point in the August Stasis. The Telegraph published an opening salvo from founders Richard Tice and John Longworth yesterday, and today Nigel Farage fires off a broadside from the same broadsheet. We're not being asked to do anything as yet except signify support or donate - http://www.leavemeansleave.eu - but I guess up to 18 million voters are ready for some Brexit leadership, sadly absent from the Parliamentary Conservative Party. John Vasc explained succinctly the dilemna in a previous comment and I hope he will forgive me for quoting him here;
The Party rules on a new leadership election virtually guarantee that two Remainers would be selected by the current parliamentary party of majority remainer MPs, to be duly 'offered' as a 'choice' to the angry (majority pro-brexit) party members. Javid and Hunt, for example.

This balance would only change if a General Election were to sweep away some of the remainer MPs from their leaver constituencies - but the party is controlled by May and Lewis, so de-selection and replacement is unlikely to happen, and votes will then go to Ukip, which will lead to a Labour victory. 

The ERG know all this - it's a Gordian knot that cannot be untied - or even cut through.
And this leads us to the next stage. Taking back our party. 

The Conservative Party was the last party of which I was a member. Our club in Ipswich had a decent and well used bar and  a full-sized snooker table dominated by a monochrome print of Churchill. I was amongst a million or so members who left the party between 1979 and 1997 - in my case in the early 80s. It wasn't by any means a protest, but the blessed Margaret, for all her fine qualities, was also a ruthless centraliser who robbed Conservative local government and local associations of much of their purpose. So we left in droves. 

Well, I have now rejoined. That little biographical box heading the right column must be edited. Mrs May and Mr Lewis will be pleased to hear that I am back - and determined to join with my fellow Conservatives in regaining control of not only our Party but also our nation. 

Have a good weekend, all. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Enjoy the Summer - and get ready for a rollercoaster Autumn

If  you can't take excitement, I recommend this Autumn that you rent a lonely cottage on the Norfolk coast, stock up with heavyweight biographies, a dog, and logs for the cool evenings and go into purdah until 2019. The rest of us will I suspect be glued to our screens and social media as the most event packed months I've ever known roll out.

Party politics is in turmoil, with both Labour and Conservative parties split, and conferences coming up from next month at which both leaders will be fighting for their lives.  Corbyn can't shake the anti-semitism charges - he's an eternal 19 year old undergraduate,  perennially emotionally immature, selling his smudgy Marxist agitprop outside the Union bar. May only remains in office whilst her successors decide the best time to defenestrate her. If I were Theresa, I'd already have moved my kit back to Maidenhead from Number 10 apart from a couple of suitcases. 

Our own economy is on the turn, with a downturn in London house prices the signal for a national bubble-bursting episode as the world economy goes into recession. Whilst US bib-and-brace jobs and wages are now doing well, silicon valley and its asset-less billionaires may be on the verge of crashing; facebook, twitter, google, instagram are all slowing and showing signs of vulnerability. It looks like cryptocurrencies are reaching a final crash and burn. The end of QE in the US and its coming end in Europe has already knocked billions from Lesser Developed Nations including Turkey, and Italy is set for a showdown in the coming months (£)

Brexit talks are set to resume, with the Robbins plan already in tatters and recriminations from Brussels about British espionage. I should bloody well hope we are spying on them. At home the hystericals PTSD Adonis and 'Howler' Grayling are whining even more loudly, Remainer delusional skewed polls are still being churned out to bolster the faithful, Soros money is encouraging even more desperate legal challenges and every global corporate with a foothold in the UK is going all-out to sabotage the Brexit process. Even Alastair Campbell poor love is doing the rounds of the TV studios bullying anyone he can find into silence - but these aren't the Blair years any more, and folk just see a red-faced shouty buffoon rather than a whippet-lean SJW. Mandelson looks like an effete bloated degenerate just back from a Tunisian resort staffed by gazelle-eyed ganymedes and Major is known only to the young as like the old duffer from the post office who shouts at people who drop litter.  

Spain, with 34% youth unemployment, is being told by globalist puppet and convicted criminal Christine Lagarde that it needs 5m more African and maghrebi immigrants to sell cheap Chinese tat to tourists now being excluded from Europe's most popular destinations as local carrying capacity has been crashed. Good luck with that policy move, Christine. Sweden's forthcoming election is also likely to follow the trend throughout Europe of taking back control from the globalist elites and will upset a few more unelected EU officials. Juncker's sciatica is also getting worse, coming on just after his breakfast cognac and peaking at social events as he sways and stumbles through photo-opportunities.

I suspect there will be no shortage of events on which to comment between now and Christmas, but for now, enjoy the Sun, drink some wine and chill.

Monday, 13 August 2018

A NATO member can't be besties with Putin

I am a firm believer that NATO and Russia face greater common enemies than eachother, and there will come a time when we must make common cause against common threats. But that time is not yet here, so we are forced into a low-cost reprise of the cold war. Russia's gangster oligarchy has crossed the line with the Salisbury poisonings, and the matter is not yet ended. And as much as I deprecate the arrogant aggression of the EU in attempting to extend the Federasty eastwards, the EU after each provocation running to hide under the skirts of the US, the stupidity of Brussels doesn't lessen Russia's threat.

Two years ago I wrote "Let's admit it - Turkey is an enemy state". 
Already, a score or more of the most senior military officers arrested following the coup attempt have reportedly died in jail in mysterious circumstances. Typhus, no doubt. Or heart attacks. Franco was also very experienced at disappearing thousands of dangerous democrats, people who had won elections and those who stood for the rule of law and democracy. Erdogan's tyranny has been so blatant, so outrageous, that even the purblind fools in Brussels could no longer ignore it; media closed, journalists arrested, courts purged. Erdogan's reaction has been a petulant tantrum; the EU had already stalled on his earlier ultimatum to allow Turks open travel in the Schengen area, now this week they have voted to suspend accession talks.

This is a far more nuanced matter than the bare facts allow. I know, in London, many fine and upright citizens who are first or second generation Turks, from Cyprus or from the mainland. They run the vast majority of our kebab shops and are the backbone of Uber drivers at the basic level, but also contribute greatly to culture, society, arts, business and trade. Turkey becoming an enemy will leave many fine people dreadfully conflicted - though none I know would support Erdogan's repression.
Since then, the Islamification of the Turkish state has continued, Erdogan has given himself sweeping powers and he has increasingly turned to Putin's Russia as an ally. No doubt Erdogan and Putin can chat amicably about their respective gulags, methods of suppressing free speech and so on. This is simply unacceptable behaviour from a NATO member, more egregious than Erdogan's son's deep involvement in the stolen petroleum trade with ISIS, more dangerous than Erdogan's attempted theft of Syrian territory and more treacherous than use of a migrant tsunami to threaten Greece. 

Well, it seems Mr Trump has had enough. America's actions are pretty much destroying the Turkish economy. Erdogan will now no doubt demand more danegeld from the EU or else and seek greater formal ties with Putin. Either way, he confirms Turkey's status as an enemy state that must now be expelled from NATO. I suggest the US moves its nuclear base from Incirlik to either Greece or Cyprus. We can also shut down Western Union and halt billions of Euros leaving Europe. The die is cast.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Nice whistle

Congrats to whichever Boris fans have found and distributed this meme - it's a decent photo, the suit fits, the hair is combed. He looks ... different.


Friday, 10 August 2018

The vindictive spite of the PTSD Remainers

Many of you will know our fellow blogger Pete North, and whether you agree with him or not on Brexit I doubt there are many who would deny him a voice in the debate. Except of course those of the hysterical, vindictive and spiteful Remain side, who pay scant regard to democratic open debate or free speech. 'Howler' Grayling's legal serfs are pursuing Pete North for damages he certainly hasn't got - read the full story on his blog at  http://peterjnorth.blogspot.com/2018/08/ac-grayling-when-eccentricity-becomes.html

M'learned friends are welcome to scour this blog, but to save them the trouble, my own mentions of the carpet-chewer include the following;
...Barnier, and rude mechanicals and noises off as Andrew Adonis, AC Grayling and the other establishment PTSD casualties set up a louder than usual whine. Blair of course will be spreading his poison from Brussels today... 1.3.18

There is a concerted remainer media offensive this week; AC Grayling continues his painful public meltdown and so is deemed unfit to face the camera or microphones, but Andrew Adonis has already delivered a rather hysterical and disconnected plea on the 'Today' programme..4.1.18

At home PTSD Andrew Adonis and AC Grayling are ever closer to complete meltdown, Adonis throwing petulant tantrums at the BBC for no longer being 'binary' in its output; i.e. for no longer reporting that 'Remain' has an equal chance of winning. 9.4.18

... those of whom to be suspicious are the hysterics, carpet-chewers and effete womblies such as PTSD Adonis or 'Howler' Grayling who support the vile federasts ...23.6.18

Thursday, 9 August 2018

"British sovereign self-government must be restored"

"British sovereign self-government must be restored". So writes AEP in the Telegraph this morning (£). The gist of the piece is
1. The EU is essentially a lawless criminal cabal with an ethos of rule-breaking utterly antithetical to more honest, principled Brits; a sclerotic Empire focused solely on its own interests. There is no international law, no solemn contract, no bilateral treaty and no legal obligation that they will not breach, ignore, twist or pervert to their own ends, using their corrupt Freisler-court the ECJ to whitewash the crime scenes.

2. Theresa May is a wet hen without the nous to run a whelk stall. The 1922 committee should ditch her pronto and select a Leader willing to fight for Britain. Boris fits the bill.
'The cold reality for Brexiteers is that if they do not like Chequers [the Robbins Plan - Ed], they must mobilise and fight. Shanker Singham, a former WTO negotiator at the Institute of Economic Affairs, says nothing can be achieved as long as Britain clings to the EU’s regulatory structure and the perennial Acquis.  “We’re prevented from doing any deals until we have clearly taken the customs union and the single market off the table. Nobody wants to talk to us. The moment Chequers came out we ceased to be of any relevance to the US,” he said.

“We need a leader who is willing to get out of this halfway house, blast through the barriers, and play hardball with the EU. At that point the cohesion in Europe will break down,” he said.'
Well, Tory remainers have shown already how much they are spooked by Boris. The well-concerted efforts supported by May yesterday over his innocuous Burqa comments. And there could be no greater vote of confidence in Boris' ability than Dominic Grieves's promise to quit the party if Boris wins. I'd love to be a bluebottle on Anna Soubry's gin glass to catch her response.

And though Michael Gove will be back next month with his colon newly pressure-washed, his zits squeezed and forty new words in his vocabulary book, Boris has learnt his lesson and will keep the Govelet at arm-plus-dagger length. Particularly when his back is turned.

This is turning out to be a duck-August after all; the turbid waters beneath the surface of Tory tranquillity may well break, to our nation's benefit. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Boris is just telling a simple truth

Boris Johnson is neither a Muslim-hating bigot, a Corbynst-type passive-aggressive racist nor, as the smaller and more hysterical of the Guardian's hacks would have it, a fascist. As the cartoon below says so clearly, our culture finds sinister those who hide their faces. Women who wear the Niqab or Burqa are seen as hostile, threatening, to be feared. Sadly, many Muslim women know this and use their silly costumes like cultural weapons - the reason they are now banned in so many European countries. 

There you have it. Boris was just telling a simple truth. There will be those desperate for confirmation and endorsement of their own delusions who will seek to interpret his words as a condemnation of the whole of Islam - but rest easy, it isn't. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Logistics - if 3m are to march on London this Autumn

After having spent all my adult life quietly at my hearth, I marched in protest for a first and second time and not again since. Those protests were the two largest protests that London has ever seen - the Countryside Alliance march, and the Anti Blair Iraq march. The first was not about fox hunting, but a cry of anger against the central state nannying that treated resilient, self-sufficient Britons like children. The second was against a deaf and corrupt government launching the nation on an unlawful adventure that would leave Blair with the blood of a quarter of a million innocents on his hands. 

With speculation now intense over a Brexit betrayal in the autumn, with an outcome even more egregious than the Robbins Plan that the mandarins have sent the Cabinet to sell across Europe this summer, it seems I may have to march for a third time. Michael Gove has in the past visited the Mayr clinic in Klagenfurt for the annual hosing-out of his rectum, but no reports have reached me this year that the Gove bowel-flushings have hit the Wörthersee kanal, so he may have been sent elsewhere in Europe to deposit his stale excreta. 

A suspension of Article 50 or worse this autumn would have the potential to bring three million of us out on the street in protest. There is a feeling one has in one's bones, which I had twice in the past and now have again but in spades. A Brexit betrayal will give London, the remainer capital, the most massive street protest ever seen in this country. 

It's possible but not probable that the government will seek to ban the march in advance as (a) too large and disruptive, even on a Saturday (b) for health and safety concerns (c) potential for violent conflict with remoaner zealots. But I don't think any government would actually dare to try to cork such anger. Realistically, the government will be planning even now to make such a march as difficult as possible, if not impossible. Central London Crossrail road closures will be arranged, Network Rail major engineering works planned, resurfacing of the M4 scheduled. The logistics of getting 3m people into London, marching us to Hyde Park and getting us home again are not inconsiderable. Transport. Routes. Water. Toilets. First Aid. Stewarding. Emergency Services. Sound stages and speeches. Local co-ordination. 

However, I have great faith that the Leave side has so many thousands of years of accumulated senior management, HM armed forces and skilled professional expertise at its command that such an event can be planned and arranged for a Saturday in September, October or November if required. Perhaps readers could make tentative enquiries of local coach companies now. 

I also have great faith that we can be peaceful. On the CA march, police were not even needed and the only time I saw the Stewards was as we processed up Whitehall, calling "Caps off, gentlemen please, as you pass the Cenotaph". Sure, the march will attract the race-hate morons who, like ill-disciplined dogs, will want to fight any folk with brown faces, but we can work with the police to isolate and contain them. Every far-right nutter in the land will also seek to hijack the event - but as I guess 2/3rds of the marchers will be ex-Labour supporters - from mining, engineering and steelworking towns and suchlike - this must be prevented from the start. 

So C'mon lads and lasses. Get planning.

Friday, 3 August 2018

UK government leads 'fake news' & cyber manipulation - new report

If you listened to the noises coming from Whitehall, Westminster and the MSM about the manipulation of social media, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was all being distorted by Aaron Banks and the Russians pumping out fake news and running thousands of bots. This is indeed the rationale being drawn, the narrative the government is seeking to establish, in order to introduce draconian controls over the armies of Burke's little platoons such as this blog that offer a countervailing voice to the mandarins' Big Lies. 

In fact, lost in the silly season, is a new and authoritative report from the prestigious Oxford Internet Institute that finds that the UK government is itself in the forefront of social media manipulation through 'fake' content creation, distraction, trolling and harassment, using around 1,500 Full Time Equivalent staff to distort, manipulate and pollute social media. It's not we, private citizens, that need to be regulated - it's Whitehall and Westminster. 

Clicky to make bigger
The report finds internationally that five nations - Cambodia, China, Iran, Israel and the US - lead the league in government-controlled cyber-manipulation, but that the UK comes in second tier place, alongside Ecuador, Malaysia, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Venezuela. Fine company we're keeping. 

Apart from this report having bypassed the DCMS Select Committee that should have taken this evidence instead of itself distorting evidence in a vindictive campaign against 'Leave' actors, one must question whether the government's methods are even legal. The report finds that the UK uses both human agents operating fake accounts and automated fake accounts to manipulate social media - and does so across all categories of distortion, omission, deviation and fake content creation. 

clicky to make bigger

It may suit the MSM to lose this vital report in the Summer silliness, but I urge you all to download it. Come September, we need to shove our Parliamentarians' noses into it.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Vaz disgraces our democracy, says MP

Andrew Bridgen MP is not impressed by 'Teflon' Keith Vaz's latest ugly headlines; "The problem with Keith Vaz is that although the charge sheet against him gets ever longer, justice seems to get no nearer. It is difficult to believe that the public’s perception of politicians will ever improve while he remains a member of the House of Commons."

Well, Andrew, I think Vaz is amongst the most egregious of the liggers, dags, liars, peculators, barrators, narcissists, fools and knaves polluting our Parliament, but you blew your chance of winning back public trust in politics when you decided on a self-interested cover-up following the expenses scandal. We haven't forgotten the B&O TVs and hi-fis, crystal grapefruit bowls, duck houses, fine art, hand woven carpets and all the rest of the bling stolen by your colleagues, many of whom are still sitting, from our taxes.

No, not all MPs are bent - but too many are, even after the great scandal. Deal not only with Vaz but with all those you let slip under the radar and our minds might change.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Second Referendum?

The pressure from Remain is now for a second referendum - preferably a single question, three choice version designed to split the Leave vote.

Well, if we're to gamble, let it be at least fair. Best to refuse a second referendum altogether - but as Mrs May has already categorically said we won't have one, you can be sure it's on the cards. My suggestion for a fair format below. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Is tiny Brexit puppet Minister Raab taking Steroids?

The one thing that struck folk most about Dominic Raab's appearance alongside his Brexit boss Oliver Robbins at last week's Select Committee appearance is how small he is. His boss towered over him not just intellectually but physically. 

And although being the Remain elite's puppet Brexit minister can't be wholly stress-free, tiny minister Raab, we're told, was tough - a Judo black belt, no less. Perhaps he joins William Hague in sweaty naked man-wrestling in the Commons basement gym. We aren't told. These pastimes are often enthusiastically followed by diminutive men; one wouldn't be surprised to find Speaker Bercow in a karate robe. 

Gyms, narcissism and little men go together. So the revelations in the Express by a good time girl who briefly worked for Raab are interesting. He was more interested in achieving his gym-bod than in his ministerial work, she claims. And also that he flew into uncontrollable rages at the most minor irritations. 

Well, gyms, narcissism and uncontrollable rages also frequently go together - and when they do, they are frequently symptomatic of Steroid use. I think Mr Raab should tell us whether our puppet Brexit minister is taking these stimulants or not. I think journalists should ask him. We should know.   


Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cameron's £9.3m tax 'diversion' to Remain campaign to be investigated?

The DCMS Committee has called for the donor of 'Britain's biggest ever campaign donation' to be investigated by the police.

That would be the £9.3m diverted from UK tax funds to the Remain campaign by David Cameron, then. 

REMAIN SPEND: £28,359,066
LEAVE SPEND: £13,436,241

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Selmayr determined to inflict 'punishment beating' on UK

Robert Hardman in the Mail profiles Martin Selmayr this morning. Amongst the revelations that we already suspected is that "(Selmayr) will certainly play a key role in determining the sort of Brexit we are offered. As one Brussels insider put it to me: 'If Martin has his way, it will be not so much a deal as a punishment beating.' "

I was looking back this week at a collection of lithographs on flimsy paper published in December 1918 - almost a century ago - by a Belgian artist who had been confined along with French and British soldiers in a German POW camp. Turning the fragile leaves, one is immediately struck by the extent to which these German WWI POW camps were a rehearsal for the concentration camps of the NSDAP era. The brutality, the wire, the watch towers, the starvation, the random shooting of prisoners and, yes, the punishment beatings are all there - a prototype for Dachau, Belsen and Theresienstadt.

Here is a lithograph titled  'der Schlag'. It is, no doubt, illustrative of the sort of punishment beating that this 'modern' German Chief Official would like to administer to Britain. With Selmayr, Europe has regressed one hundred years.

Martin Selmayr attends to the UK?
Postscript - additional image

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Only the fascists and Marxists will gain from a bad Brexit

Allister Heath in the Telegraph (£) firmly connects hammer to nail this morning;
The consequences of a Brexit betrayal would be catastrophic: there would no longer be any halting the tide of anti-establishment fury that has been building since the early 1990s. Support for mainstream parties would collapse and new ones would emerge. Yes, a centrist business-as-usual grouping may well be one of those that arises from the rubble, but its supporters – the Remain metropolitan base – massively overestimate its potential. It would be small, little larger than the Lib Dems are today. Sadly, the libertarian yet Eurosceptic party of my dreams would be even tinier.

The real winners would be nasty, European-style extremist parties of Left and Right that would desecrate our public life. The polling is depressingly clear: swathes of people would vote for a new authoritarian party under certain circumstances, while there is extensive support for hard line socialist positions. The poison of far-Right and far-Left demagoguery would contaminate our body politic, as has already started with the rise of Corbyn and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party; and just like in other countries, millions would end up voting for detestable people with repellent ideas.
In refusing to accept the referendum result, in this constant, febrile, attritional campaign against cutting the ties to a failing Federast empire, the country's supposed elite are acting like purblind idiots. They are blundering in their arrogance into a place in which the politics of hate, fear and force drive out the freedom and liberty we have spent centuries building; the repulsive bullying, authoritarian racism and vicious spitefulness of far right and far left would crowd-out fairness, decency and tolerance. 

Heath concludes his piece with the one question we have all been asking for the past two years - if the elite are so bloody intelligent, why are they fighting to ally us with the EU?
Mainstream, popular policies of the kind routinely embraced by self-governing countries around the world could nip the extremists in the bud and give the Tories 45 per cent of the vote. Why can’t they see this? And why is the establishment willing to gamble everything for its irrational love of a failing super-state?

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

So, Oliver Robbins sneers at Brexit committee

With a deep sneer of contempt across his twisted face, the unelected official in charge of sabotaging Brexit faced down MPs yesterday. His expression says it all. 

Monday, 23 July 2018

Politics in turmoil - conditions favour the extremists

WE have had an unequivocal assurance from Mrs May in the past few days that there will not be a second Brexit referendum. Of course, that means nothing. Mrs May's past assurances on the Customs Union, free movement and ECJ jurisdiction have been over-ruled by the elite establishment, and today no assurance from her on a second referendum means anything unless confirmed by Oliver Robbins. 

The BBC is giving much airtime to anyone calling for a second referendum at this time because the polls have been swinging towards 'Remain'. However, the polls are close and erratic, and could easily shift back. The most recent, from 14th July by Deltapoll, shows 50/50 but this could be a rogue. 

 Yougov however cautions against relying on polls re-asking the referendum question;
However, just because people think Brexit is the wrong decision, it doesn’t necessarily mean they think it should be reversed. They do not. When we ask what people think the government should do about leaving the EU, just over half (53%) think that it should go ahead with Brexit, mostly on its current course (42%) though 11% would prefer a softer Brexit. A fifth (21%) think that the government should call a fresh referendum instead, while 13% would prefer them just to halt Brexit altogether.

Neither is there much support for other means by which the decision to leave the EU could be reversed. By 50% to 29% people think it would be illegitimate for MPs in the House of Commons to vote against Brexit going ahead, and by 45% to 37% people oppose the idea of another referendum once the terms of the withdrawal negotiations are known.
With confirmation that Vince Cable has been in talks about a new Limehouse Declaration to save the rapidly dying LibDems, offering a broad leftist Remainer umbrella, there is also a poll suggestion that a new pro-Brexit party could get 38% of the vote and rumours that Nigel Farage is in funding discussions to form such a party to attract both Conservatives and the lighter mauve UKIPpers.

A new far-right authoritarian anti-Islamic party could, frighteningly, attract 24% of voters from deep purple Kippers and those with a ' British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People's Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party' background - currently 'banned' from UKIP. Cough cough.  

And with confirmation expected today that Labour will officially go anti-semitic and all the little lefty Nazi Corbynistas can trample the Star of David, the old parties are hardly helping to preserve political stability. 

'Turmoil' I think is the word. 

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Intelligent Brexit analysis converges

More and more intelligent voices are being heard condemning the calculated subversion of democracy by the highest echelons of the civil service. They've been roundly rumbled - and now we must watch their every move to guard our precious democracy from their cynical and unscrupulous corruption. Let there be no mistake - it's not swivel-eyed loons who are cataloguing the depths of their malfeasance, but a convergence of academic, journalistic and social media commentary that is exposing the raw power-mongering of this unelected elite. As the academic David Blake writes in the Telegraph (£) -
In short, the White Paper is not intended to be the final stage of a transition to a "softer Brexit", but rather the first stage in the establishment’s campaign – led by the senior civil servants at No. 10 – to reverse Brexit.

One strong piece of evidence for this comes from the fact that was an “alternative” White Paper being prepared by the Department for Exiting the European Union. This was developing the “Canada plus plus plus” free trade deal, the only sensible deal consistent with the referendum result. This proposal was trashed by the No.10 civil servants which led to David Davis’s resignation. The same civil servants now want to close DexEU down.

Then add in the deliberate incompetence of the UK’s negotiating strategy. Triggering Article 50 before we were fully prepared. Agreeing, in the context of the fixed two-year time frame for the negotiations, to the sequencing of the three stages of the negotiations (divorce, withdrawal and future relationship) where the EU alone determines when each stage is finished. Agreeing to pay a £39bn divorce bill before any trade deal was in place. This is all part of the Mad Hatter’s strategy. Lord Kerr, the British civil servant who drafted Article 50, said that he deliberately chose the short two-year time frame to make it virtually impossible for any country to leave the EU. Lord Heseltine said on the day after the referendum that Brexit would never happen.
The final piece of evidence was the immediate call from strong Remain supporters for a second referendum with three options – accept the terms of the White Paper, go for a “no deal” or stay in the EU – whose only purpose would be to split the Leave vote.
The price of democracy is constant vigilance. US readers will wonder why these senior officials are not being dragged before Parliament; Congress or Senate would not be so lenient. But Westminster is not Capitol Hill. Despite 400 of 650 Commons seats having voted Brexit, and 82.4% of UK voters voting for the two main parties in 2017 both of which had Brexit as a manifesto commitment, most MPs quietly support the coup being attempted by our civil servants.

We leave the coup plotters a warning. You violate British democracy at your peril - so long as we preserve universal suffrage and the secret ballot, we can still have your heads on the block. Democratically and literally if we have to. And that applies to any guilty ex-MPs a new Brexit election displaces.  

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Boris gives May one last chance to ditch Oliver Robbins

With, I must say, unexpected Statemanship, Boris yesterday ended his resignation speech not in the manner of Geoffrey Howe but by calling on May to ditch the siren voices of Oliver Robbins, Jonathan Black and the  other Viziers of the Europe Unit and return to her Lancaster House vision. You can be sure that speech was not written by a colourless, robotic EUphile mandarin in love with the power of officialdom but by someone with a deep love for their nation, confidence in the British people and with hope for the future. None of which three traits are remotely apparent in the higher echelons of the civil service. 

Allister Heath in the Telegraph (£) pretty much has it today - 
Too many ultra-Remainers think that those who voted Leave suffered from “false consciousness”, that they were duped, manipulated or conned, that they will eventually tire of the exercise and roll over, and that a Brexit in Name Only – or even pretending that the referendum never actually happened – would allow the natural order to be re‑established.

This is delusional nonsense, the kind of attitude that would have been prevalent in the court of Louis XVI after the Bastille was taken; tragically, it is also the advice that May has been receiving since she sidelined her Cabinet Brexiteers and entrusted her entire strategy to the civil service.
It's now certain that May will go - but at a time of her successor's choosing, not hers or her Grand Vizier's. She has only one chance to avoid either the UK crashing out next March without a deal or a humiliating request for an extension of Article 50 - and that's to do as Boris says. Move Mr Robbins to head up the Ascension Island Development Corporation, disperse the highers to Agriculture, Transport and Local Government, and send the rest of the Europe Unit back to DEXEU and Dominic Raab.  

One chance, Mrs May. Don't blow it.  

Never trust the Viziers

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


No Brexit today - I just can't do it. 

Off to Spain, then. I can just remember fascist Spain under Franco in the early 1970s - desperate poverty, asses carrying goods rather than the Commer vans that we had, wrinkled grannies in black doing dreadful things to children, fear and religious superstition, the secret police, and Franco's victims uneasy in their hidden graves. We had 10cc, Suzi Quattro and Genesis. They had torture. It was a third-world fascist shithole. Growing-up seeing the depths of degradation that far-right zealotry could bring to a European people, Spain left me with a lifelong hatred of fascism, far right authoritarianism, the racial purity nutters, the National Front (in those days) and anyone who wanted to control what I did with my own willie. I cheered when Franco died.

Years later, in the Easyjet age,  I saw the forensic tents over pieces of undeveloped scrubland beyond the city boundaries, exhuming the victims of Franco's death squads before the pile-drivers moved in to buid new apartments or industrial sheds. The sight moved me beyond words, and cemented my loathing of fascism.

Now Franco's raddled corpse itself is to be removed from Valle de los Caídos, a vast egoistic memorial to Franco and the unknown rapist. Well, good. Except, as politico-eu reports, the fascists are still with us, protesting at the desecration of their saint. At least it seems that the lady-fascists shave their pits these days, or perhaps the boy-fascist to her right is hiding her pit-hair under his nose?  Hey ho.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Cabinet Office Europe Unit - The Enemy Within

Europe Unit - Cabinet Office

Oliver Robbins, Permanent Secretary
Jonathan Black, Director Europe Unit
Five Deputy Directors
Six Cabinet Office Band As
Seven Cabinet Office Band Bs

"The Europe Unit’s mission is to support the development and execution of the Government’s strategy for an orderly withdrawal from, and establishment of a new partnership with, the European Union. Our main roles are to:
  • Give the Prime Minister the best possible advice on how to lead the Government’s approach;
  • Support coherent and timely cross-Government decision-making; and
  • Work with other departments to advocate and deliver the Government’s position with European partners, especially through work as the Prime Minister’s EU Sherpa and Coordinator of the negotiations with the European Commission."
It's no wonder David Davis resigned when the full extent of Theresa May's duplicity became clear. She has nurtured her own 'Remain' unit at the heart of the Cabinet Office to work against everything that DEXEU was trying to do. When Jonathan Black was pictured shmoozing cabinet ministers at Chequers whilst selling the Robbins White Paper, a document unknown to the department that should have written it, you knew a coup had just taken place. A coup led by EUphile mandarins against not only elected members, but against the democratic mandate given by the people of Britain. 

We should have picked up the signals back in January, when a gloomy, pro-remain economic assessment was 'leaked' from Whitehall;  DEXEU denied any involvement, and the finger swiftly pointed to the Europe Unit. But no mandarin was ever moved or dismissed - and we can now speculate whether the 'leak' was not authorised by Theresa May herself as part of a covert campaign against her own cabinet.

Again, at a meeting of EU defence officials, they were joined by another Europe Unit mandarin, Alastair Brockbank, who told them under conditions of strict secrecy that they should 'count the UK in' to their EU PESCO defence force plans, so confident were these mandarins of sabotaging Brexit. And now we have a furious Airbus, manipulated and induced by the Europe Unit into launching a 'campaign Fear' assault on Brexit only to learn that Airbus has lost out to Boeing in replacing our E-3 'Sentry' aircraft.

It is simply intolerable that we should nurture this nest of vipers at the heart of government. The Europe Unit ARE the Enemy Within. They are implacable enemies to our democracy, as dangerous as the 'Spycatcher' nutters in MI5 MI6 in the 1960s who plotted to overthrow Wilson. Except now they are not just plotting - they are actively working to overthrow our parliamentary democracy. It is unforgivable that Theresa May has allied herself with such vipers. She, and they, must go.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Every Leave constituency where the MP voted to Remain

This list was done just before last year's election and clearly needs updating.

New MPs who entered the House for the first time in 2017 need to be classified. Otherwise, as the next election will be Leave vs. Remain, we have 400 target Remain-MP seats to overturn, both Tory and Labour.

I'd suggest the only way any of the 400 can be exempted from a 'Leave' candidate challenge is by voting down the government next week and declaring for a WTO Brexit.


Update - Saturday am
Peter Oborne gets it - read his piece in the Mail and get ready for the tectonic plates to shift! And I would urge all Leave readers to use the excellent online facility to join the Conservative Party - whether or not you are already members of UKIP or the Labour Party. After all, you carry both a Tesco club card and a Nectar card, don't you?

Owen Paterson sets Brexit acid test

A brief post today. With a crucial Commons vote on the sell-out White Paper probably coming next week, positions are already being staked out. Most MPs are gracious enough to indicate they will wait for the debate in the chamber before making their minds up. The clearest argument I've read this morning is from Owen Paterson - who writes in the Telegraph (£)
The Government has repeatedly told us that it believes “no deal is better than a bad deal.” Having now shown us what a bad deal looks like, the Prime Minister must quickly ramp up preparations for moving to WTO terms or face the catastrophic damage to our democratic institutions that would ensue on failing to deliver the biggest mandate that the British people have ever given.

The EU Withdrawal Act means European law will cease to apply to the UK on exit day. Under the Chequers agreement, the Government will have to reinstate large chunks of EU law and Parliament will have to vote on it. My criterion is simple: unless the Government’s proposal is better than WTO terms, I will vote against it.
There you go Mrs May; tell the house how subservience to the ECJ, open EU borders, the status of a rule-taking Satrap state, prohibition from free trade and bleeding Britain's wealth in protection racket payments to the Federast mafia is better than full independent WTO membership and you have Mr Paterson's support. 

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The enemy within

The concept of 'the enemy within' surfaces regularly through time and history precisely because the threat is real. Two quotes only.
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. - Cicero
We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty. - Margaret Thatcher
That Brexit has been turned from the democratic will of the people of Britain into a disastrous betrayal of voters is wholly the doing of an enemy within the very heart of government. Today the political class will publish its Brexit White Paper, which their administrator Mrs May has already cleared with Frau Merkel. The elite have ensured their well padded nests remain comfortable, and bugger democracy. As Quentin Letts had it in the Mail yesterday
For me, an elite is an essential part of any aspirational society, for it can create a top tier which those on lower strata can aim to join. Yet an elite must be porous. It must not try to fence off its privileges. That is what our elite, in the law, the BBC, Civil Service, the Confederation of British Industry and elsewhere have been doing. Horrified by what they see as the ignorance of the pro-Brexit lower orders, they are fighting dirtily to maintain their Brussels career paths, their industrial subsidies and those EU regulations which create oodles of work for them.
We have allowed those who think they know best for us, a privileged elite of powerful and well connected bureaucrats, who see the best future as one in which Europe's unelected bureaucrats rule unfettered to secure the best outcomes for all we poor benighted fools, to cement their gains of a power near which they should never have been allowed. Our mandarins are simply an enemy within, fighting with great power against the democratic wishes of the people. 

They have run away with government. Our Prime Minister is no more than Olly Robbins' compliant tool, like a wind-up doll speaking crass saccharine lying words that rob us of our State. Olly and his chums are ever present and all powerful. They are our enemy. And make no mistake, they must be defeated.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Britain's next Prime Minister attends RAF centenary service

Britain's next Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn PC MP, today attended a service of celebration for the centenary of the Royal Air Force. Looking elegant in expensively crumpled 'Lands End' linen, Mr Corbyn accessorised with a pair of 'Bic' biros worn in the breast pocket and a Gregg's Vegetable Pasty in a side pocket. 

Seriously, if the May deal goes through I shall be campaigning for Corbyn at the next GE - in the absence of a Brexit party standing. I'm afraid it's time to make Liberals of the dear old Conservative Party. It's failed us, and has no right to survive. 

♬Oh! Jeremy Corbyn .. Oh! Oh! Oh! Jeremy Corbyn ...♬

Monday, 9 July 2018

The Mandarins won Chequers - BRINO will destroy democracy in UK

Make no mistake, this is a crisis of democracy. I woke this morning to hear of the resignations of David Davis, Steve Baker and Suela Braverman from DExEU. Elsewhere, leaks have sprung that the Federast mandarins found this pro-Brexit department not only threatening but gaining power in Whitehall. Now without its ministers, the brave Brexit civil servants who staff the department are lost. Hammond, May and the Remainers have won. They didn't even have to wait for Herr Barnier to contemptuously dismiss the Chequers plan and demand that the UK concede even more to the Lords of Brussels. 

The mandarins won Chequers. Their contempt for the democratic will of the British people is absolute. We are disposable and replaceable. Their globalist chums in the Federation and at the reins of the global corporates will maintain them in power.

Already they are plotting alternatives to popular democracy, to ensure that never again can the people of Britain rebel like we rebelled in June 2016. This is a watershed, and there is little hope we can salvage our nation and our democracy unless the people of Britain unite anew in one concerted effort to defeat the evil of the Federast behemoth.

The hour has come.

Friday, 6 July 2018


The issue today at Chequers is very simple. Theresa May made an unequivocal promise on three red lines that she pledged on her honour she would uphold;
- An end to UK membership of the Customs Union
- An end to UK membership of the Single Market
- An end to the jurisdiction of the ECJ in the United Kingdom
The question that will be answered this weekend is simply - was she lying? 

A Prime Minister lying to Parliament is very serious indeed. A Prime Minister lying to the British people, as Blair has found, is more serious by far. For ever deprived of official honours, loathed, shunned and scorned by the people, a reputation in fouled rags, condemned to spend the rest of their pathetic lives in post-hoc apologia, begging for interviews on the 'Today' programme. 

Well, Theresa, which future do you see for yourself?

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Corrupt Euro MPs vote to keep stolen tax money secret

The European Parliament is a a massive corrupt pustular cyst at the heart of the EU, a body intended only as a PR gesture to counter the reality of anti-democratic rule by a cabal of self-selecting officials. It's fake democracy at an international scale. In return for the shame of being the feculent tools of a loathsomely crooked mafia, MEPs have the consolation of having their mouths stuffed with gold - a pre-tax monthly salary of €8,611.

But of course this is not all. There will be legitimate expenses - travel, correspondence and so on. Any transparent, open democratic organisation pays such expenses in return for proof of expenditure, and determination of eligible use of public funds. In the UK getting to this stage was like pulling teeth - but even Gorbals Mick, the most corrupt speaker the Commons has had in living memory, could not hide the truth or stop the sunlight reaching those dark places. People of course have a right to know how their tax is being spent by their elected representatives, our courts found. 

But not of course in that seething stink hole of bloated fraud, peculation and simony that is the European Parliament. The over-full mouths of MEPs are merely stuffed with even more gold - another €4,416, paid as a fixed lump sum, for which no receipts are required, no accounting necessary, and no public scrutiny possible.  

From time to time, in reaction to public opinion such as this, the fake Parliament allows MEPs to consider a token suggestion to reform the legalised theft. This occurred again this year. And like all other suggestions that would make MEPs more transparent and accountable, it was firmly thrown out, MEPs rejecting any suggestion that they account for their expenses

Thrust those snouts in deep, folks; bloat yourself on that swill whilst you can. It may soon be past. 

Vid - H/T Doug. Click caption button for English subtitles.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Denmark hardens compulsory integration of Muslim 'ghettoes'

Now here's a story notable for its absence from UK media - and not one from some crackpot news source but from the New York Times. What the Danes are doing in 25 Muslim 'ghettoes' (and yes, the NYT says that word is explicitly used, but I can't confirm it) to enforce integration seems harsh, but I guess the longer it's left the harder it becomes. I won't paraphrase the entire, thoughtful and comprehensive article by Ellen Barry and Martin Selsoe Sorensen but here's a taste;
Rokhaia, her due date fast approaching, flared with anger at the mandatory preschool program approved by the government last month: Already, she said, her daughter was being taught so much about Christmas in kindergarten that she came home begging for presents from Santa Claus.

“Nobody should tell me whether or how my daughter should go to preschool. Or when,” she said. “I’d rather lose my benefits than submit to force.”
One of the measures being implemented is that "Starting at the age of 1, 'ghetto children' must be separated from their families for at least 25 hours a week, not including nap time, for mandatory instruction in 'Danish values,' including the traditions of Christmas and Easter, and Danish language."

All across Europe, amongst the old, original EU members rather than the newcomers of the Visegrad group, laws to force reluctant Muslims to integrate are gaining traction. Burqa bans, bans on Saudi and foreign funding of mosques and imams, clampdowns on arranged marriages and female genital mutilation and measures to force integration are becoming mainstream. 

One measure yet to be adopted by any European state is a ban on first-cousin marriages. Though these are unlawful in China and in many US states (and a criminal offence in others) it remains legal in Europe to marry your first cousin. Some 55% of Muslim marriages in the UK are first cousin unions, producing, as such things do, the most terrifying crop of deformed, seriously malformed or mentally subnormal offspring who are a serious burden to the NHS. Labour minister Phil Woolas called this the 'elephant in the room' and said in 2008 that "If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there'll be a genetic problem" - yet the UK has not yet taken action to ban the vile practice. 

Legal first cousin marriages (blue) or not (other)
 But I think the message is becoming clear to those considering migrating to Europe from one of the 'stans or from North Africa - that the prospect of establishing and maintaining detached nations-within-nations here in Europe is in rapid decline. Possibly we have even passed 'peak Islam' as nation states across Europe roll out the pushback.   

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Poor women with large tattooed breasts - 11 years on

Back in May 2007 I posted a piece titled "Poor women with large tattooed breasts will have to do the best they can" which has, over the years, attracted over 3,000 hits. I guess some 2,800 googlers or more will have been disappointed. There were no illustrations. It was about non-essential NHS procedures and I wrote
Whilst I also believe that funding decisions should be made at the local level by local bodies of health professionals and citizens, rather than from the State central health bureau, I think the NHS (or rather the NHS at its local level) should be allowed the power generally to ask for top-up fees for a whole range of medical procedures; a charge that is somewhere between free and the cost of a wholly private option.

Fertility treatments, breast enlargement or reduction, tattoo removal, elective caesarians for mums too-posh-to-push, varicose vein removal, cosmetic plastic surgery, piles reduction and many other minor procedures are now seen as a 'right'. This is never what the NHS was founded for. What next? Baldness treatment for men 'psychologically damaged' by being slapheads? Buttock implants for women who see a phat booty as a 'cultural necessity'?

Of course we're all happy to get something for nothing. But I'm sure if given the choice between spending money a year's gym membership or getting our piles sorted next week, we'll go for rectal comfort. 'Unfair to the poor' I hear some say; yes, perhaps. But not life threatening. And poor women with large tattooed breasts will just have to make out the best they can.
Well, NHS England have just caught on. Eleven years late and some £2bn wasted that could have been saved had they formulated policy from our blog posts in a more timely manner.

Of course, back then hardly anyone had gender reassignment treatment on the NHS whilst now there are thousands queueing for gender dysphoria counselling and hundreds waiting to have their tackle lopped at £16k a chop. But I doubt the NHS would dare face up to the Trans lobby - at least not for another eleven years.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Blair, Straw must face trial for rendition & torture conspiracy

I said at the time of the peak 9/11 rhetoric that you could no more have have a 'war on terror' than you could have a war on swords, or a war on light machine guns. Terror is just a weapon. You can protect yourself against a weapon, but to end the threat you must deal with those using it. And any group with a big enough grudge can use terror.

Our domestic war criminals Blair, Straw, Hoon and Irving - the holders of the four great offices of State who lied this country into an unlawful war - have also now been exposed as complicit in the most vile and despicable acts of torture. 

Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee has just published its long awaited report on UK complicity in rendition and torture under Blair and Brown's governments. Not only are the facts a damning indictment of Blair's hubris and utter immorality, but the intelligence service bosses, Scarlett and Dearlove, are also exposed as deeply complicit in this disgusting business. And please don't defend torture - "When we torture people, even if we win the battle, we've already lost the war for hearts and minds, especially our own". Blair's torture policy was Not In My Name and not, I suspect, the name of the vast majority of essentially decent British people. 

The Chair of the committee is one Dominic Grieve. This report has been long awaited, and perhaps those wondering why the long delays may look to Blair's machinations as in Chilcot's report and wonder if he has not adopted the same tactic here.

Blair and Straw at least must face trial over this. And both Dearlove and Scarlett, as Peter Oborne recommends in the Mail, must at the least be stripped of their kinghthoods.  

It is high time we put these people in the dock to answer for these crimes.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

50% of UK Revenue Cutters deployed to Greece

Those of you familiar with North Norfolk will at some stage have come across the horses of the Household Cavalry on holiday. In return for having to live in London's ugliest building (by the hubristic brutalist Basil Spence), having to stand still for long periods outside Horse Guards as idiotic tourists self-snap and caparison alarmingly close, and at getting a sniff of Hyde Park but never being allowed to get a full gallop on, the doughty chargers are rewarded with a few weeks a year cantering naked in the North Sea surf, galloping down wide dawn beaches with damp sand under their hooves and pigging out on sweet fresh grass well-balanced with mash and hay. Then it's back to London. 

The same must apply to the crews of the UK's revenue cutters. Not only have Dutch shipbuilders Damen constructed these for standards of crew comfort unknown to the Royal Navy, with floating soundproof decks, 'box-in-box' suspended crew quarters and generous leisure space, but they also even have raft-mounted engines to reduce vibration so the crew can sleep more easily. Those domes at the stern aren't for tracking the pursuit of drug smugglers - they are TV satellite receivers, so the lads (and lasses?) don't miss a single world cup game. And that tube at the front isn't a gun but a fire-hose, designed to look like a gun.

But I guess that comfy beds, satellite TV and gourmet food just aren't enough for our Border Force afloat. What they really need is a month or so steaming between the Aegean islands on ink-dark seas, with Retsina and gay discos after their 9-to-5 shifts are done. To top up their tans and steam about searching for the few rubber boat people making the trip to the Greek islands from Turkey, and take them back.  

The problem is, the UK has only four revenue cutters - HMC Valiant, HMC Seeker, HMC Searcher and HMC Vigilant. Valiant has been on holiday in Greece since 2015, and it's been so much fun that another of the flotilla will join her there. Meaning half our total revenue cutters are away on holiday. And unlike the Household Cavalry's chargers, not just for a quick break. 

Nice work if you can get it. 

HMC Vigilant - will she win the Greek lottery?   

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Europe's Liberals need to learn from Turkey

If you or I were in Turkey, opposing the illiberal authoritarian regime of Dictator Erdogan, we would risk being thrown out of our jobs, having our homes trashed by thugs, imprisoned or being quietly dragged away at night and shot. Erdogan's fifteen year regime has used every legal means plus emergency powers to repress free speech and democracy in Turkey.

Some 60,000 are held in 'emergency detention'. 150,000 public sector employees have been thrown out of their jobs since 2016, following a purge of the armed services in 2013 in which commanders not loyal to Erdogan were jailed at show-trials. Police, judiciary and universities have been purged of potential opponents, but above all Erdogan has complete control over news media and has jailed hundreds of independent journalists. 150 media outlets were closed after 2016, and government censorship is active and present in all others. All news in Turkey is Erdogan news. Internet access and use is restricted and any website can be (and are) blocked at the whim of the censors. Even Wikipedia is banned. In the run-up to the election, Erdogan's party got 67 hours of election broadcasting. His biggest rival Ince got 7 hours. the Iyi party got 12 minutes.  

Yet despite all this, people still communicated. Somehow they managed to meet and talk, to canvas, to spread the message. 87% of voters turned out to vote, and despite the repression and crackdown, Erdogan managed only a slim parliamentary majority. People organised themselves to guard polling stations and ballot boxes from Erdogan's thugs. Even Kurdish voters, some of whom faced an 8km walk to cast their votes, passed the magic 10% threshold as their HDP party gained 12%, despite the party leader having been imprisoned by Erdogan. 

Free speech. Free association. The right to form political parties. Erdogan has trampled on all these most fundamental rights - yet still somehow he failed to win the victory he needed. Universal suffrage and most of all the secret ballot have kept democracy alive in Turkey. They are the most precious of our rights, and worth our blood to defend. 

We need to learn from the Turks the ways in which democracy can be nurtured under an illiberal regime.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Globalist granny-grabber mouths off

Globalist granny-grabber Emmanuel Macron mouthed-off in Brittany yesterday, according to France 24;
"I'm saying to you in the gravest terms: Many hate it (the EU) but they have hated it for a long time, and now you see them (nationalists) rise, like leprosy, all around Europe, in countries where we thought that they would never reappear."
Proving yet again that the little Kermit is deeply deluded.

Hating the EU doesn't make anyone a nationalist; all right thinking people should loathe and resent a body so hubristic, so territorially ambitious, so hungry for power, so anti-democratic and so dismissive and scornful of the people it aspires to rule that it allows folk like our gerontophile Kermit to flourish. Hating the EU is normal - those of whom to be suspicious are the hysterics, carpet-chewers and effete womblies such as PTSD Adonis or 'Howler' Grayling who support the vile federasts.

We're close to the Veneto here, so Macron must forgive me for toasting today's anniversary of Britain's historic vote in Prosecco straight from the Vigneron, in crates of bare, unlabelled brown bottles with crown caps, in complete defiance of every EU diktat you can imagine.