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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Yes, Richmond matters - but it's not what they think

The minor frisson of joy that swept through the butthurt remoaners at the Richmond result has been poorly interpreted by the political class in the MSM. It is not the start of a Brexit fightback, it is not the rollback of leaving the EU. It does, however, mark the start of our voting for MPs based not on party but on whether they are Brexiteers or Remoaners. 

David Lammy, a politician who usually wears a mask of crassness and stupidity, knows this. His London constituency is solid remoaner, and the value of his declaring that he will vote against Article 50 before the debate has even been tabled, let alone the arguments heard, is high. He has already started cementing his place for 2020. 

If the parliamentary obstructions, the acts of sabotage, are too great or progress too delayed, then 2020 will cause the greatest upheaval in Parliament for a century, with a strong Brexiteer government facing a sparse remoaner opposition across the house.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Major survey shows danger of Saudi Islamism in UK

A major survey by Policy Exchange has a number of key findings. Central and positive is the desire of many Muslims in the UK to integrate, and the number who identify as 'British' as well as Muslim is encouraging - but what remains of concern is the extent to which they think Britain should change to accommodate Islam. 

However, the report also highlights the pernicious effect of Saudi funding and in particular of the evil, divisive and Islamist effects of Deobandism, Salafism and Wahhabism in the UK. The survey found that 71% of Muslims 'identify with their mosque and see it as representing their views' - a worrying high percentage if applied to the radical Saudi sponsored mosques promoting Islamist terrorism. Saudi denials of its involvement in 9/11 are clearly finding a hearing in the Moslem community - some 31% of Muslims think the US was responsible for the terrorist atrocity, 7% blame the Jews and only 4% admit that an Islamist terror organisation of Saudi origin was responsible. 

Whilst the majority of British Muslims are peaceable and responsible citizens, there are concernedly high percentages of those advocating violence, Sharia and Islamism in the UK, in complete contravention of the rules laid down by the government. A worrying percentage - 26% - deny that there is any extremism in the UK at all.

The self-appointed Muslim Council of Britain enjoys little confidence amongst Muslims, which is encouraging. The official credence given to this spurious and unhelpful cabal will now hopefully be on the wane, along with any tax money. 

Further action toward integration is needed in several areas:
  • The banning of all Saudi finance to mosques or Islamic organisations in the UK
  • Registration required for all imams to practice - with Wahhabi, Deobandi and Salafi imams refused registration
  • Imams who are both non-UK citizens and unregistered to be deported 
  • Further extension of 'Prevent' to decrease high levels of support for Islamist actions
  • Schools to counter Muslim 'denial' over 9/11 and extremism, using as a blueprint the methods used to de-nazify German schools in 1945 - 1950
 All in all a full and fair report though conclusions have been substantially watered and bowdlerised.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Mandelson plays Fitzcarraldo - boom coming to an end

When Mandelson appears in the middle of landlocked rural China supporting the construction of a replica of the Titanic there, you just know the Chinese economic boom is coming to an end.  We've been here before of course; Herzog's 'Fitzcarraldo' told the story of an Irishman who moved a paddle steamer over a mountain during the nineteeenth century rubber boom, and in the middle of the Brazilian jungle stands an opera house as pink and pretty as a wedding cake and that would not disgrace Budapest or Prague. It was also built during the rubber boom, before we Brits undercut the Brazilian rubber industry with our managed plantations in Malaysia. 

Anyway, the point is that Mandelson is one of those birds of bad omen, carrying with him a cloud of despond, a black feng-shui wrap of misery and failure. If the Chinese had any sense at all they would never have allowed him to enter the country. His presence in China signals more clearly than anything else that the Chinese boom is coming to an end. 
Manaus Opera house in the heart of the rain forest

It is rumoured that Lord Mandelson will next offer his unique services to the European Union ...

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Kermits on the horns of a snail

There are times at which one could almost feel sorry for the Kermits. Trapped by the painful slavery of gratitude for our and the US's saving of France in 1944, they were rather looking forward to belittling, humiliating and hurting us during the Brexit negotiations. Now they are faced with a rather cruel dilemma.

Fillon, the candidate of the pragmatic right, looks set to beat Marine le Pen, but only if the socialists, statists and liberals vote for him. His small-State, pro-business platform would see hundreds of thousands of feather bedded French civil servants sacked, subsidies cut and trade unions challenged. In contrast, le Pen's FN is a big-State, big-subsidy, pro-central control old type national socialist party whose policies would best benefit the socialists, statists and liberals - if they can bear to hold their Gallic noses to vote for her. 

Reader, if ever you've seen an effete slim fingered Kermit eating black pudding, you'll know the sort of facial expressions they'll pull when voting le Pen to save them from the Fillon knife. The butthurt will outshine that from Brexit and Trump. Watching them do it will be exquisite fun. Even more fun if they do so but Fillon gets in anyway. 

There's a price of course. The Kermits will know we're laughing at them and will want their revenge in the usual underhand, poke in the kidneys and run-away French fashion - that is, via the EU. After we leave, they will also resent the Germans even more - post Brexit, the Hermans are set to bear 25% of the EU's total costs and 50% of the CAP budget cost - both of which are like milky udders to the French.

You'd need a heart of stone not to feel a twinge of sympathy. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Farewell to the Raccoon Arms

Just a housekeeping post today to add my thanks and regrets on the news that Anna Raccoon's blog has come to the end of its cyberlife. Thanks for a permanent reminder of what rigourous, informed journalism should look like, thanks for a humane, compassionate and empathetic voice for those for whom this was otherwise denied or restricted and thanks for just being there as another non-establishment presence. I can't deny that this will leave a hole in the blogosphere for which there are no obvious candidates to fill.

Thankyou, Anna, it was a privilege to read you.