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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Starbucks, Sobieski and Schabowy

The primacy of western civilisation in the world today is a fairly recent achievement. By the early seventeenth century, there was no discernable western superiority. The Moghul, Ottoman and Chinese civilisations were every bit the equals of European development - in law, architecture, the arts, commerce, military science and social structure. In the two centuries that followed, Europe would race ahead to lead the world.

Towards the end of the seventeenth century, the Ottoman empire had pushed up into Europe's underbelly and stood at the gates of Vienna. Europe faced the very real prospect of coming under the heel of a Moslem empire. The Polish king, Jan Sobieski, commanding a numerically inferior force, gained a spectacular victory at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 and broke the advance of Islam into Europe. The enlightenment, the industrial revolution, trade and empire all followed - establishing the supremacy of European civilisation that persists today.

Amongst the spoils of the battle were many sacks of coffee. The captured stock gave Vienna its first coffeeshop - a habit that spread to London and formed the start of the City's growth to become the world's prime financial centre. The towers of Canary Wharf stand today as a tribute to Sobieski's routing of Islam at Vienna.

In September 1939 this country went to war with Germany over Poland.

Today, our nation is enriched by Polish immigration. I, for one, welcome them wholeheartedly. There will be few problems of 'social cohesion' or ghettoes; they don't want to impose an alien and repugnant ideology on us, and would rather pave our driveways than blow us up. They also have a healthy distrust of totalitarianism and share our own view of an open Europe - free movement of capital, goods and labour rather than a new empire - more closely than our old partners. More immediately, Polish food shops are springing up all over London, and Polish restaurants are establishing themselves successfully. Shabowy is a Polish schnitzel made from Pork fillet, and quite delicious.

Let's hope as many of them settle here permanently as are predicted by today's news. They can only strengthen our gene pool, and may even help 'crowd out' those less desirable immigrants who cost us dearly in so many ways.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Referendum NOW

That Labour have reneged on their manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitution should be no surprise to anyone. This is the party of sleaze, corruption, mendacity and crookedness after all.

The Telegraph reported yesterday that Jean-Claude Juncker thinks it's a good idea to stifle public debate in the UK on the transfer of sovereignty to Brussels. Sorry Msr. Juncker, the British people don't agree with you. 86% of us want a referendum.

Brown may only have one working eye, but one assumes both his ears are working. Let him hear us.
Same old same old Central Statist

Brown's statement yesterday did nothing but confirm his complete intellectual divorce from the true reasons for Britain's democratic malaise. Here is a man still utterly committed to central State control, still completely dedicated to Whitehall's diktat over the minutiae of every individual's life.

The minor changes to the Royal prerogative are piffling. The idea that weekend voting will 'reconnect' the British people with politics is risible. His refusal to address the anger of English voters over the Scottish democratic anomaly is blind foolishness.

Cameron's response - “The country is too centralised, Parliament is too weak, ministers don’t get straight answers and people feel shut out of decision-making.” - has the nub of it. He might have added that one of the reasons why 16m voters choose not to vote in general elections is that they are sick of the central power of the three main parties.

Brown's purblind Presbyterian puritanism, his refusal to cede power to local institutions, his obsession with State control and his bankrupt ideological agenda make him a dangerous enemy to our democratic health and our national well-being. Treat him as such.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

London bombs 'not scary enough'

Thanks to Sabretache for the 'Register' link; a sound piece of common sense in the face of the media panic. Here's another take on it:
PRIME Minister Gordon Brown has dismissed the latest London bomb scare as "feeble" and "unlikely to frighten the public".

Brown compared MI5 to the cast of 'Police Academy'Mr Brown is understood to be disappointed with MI5's effort, describing it as "half-arsed and transparent".

A source close to Brown said: "The PM wanted to start things off by scaring the absolute, holy shit out of people.

"A badly driven Merc with a couple of gas bottles in the back does not cut the mustard.

"We asked for Arabic literature on the passenger seat, a map of Whitehall with big red crosses on it and a huge controlled explosion on live television. Someone will be getting their backside felt for this."

The source added: "We're trying to introduce ID cards, imprisonment without trial and swingeing restrictions on freedom of speech.

"We wouldn't be able to force through new parking regulations on the back of this pile of arse."

Police say they are looking for "a man" in connection with the incident in London's Haymarket.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "Our investigations are currently centred on a man. If you see a man you should react with complete terror and run screaming into the nearest busy shop or pub."
Is the education system failing our suicide bombers?

The evidence heard in court in the trial of the failed July bombers was a catalogue of incompetence and ignorance. The peroxide they used was not an industrial grade but bought from a hairdresser; they mixed their explosive with chapatti flour to try to 'concentrate' it. An understanding of the basics of chemistry and physics was clearly lacking.

Now we understand that the two London car bombs failed to detonate after two attempts because of 'technical failings'. The decision of the Glasgow suicide bomber to set himself alight before driving into the terminal was not a wise one; being on fire drastically impairs one's driving ability. How much deadlier would he have been had he flooded the floorpan of the vehicle with a few inches of propane gas and chucked a match at his feet after he had ramraided the terminal.

Clearly, we are seeing the failure of our secondary education system in operation. One of the legacies of ten years of Labour are schools that can't even turn out suicide bombers with a moderate degree of competence.