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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Brown listens to Britain

Let's face it, there is only one voice Gordon Brown can bear listening to - and that's his own. Some brilliant political spin has so far managed to disguise his overweening control freakery and his determination to impose a sovietised system of central State control over the life of every individual citizen. Only now are the consequences of his disastrous management of the economy coming to the fore; he has wasted his inheritance, squandered the nation's savings on ill-conceived 'service reforms', mortgaged the country to pay for a kafkaesque system of public sector IT that he inanely imagines will enable direct relationships between the State and its citizens and that will exclude all intermediate institutions, robbed the wallets and purses of the nation to establish a system of welfare slavery that has created 5m serfs, dependent on State largesse, out of our proud and self-sufficient island race.

The moves to complete the transition to a one-party State are in play. Gordon's 'big tent' is a gulag in disguise. Those Tories gullible and naive enough to accept his invitation are not only betraying their party, they are betraying the nation.

There are some things more important than political power, more important than feathering your own nest. They include the freedoms that generations of us have fought and died for in these islands. 16m voters have deserted the polls. The Labour party has under 200,000 members out of an electorate of 40 millions. A forthcoming stitch-up (that the Tories are expected to subscribe to) will allow Brown to dip his arms deep in the nation's coffers in a theft as blatant as that of any African dictator to buy the cadres of apparatchiks to establish his one party State. Cameron and that senile softdick Campbell may well go along with it, naively imagining they will also do well out of it.

The reality is, once Brown has his hand legally in the till he will do everything he can to erode and undermine the Tories and the libdems until both are as insignificant as the few members of a tokenistic Agrarian Party permitted to attend a Soviet assembly as proof of 'democracy'.
I cannot strongly enough rail against the forthcoming party funding stitch-up.

If Cameron puts his finger to the proposed party-funding agreement then he and the Tory party will become as much of my enemy as Brown and his socialists are. He will be selling our nation's democracy for a few pieces of silver.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Should public libraries only stock books written in English?

With news from the Centre for Social Cohesion that eight public libraries in Tower Hamlets (this is the borough where just over a quarter of pupils get 5 good GCSEs compared to around 99% in our public schools) are stocking radical Islamist books encouraging readers to saw-off the heads of infidels with bread knives, the papers have a possible explanation. "It may be that the borough's librarians cannot read Urdu or Arabic and are unaware of the content".

Now, I'm not advocating censorship. For one thing, in the internet age, print censorship is pretty pointless. And although I wouldn't expect to see Mein Kampf on the shelves of my local library alongside the latest Wilbur Smith, I see nothing wrong with it being available in private circulating libraries or collections maintained for academic research. But what sort of excuse would it be if the council said "It may be that the borough's librarians cannot read German and are unaware of the content"?

With the piss-poor educational standards in Tower Hamlets, I'd suggest they'd be better off sticking to stocking books written in English, which perhaps even the librarians of that borough could read (with or without lip-moving and finger).

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Corruption Bill moves forward at a snail's pace

On 19th October the Corruption Bill is due for a second reading in the Commons. I'm betting it won't get this far. This Bill is about as welcome to Brown as genital warts. And for why? Well, it applies penalties for corruption against ministers for the first time for one thing.

The world is now coming to recognise the years of Blair's premiership as the sleaziest and most corrupt in living memory; Blair's only advice to his ministers, it seems, was 'don't get caught'. Brown's affectation of Presbyterian piety can't distance him from being mired in the same ordure up to his eye. Byers, Mandelson, Blunkett, Reid, Prescott, Vaz and the sundry minor corrupt and dishonest minions of the Blair years might well have been facing criminal charges in court under a Corruption Act rather than a mild wrist-slap and sideways move.

And the BAe bribes case could have seen Blair himself in the dock.

The Bill has crawled through Parliament since its introduction in 2006. The Commissioner for Standards, Sir Philip Mawer, criticised the slow progress on the Bill in his last report. It would give the Commissioner the teeth he currently lacks.

Watch this space, as they say.
Can anyone trust the Police any more?

In China, the relatives of executed criminals would until recently receive an invoice for the bullet. I imagine few declined to pay. When Daniel Horne's foot was run over by a marked police car that had pulled onto the pavement beside him, plod could not have been more apologetic. He was taken to hospital and plod stayed with him until his broken foot had been X-rayed and plastered.

And then issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice for damaging the police car. Story Here.

Now, this is a minor story. Funny, perhaps, even. But it demonstrates the growing arrogance of the police; that the law doesn't apply to them, that they can lie, distort, omit and misrepresent the truth and it's somehow all alright because they're the police, after all. Earlier in the week the papers carried a story of a WPC who faked crime reports to obtain new mobile phones by deception. Last week the papers carried the story of an entirely innocent disabled 81 year old OBE-holder roughed up by police thugs on his way back from midnight mass.

That the police are rapidly losing the confidence of the law abiding middle classes is deeply worrying. There is only one solution to restore Peel's 'the people are the police and the police are the people' dictum; a 'big bang' devolution of control from government to local communities.

The shorter the distance between my wallet and plod's pay packet the better; plod must re-learn who employs him and why.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Party funding stitch-up set for mid October

For anyone who imagined that this issue would quietly fade from the public mind and allow a cross-party stitch up, think again. Hayden Phillips has continued to broker the stitch-up and an announcement is timed for mid-October.

I shall never agree to my taxes being stolen to fund these private clubs that have a membership of only a few hundred thousands out of forty million electors. This is the one issue that will break all the bonds of democratic restraint - it is no more than a ugly attempt to subvert our nation and impose a permanent political oligopoly.
Gilligan demolishes Boris smears

I commend Andrew Gilligan's demolition of an attempted smear-job on Boris Johnson by the hard-left Compass faction. It was a risibly contrived attempt - reminding me of the efforts of unscrupulous theatre directors, who take critical quotes such as "Unmissable!" from a critic's review that said "This show is about as unmissable as a hole in the head."

That the hard left are worried by Boris' candidacy is good news; already the GLC's GLA's poison tentacles are reaching out to steal legitimate local control from London's councils, and to impose the lunatic agenda of the new Red Left on London by stealth. Like a clever psychopath seeking release from the mental ward, the loony left have grown up since the 1980s. A judicious mix of bread and circuses for the masses tempers rising GLA precepts and an insidious growth of GLA and TfL funded bodies being established with pan-London responsibilities as Ken's shock-troops. I shall blog more on this as the race heats up.

I'd also recommend
Professional politicians are the nation's curse

In a long piece for the Daily Mail today, Peter Oborne documents the rise of sleaze and incompetence amongst what he terms the new political ruling class - professional politicians who have made politics their 'career choice'. The chance for power, for getting their snouts well-buried in the public trough, or of getting laid are becoming clear as political motivations more powerful than ideological drivers.

I have blogged about this many times; THIS POST may be worth re-reading.

The fact is that fewer and fewer politicians of all parties in Parliament have any experience of the world outside Westminster. The correlation between the rise of career politicians and the growth of the Big State since 1979 is convincing. They have no cause to devolve power, no interest in greater democracy - their future and their well-being are bound up in a centralist concentration of political power.

That 16m voters can't be bothered to vote, that 98.6% of the electorate are NOT members of one of the three main parties, that the Tory party has lost well over a million members since 1979, many disgusted at the crushing of local party autonomy, is a damning indictment of the dis-enfranchisement of the British public that is the consequence of this central Statism.

Oborne is right. We leave this pustulent political sore to fester at our peril.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ken's mate Chavez in threats to Falklands

Red Ken hasn't really changed his spots since the GLC days when he was best buddies with the terrorists who were bent on destroying London's way of life. His new mate, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and as mad as a bucket of eels, has sworn revenge on Britain for the Falklands. He boasted of new Russian and Iranian weapons that could 'destroy' the British navy in the South Atlantic, and has offered a military alliance with Argentina.

Livingstone is as treacherous and anti-British as he always was. His association with Chavez brings shame and disgrace on our city, and to the Londoners who gave their lives to regain freedom for the people of the Falklands from corrupt banana dictators. Time to turf this sick dog out, I think.