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Friday, 21 September 2007


In common with the rest of the blogosphere, I have no hesitation in directing anyone who wants to know why Craig Murray's and Tim Ireland's sites have been taken down to look HERE.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Radical reform of Suffrage is overdue

Over the past few weeks, you will have received a form from your local electoral registration officer. It is a simple form. Take half a minute to fill it in, and you're on the electoral register. Or can make a phone call instead, or click a few boxes on a computer screen. Completely painless.

The process has been made simple by a government and political oligarchy in deep denial. They have convinced themselves that the reason 16m citizens don't vote in general elections is because the process is too hard; make registration and voting easier, they repeat, and voters will return to the polls in their millions. Stupid, blinkered, self-deluding crooks as they are, the political oligarchy will chant this specious mantra to themselves until they hold it as a tenet of faith in their bones.

They are deaf and blind to all the research that has been carried out, that demonstrates without any shadow of a doubt that the reason 40% of our electorate don't vote is not apathy or laziness, but because they are fed up with a corrupt and self-serving political duopoly, sick of the slick mendacity of professional politicians, frustrated beyond measure by Big State centralism that has made their vote increasingly meaningless. The political class are in deep denial that the problem is anything to do with them at all - it's all the voters' fault.

So we have an electoral registration process that allows millions - yes, millions - of illegal immigrants, Commonwealth overstayers, Albanian bag-thieves, fake 'language school students', and all who come from across the globe to suck at the tits of the British people to register to vote. Not that they're primarily interested in voting. They register because an entry on the register is the most fundamental credit check that will allow a bank account to be opened into which welfare benefits may be paid, an NI card to be obtained and a vehicle and goods to be obtained on consumer credit.

Yes, there is a declaration in tiny print at the base of the form, but too easy to say 'my English is not good and I didn't understand it'. And too easy to get on the register without challenge.

No government can claim to be serious about tackling illegal immigration and settlement whilst leaving this front door to the benefits of British citizenship wide open.

Radical reform is needed. No entry should be allowed on the electoral register without proof of citizenship or status. A separate register must be kept for EU citizens who can vote in local elections only. Suffrage is one of the great prizes of democracy, and one the British people have fought hard to achieve. Don't let the the avarice and hunger for permanent power of our corrupt and manipulative political class rob us of our most fundamental right of citizenship.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cherie decides on Little Brown for book

Cherry Blair's well known antipathy for her husband's successor would have any publisher drooling over the prospect of her autobiography. News today that she has just signed a £1m deal with Little Brown. Or Little, Brown to be absolutely accurate. Looks like a hatchet job to come.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Not a genius but a dangerous fool

Guido is well attuned to Gordon Brown's preference for disappearing from public view whenever there is bad news around - and certainly in the past few days, as he has left Darling to carry the flak for the consequences of his own economic incompetence during ten years as Chancellor, he has been completely absent from public view.

Much was made by the press of Brown's 'genius' at the time of his elevation to the Crown's first minister; a formidable intellect, they said, the true ideologue of New Labour, impatient of the advice of lesser-brained mortals. I'm sure that's what Brown believes of himself - but like all fools, the delusions of narcissistic hubris of this sort cannot long be sustained against the intrusion of the harsh realities.

Brown's reckless orgy of government spending since 2000, disguised by a smoke-and-mirrors economic growth itself driven by Brown's monetary loosening that encouraged a cheap money binge, has left the nation with an economy that has nowhere to go but down.

High taxes, high fuel prices, food costs set to double over the next year, high utilities costs, high interest rates, and high inflation in China fuelling inflation in consumer goods, falling home prices, a squeeze on credit, increased business failures and personal bankruptcies, pubs being boarded up because of the smoking ban, 5m welfare-dependent citizens to support, failing public services and union militancy are the real results of Brown's 'genius'.

The King has no clothes. This dangerous, foolish, intellectually lacklustre imposter should be thrown out of office as soon as the nation has the opportunity to do so, to join his repulsive amanuensis Blair in the obscurity of national disgrace.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Darfur - it's Africa's problem

It is quite right that the west should look to the nations of Africa to provide the proposed peacekeeping force for Darfur. We realise that the costs of doing so may bite into the 'wedge' stolen by Africa's political elite from the billions in aid provided by western taxpayers, but if the African Union is to prove itself as anything other than a talking shop for the world's richest thieves then they must mobilise their forces and act.

There is, by the way, no mention at all of Darfur on the African Union's website; prominence is given, however, to an invitation to construct a 'top of the range 5 star hotel' for Africa's heads of state and government at the African Commission's HQ in Addis Ababa.

We're not going to shed European blood for this whilst Africa's bloated and corrupt plutocrats amuse themselves with champagne and whores in some kitsch Korean Las Vegas in Ethiopia.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Campbell on Speed?

News that Ming Campbell's advisers have told him to appear 'hyperactive' in case Brown calls an election will have little effect I fear unless they force feed him amphetamines. He has a tone of voice that, combined with a face like an elderly tortoise rudely awakened from hibernation, always makes one wonder, during a television interview, whether he will make it to the end of the piece without nodding off. Despite his modest years, he has managed to achieve all the appearances of extreme old age with none of the redeeming wisdom.

No, speed won't work. I know of only one thing that has any chance of redeeming the image of senility lodged in the public mind. Campbell must appear in a multi-page spread in the News of the World under the headline 'My five times a night fling with Ming'. It would explain his constant tiredness, and do for him what it did for 'Shagger' Norris. Step forward, please, Max Clifford. And, er, some small blue pills.