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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Is Ian Blair clinging to office for the legal costs?

The London Assembly attempted to prize Sir Ian Blair's fingers from their grip on the front doors of New Scotland Yard, but the man who thought he deserved a £25,000 bonus this year isn't budging.

Could it be that our snuffling little porker is awaiting the decision of the de Menezes family as to whether they will bring a civil action against him? If he clings to office, will he expect the London taxpayer to fund his defence? I think we should be told.

And perhaps some enterprising lawyer may wish to investigate an action to prohibit the public purse from funding Blair's legal costs.
UK has longest terrorist detention of any democracy

The current 28 day detention limit in the UK for suspected terrorists is, according to Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, the longest of any democracy in the world. Labour want to extend this to 56 days despite there being no evidence whatsover that this has ever been needed.

Yet the UK is also one of the few democracies in which intercept evidence is not admissible in court, and that's the way the 'spooks' want to keep it. In other words, they know the score because they have all the emails / phone transcripts from the suspects in front of them, but need longer detention periods in order to find alternative ways of assembling the evidence.

Everyone knows that the security services, the septics and Uncle Tom Cobley and all intercept phone and internet traffic. What's the big secret?

First let's admit intercept evidence in court. And then, after a few years, let's look at whether longer detention periods are needed. They won't be.

English liberty is not to be traded for the convenience of our spies.
Normal blogging will resume as soon as possible ...

A touch of the winter blues, a deep and weary frustration with the state of politics, or just the end of decent sea weather have dried up my indignation over the past few days.