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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Have we got the MPs we deserve?

There is much I agree with in Simon Heffer's piece in today's Telegraph. MPs are no longer implicitly honourable, and thus need to be inspected and regulated like kebab vendors. They are no longer driven by an ethos of public service , but by naked self-interest. Politics is viewed as a 'career' by those with no alternative life experience. They are mostly a bunch of oily, chiselling little opportunists devoid of morals or ethics. All this is patently obvious to just about everyone in the UK.

But, with the 'coarsening' of our society, with the greater prosperity of the past few years, have we merely got what we deserve, as Heffer suggests? Do our MPs merely reflect ourselves?

I don't think so. It was politicians that gave us the 'rights culture', under which tens of thousands of those of barely mediocre ability have been promoted to positions in civil society because they are black, or female, or queer. When our legislators threw away fairness, threw away the notion of meritocracy, they threw away the notion that success should be deserved. They institutionalised unfairness. It's no longer enough to be clever to get into university - young people need to live in a Council house, or be an ethnic minority.

Get rid of the rights culture, enforce a strict meritocracy across all our public services, including education, and you start to win back a social structure and rewards worth striving for. It may even improve the quality of our MPs.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Bounty hunters beware; Brits have rights too.

I am fond of the dear old septics when they do something such as proclaim their rights to kidnap Britons.

Just in case any American bounty-hunters are thinking about it, please remember that any attempt to forcefully remove any one of Her Majesty's subjects from the realm without the Crown's consent may lawfully be met with lethal force. By any citizen.

Please ensure you have insurance in place sufficient to remove your torn and raddled corpses from our British shores.