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Friday, 11 January 2008

Filth, Sleaze and incompetence

Yes, it's New Labour again. As Hain and Harman wallow in the ordure of corrupt election expenses, as Blair passes by on the other side of the street to avoid the crippled veterans of his vanity war while trousering rich rewards from his American masters, as Brown daily practices his kiddy-fiddler lying smile in the mirror and as MPs prepare to sign up to wizard wheeze that will allow them to take pay rises vastly in excess of those earned by the non-parasitic classes comes news that Labour really don't give a shit any more about what the public thinks.

Helen Goodman, deputy Commons leader, told MPs yesterday that the proposed charging scheme for domestic refuse collection was not, as the government had spun it, a necessary measure to encourage recycling, but a tax. To cheers and cries of 'Snouts away, lads!' and 'Trebles all round!' she assured MPs that as a tax, MPs would be able to claim it back as part of their taxpayer funded package.

So now it's official. They can produce as much rubbish as they like and we will have to pay for it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Hain trying to slip under the radar

Having caught bits of both Panorama's and ITV's programmes on paedophile 'grooming', I was struck by the remarkable resemblance between some members of the government and the kiddy fiddlers caught messaging 12 year-olds. They share the same insincere grin, the same empty stare and exactly the same guilty look. But that's an aside.

No, the story is that Hain is hoping to blame everyone else for corruptly failing to declare his election donations. Of course he knew. He just thought no one else would notice and that he'd get away with it.

More Labour filth and corruption. And this lot want us to trust them to get their thieving crim mitts on even more of our taxes? A cell in Belmarsh alongside their fellow nonces is a more suitable outcome.
Brown's risible State Health bureau

Brown's absurd proposals for a universal health 'MOT', based on clinical criteria that the Lord Protector must have painfully personally researched using the Reader's Digest Family Health Encyclopedia, is no more than another example of a failed vision from a man so locked in to Statist control of every aspect of our lives that he cannot bear to allow people to take their own decisions, even about their own health.

What the NHS needs is not more central Statist control over the minutae of a GP's clinical approach to the health of their list, but to allow citizens to take greater responsibility for a personal health 'budget'. He simply will not understand that the demand for a free service is infinite, and that rationing, either by the State or the consumer, is the only way to control demand. I don't want my personal health priorities to be decided by an emotionally unstable joyless Presbyterian socialist - I want to decide them myself.

Brown is stuck firmly in the groove that killed British Leyland. BL management would decide which body / upholstery colour combinations would be sent to which dealers, and the consumer would have to take whatever was allocated to their local dealers. When other manufacturers allowed consumers to make their own choices, BL responded by throwing in a 'free' drinks holder. Brown's NHS proposals are the equivalent of offering citizens a free drinks holder instead of allowing real patient choice. Under his management the NHS, like British Leyland, will implode.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Will our MPs please take an above-inflation pay rise

Go on. You know you want to. Why not award yourselves 5%? Or even 10%? You can, you know. Don't listen to Brown. Or to the people.

Raedwald - purveyor of free rope to the political classes
Carry on Gordon, don't change a thing

One lesson from history that seems to have been lost on the Lord Protector is that the British people will only take so much dour Puritanism before the government are shown the door. It is incredible therefore that the government continue to pursue an agenda of joyless fanaticism that could almost be geared at alienating as many voters as possible from New Labour. Just take a look at the electors this daft mob have pissed off:
  • Anglers - around 4m anglers, coarse and sea, are uniting against the introduction of a £25 sea angling licence. There is no evidence that this will have the slightest effect on fish stocks, and it stinks of pointless Statist control like dead mackerel.
  • Countryfolk - not just hunters, but just about everyone in the country feels betrayed by a long litany of incompetence, from DEFRA screw ups to F&M from a government site.
  • Smokers - this is a real 'winter of discontent' for the nation's smokers. There's not one that has a grain of sympathy for the aims of the government
  • Drivers - fuel duty at painful levels and set to get even more painful as oil continues above the $100 a barrel limit, a plethora of speed cameras and parking restrictions aimed at raising revenue rather than saving lives and the criminalisation of the middle classes have all fuelled a simmering resentment aagsinst the government
  • The Military - our armed forces, their families and the many retired servicemen who retain a fierce loyalty for their arms of service now loathe Brown and his government as this group have never loated a government before
  • Yachtsmen - yotties who face the end of red diesel for leisure boating this November are blaming this on the government; that's another 500,000 voters gone.
  • Small businessmen - the crass ending of taper relief that was to the benefit of MPs owning second homes but badly hurts small businesses has destroyed any residual support for Labour amongst this sector
In fact, about the only people Labour haven't pissed off (in a considered act of gerrymandering) are benefits claimants in the north-east of England.

Simon Jenkins predicted in the Sunday Times yesterday that the May local government elections and the next general election would wipe out the Labour party in the UK. I sincerely hope that this will be true.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Coal, lamps and grain

Right, with the Christmas break over and all that goodwill business out of the way, let's get back to documenting the peculiar inanities of the temporary squatters who have the nerve to call themselves a government.

The news over the period that Kingsnorth is to build a new coal-fired power station was particularly welcome. Our oil may be running out, but we still have billions of tons of coal in the ground. I've done my best over Christmas by burning as much coal in the family's hearths as I possibly could, and am now on the lookout on eBay for a coal-fired back boiler. With hundreds of thousands of Poles in the country, with a long experience of coal-mining, I'm sure if we keep demand up it won't be too long before a few keen entrepreneurs open up our old coal mines and bring some cash to South Yorkshire that isn't taken from London's taxes.

Meanwhile, time has been called on the nation's barometer makers. The EU has seen fit to ban Mercury barometers bacause they contain, er, Mercury. At the same time Tungsten filament lamps are being phased out in favour of 'low energy' lamps that contain, er, Mercury. If you break one, a team of Council workers in NBC suits with a huge decontamination trailer will turn up, decant your family to live on a Council estate and spend weeks stripping your home of IKEA furniture. So no thanks; I'm also building up stocks of enough Tungsten lamps to last me until the coal runs out.

The government's anti-pleasure initiatives have also received a boost with their support for growing grain for bio-fuels; more grain to petrol alcohol, less grain to drinking alcohol. And because a pint of beer now contains 2.3p more in grain costs, the brewers are signalling a 50p a pint price rise. I can see only one way out of this. We must all start drinking petrol.