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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Livingstone's spin won't wash this

Radio 4's 'Today' carries a report by Angus Stickler documenting Livingstone's and Lee Jasper's corrupt and illegal use of our London tax funds to orchestrate a crooked campaign against Trevor Phillips. Tony Travers of the LSE comments on the piece that this should be referred to the District Auditor; I disagree. I think this constitutes evidence of a breach of the Prevention of Corruption Act, and as a London taxpayer I shall be making a formal complaint to the Commissioner.

The Evening Standard in recent months has effectively documented Lee Jasper's pivotal role in directing public tax funds to black and ethnic groups in London that are unable to account for hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax money, against the strong advice of GLA officers. An attempt by Livingstone to whitewash this crooked and corrupt gerrymandering by claiming that the LDA was holding an 'independent investigation' was scuppered by the LDA themselves, who have firmly denied it.

On Monday, C4's 'Dispatches' will lift the lid on a whole lot more of Livingstone's disgraceful, sleazy, filthy and crooked little scams, as well as his violence, his psychological flaws and his problem drinking. You will recall that he pushed Robin Hedges over a 15' wall when he caught him smoking on the steps outside a drunken party that he was attending.

Of his drinking, I have personal experience of Livingstone's incapacity to keep off the booze during working hours. I have attended two afternoon receptions with Livingstone, and he was drunk tired and emotional at both of them. At the first, for international designer Jan Gehl, he turned up 40 minutes late and slurred his way through a rambling introduction in which he made frequent references to the current work of the 'GLC' (sic).

This chiselling drunken tired and emotional little crook isn't fit to run a fishpond, let alone one of the world's greatest cities. Let's be rid of him - I don't care whether he ends up in Belmarsh (or more likely the House of Lords, given that Brown is equally complicit in this sleazy filth) just so long as he's out of City Hall.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

'Islamic threat' for home consumption

Michael Chertoff's claim that Europe - read Islamic terrorists from Europe - now pose the greatest threat to the US should be viewed here with a pinch of salt. The US only has an estimated Moslem population of 0.5% - 1%, compared with 5% - 10% in France, 6% in the Netherlands, 4% in Germany, 3%-4% in Belgium and 3% in the UK. American Moslems must be amongst the most suspiciously regarded immigrants anywhere in the world, and so naturally foreign Moslems, and especially those that can enter the US without a visa, make a more credible threat.

The government's claims on ID cards and biometric passports have also changed over recent months; apparently the UK has no choice but to go down this route because the rest of the world (read the US) is demanding it.

At a time when Western governments are attempting to impose an unprecedented level of State security control over their citizens, the Islamic threat is a convenient one. However, as the Telegraph warned recently, a total public collapse of confidence in the political class is dangerously close and only radical action by them can avert it. Ken Clarke's support for tax funding of the dying parties is not the answer. A root and branch reform of UK politics is needed. State security control can stave off dissent in the short term, but the risk of a Caecescu outcome rather than a stable political evolution is much increased. It's not Islamic militants who pose a threat to the UK's political class, but the ordinary people of Britain.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Just set up a Labour Crimes Unit

With news that plod could be called in to investigate criminal charges against Hain, on top of the investigation into Blair's sale of peerages, illegal funding from Abrahams (or others), Harman's illegal undeclared funding, Brown's dodgy support from the Sith and the rest, one has to wonder why the Met doesn't just set up a full time unit investigating Labour fraud and corruption?

Ah. Of course. That's why they put Ian Blair in post.
Leave it to the market

This blog has drawn attention previously to the prospect of rising global food prices. After a period of some 30 years when global food production has risen faster than population, all the signs are in place for a reversal. A whole generation has grown up never having seen widespread famine in Africa, or understanding how US and Canadian grain sales to hungry Russians helped end the Cold War.

The government, of course, understand none of this, and have spent huge amounts of tax money funding something called WRAP that aims to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill. Being a government funded agency, it has of course been mendacious in its claims. It claims that 30% of the food we buy gets thrown away. To a point, Lord Copper. Half of that is material that is inedible; orange and banana peel, bones and the like. But we do throw away something like 15% of the food we buy.

With news this morning that food inflation is currently running at 12%, I think we can safely hand out the redundancy notices at WRAP and cancel their ad space bookings. No amount of government hectoring will ever work as effectively in reducing food waste as an increase in food costs.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

A shameful betrayal of trust

The report in the Telegraph today that Cpl Mark Wright bled to death from a survivable wound because of MOD incompetence and equipment shortages and failures should be a matter for the resignation of the Armed Forces Minister. For week after week, year after year, the MOD's shortcomings and failures have been highlighted in the press and in Parliament, yet not only does the MOD do nothing to rectify its most grevious failings, it continues to deny that there is any problem.

Let's be frank. Who do people believe - a criminal cabal of sleazy, crooked, mendacious and corrupt fools and knaves that clings to office like a leech to flesh, or to the nation's serving and retired Chiefs of Staff, men who have served their country honourably and faithfully?

And as for this Commons exchange on 10th January (Hat Tip Major Catastrophe) :
Mr. John Baron (Billericay) (Con): .... We must also ensure that we supply our troops with the right equipment. Troops returning from theatre tell of life-threatening shortages of kit, including body armour, satellite phones, oil to prevent guns jamming and electronic equipment to detect roadside bombs—

The Minister for the Armed Forces (Mr. Bob Ainsworth): Absolute bollocks.
I would suggest that Ainsworth crawls back under whichever slimy rock he slithered from under; his utter indifference to the lonely death of Cpl Wright in an Afghan minefield means that this scumbag gutter lout deserves no place as one of the Sovereign's Ministers, let alone as a Member of Parliament.