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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Brown's squalid abuse of charity

The Charity Commission has announced that it intends to end the charitable status of private schools. This in itself defies comprehension; they take half a million pupils out of the public purse, and educating the young is the fundamental of a civilised society. Those good, selfless people who set up these ancient charities 'for the education of divers poor scholars ...' will rightly be turning in their graves.

No, Brown's assault on the existence of private schools is rooted in ruthless socialist logic. They achieve standards of education that make the State sector look appalling, and they inculcate an ethos of independence and social responsibility that is abhorrent to a central Statist. For those reasons he means to destroy them.

At the same time, Brown seeks to legitimise his own corrupt use of charity law for squalid political ends; his use of the 'Sith' is still under review, but we all know it was a crooked and unjustified perversion of charity status.

Now Brown seeks to make it legal for charities to support political parties.

Only Brown's perverted and twisted mind could see the support of politicians but not the education of the young as a legitimate charitable aim.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Emodi update

There's a tantalising snippet in tonight's 'Standard' - I quote
Ms Emodi says she is a Barrister but does not seem to have practiced
No doubt Ms Emodi will be keen to demonstrate that she is what she claims to be, and the District Auditor will no doubt seek confirmation that the GLA checked the qualifications that she claimed on the application form for her £64,000 a year job. After all, lying on an application form about such things can bring fraud charges and a potential prison spell.
Rosemary Emodi - the questions still to be answered

The resignation of Lee Jasper's deputy Rosemary Emodi was ostensibly because she lied about taking an expenses-paid luxury trip to Nigeria. The BBC Story mentions that she was accompanied by Eroll Walters, Director of Brixton Base. This is just one of the organisations that is unable to account for hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money channelled through the LDA and in which Lee Jasper is deeply implicated.

The GLA has denied that Emodi's trip was financed by the LDA. What remains urgently to be answered is whether Brixton Base has transferred any of its LDA funding to Nigeria, and whether Emodi's luxury trip was paid for via funding granted to Brixton Base or any of the other half dozen black and ethnic organisations that cannot account for vast sums in public funds.

The whole thing stinks worse than rotten Mackerel.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Our security is too important to be left to MI5

The refusal to budge by the security services on the issue of the admissibility of communications intercept evidence does us no favours. Any terrorist with an ounce of nous will assume every phone call, every email and every web-site visited will already be being tracked by GCHQ; in fact, they probably over-estimate the capabilities of the security services in this respect, terrorists being mostly idiots by definition, of the kind that believe the technology in Hollywood conspiracy movies and in 'Spooks'.

It is perhaps not the reach and extent of their surveillance that worries MI5 by becoming public, but the lack of it. I reckon their intercept capabilities are grossly inadequate, poorly managed, technically inferior and incompetently applied. And I think it's this that they fear so much becoming public, not the converse.

With no effective watchdog over the security services, it would be extraordinary if they didn't suffer in spades from all the manifest failings of a centralised State bureaucracy. Let's have it out. Our security is too important to be left to a secret cover-up of its inadequacies.
Will Livingstone use our tax resources to fight C4's 'Dispatches'?

Livingstone narrowly escaped from suspension from office on the grounds that when he called a Jewish Evening Standard reporter a concentration camp guard he was 'off duty' and therefore wasn't the Mayor at the time.

The revelations on C4's 'Dispatches' last night - so heavily moderated by m'learned friends you could almost see the joins - including several clips of a tired and emotional Livingstone taking questions or making statements, will be certain to attract a rebuttal from him.

But will Livingstone look to his Socialist Republic of London to fund the fight, or perhaps appeal for funds to Chavez of Venezuela or to the Islamic extremists?

Any misuse of public funds to pay for a rebuttal could be ultra vires and could result in the District Auditor imposing a surcharge on Livingstone himself. I shall be eagerly watching this one.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Gorbals Mick is only deaf in his right ear

To complement a one-eyed Prime Minister, our glorious parliament seems to have chosen a monaural speaker. The increasingly partisan and eccentric behaviour of this sadly mediocre man who brings nothing to the office of Speaker must surely mean that his time is up.

I refrained from editing my post below quoting the orginal web version of Hansard that had Ainsworth saying 'absolute bollocks' to the welfare of our service people. The Mail today confirms that I am right to stick to my original piece.