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Friday, 15 February 2008

RUSI is right. And wrong.

The Royal United Services Institute's latest report berates the dreadful consequences of the stupidity of multiculturalism, long condemned here as the most pernicious and destructive doctrine, an inane apartheid. Instead of encouraging racial ghettoes the government should have ensured that immigrant communities integrated seamlessly into British society; its failure to do so has put us all at risk from the loony home-grown jihadists brainwashed by ignorant village imams. Quite so.

RUSI also deplores the failure of NuLabour to address the country's military and defence needs, its wilful neglect of the armed forces and our servicemen, and the severe erosion of confidence in government. Again, quite so. All obvious stuff.

Then the old lads demonstrate why retired staff officers should stick to golf if they're not prepared to mount an effective assault. They propose a cross-party, non-government controlling committee not unlike the MPC to take charge of defence and security. Utter balderdash.

The Commons and particularly the Lords used to contain a fair share of legislators and parliamentarians who had seen military service; they knew their onions and could hold the government effectively to account on defence and security matters. They could talk knowledgeably of force structures, weaponry, threats and the resources required to meet them. Since the 1990s in particular many of these MPs, who had come into politics after having achieved success in some other field in the real world, have gone, replaced by those who have never done anything since adolescence but sniff around the arse of politics, desperate for the chance to be an MP. For whichever party. These sad whores, greedy only for status and power, for the chance to get their plump pimpled arses on the green leather, know nothing about anything outside of their narrow sycophantic focus, and least of all about defence and security. Parliament has lost the expertise it once had to hold the government to account on defence and security.

The answer is not to remove the responsibility from government and parliament. It is to reform the political class. RUSI are right in attributing the current risk to the failure of parliament and government to manage this issue, but wrong in proposing an undemocratic alternative that would leave the enemy force intact; the enemy being the centralist cabal of a national party blow-in 'professional' political class. These raddled sluts, as Peter Oborne has so eloquently propounded, pose as great a risk to the Realm as the idiot jihadists.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

This American paranoia is laughable

If you're a pregnant white Englishwoman, best thing avoid travelling to the US in future. The Department for Homeland Insecurity and the Fumbling Bureau of Intoxication have just issued a warning that they expect the next wave of terrorist bombers that target the septics to be European women wearing a fake preggers prosthesis packed with explosive. No, really, I'm not making it up - see This report and CBS video.

The septic border police, the ones who can only write labouriously in BLOCK CAPS, take this sort of warning very seriously, so if you look the least bit pregnant or are just carrying a tummy dumpling, girls, best avoid the States for the time being, or risk having to undress at gunpoint with a dozen nervous and trigger-happy semi-literates watching you.
The revolt of youth

I've posted before about the ever-growing gap between the achievements of those born in the 1940s - 1960s and those born since; we boomers have become accustomed to comfort and security, have substantial equity in a housing market increasingly unavailable to the young, and high expectations of care and medical security in our old age.

At a time when the media are demonising the young, and the fear of young people has replaced all the other fears as our national obsession, they're suffering multiple disadvantages that are only now beginning to be understood. Social mobility, so long taken for granted by my age cohort, has become moribund. As ippr concluded from a major study of those born in 1958 and 1970
shows that in just over a decade, personal and social skills became 33 times more important in determining relative life chances. At the same time, young people from less affluent backgrounds became less likely than their more fortunate peers to develop these skills. For those born in 1958, the connection between family background, personal and social skills, and success later in life was barely discernible. But for a significant proportion of those born in 1970, social immobility – the passing on of disadvantage through families – was clearly due to the connection between family background and personal and social skills.
The growth of the power of the central State since the 1970s, and the commensurate decline in the authority of the family, local institutions and the community had driven us into a corner where the young are no longer 'our' responsibility - they're the State's problem. But the State is only acting negatively; the young are the subject of ever-increasing restrictions on their freedoms, a squeezing of their opportunities, and their scape-goating as responsible for every frustration and problem we experience. Their lack of political engagement is taken as powerlessness, and this is the great danger. As we enter recession, the young are increasingly likely to feel the brunt of the pain. The assumption of the State will be that their unrest can be contained, that the same three mortally ill political parties, even though 98.7% of the electorate aren't members of them, and 16m voters are too disillusioned to vote for them, can continue to carve up the national cake in our - that is, the boomers' - favour.


The fascist movement in Italy and the Nazi movement in Germany grew out of just such youthful frustration and a commitment to change the old order. I was talking last week to a couple of Italian lads, and whereas I saw the recent government collapse in Italy as just an amusing continuance of the post-war norm, there was a real anger and bitterness within them about the state of Italian politics. They burned with righteous anger. And although we remember Mussolini and Hitler at the bloated end of their days, at the start (above) they were lean as whippets, bright as buttons and galvanised their fellow young idealists.

'The revolt of youth' was the title of a piece from Italy in the NY Times written in 1921. At the time, no one could have predicted the war that came 18 years later that was to cost over 30m lives, or could have linked it with the frustrations of the young, but the author wrote presciently:
There has always been this transient and oratorical rebellion of youth against age. It has always been as frustrated and sadly fugitive as youth itself. But youth has never before been quite so dissatisfied with the world in which it finds itself. It has never been so aware and critical of the failures of its elders. It has never been organised into an effective political movement like the Italian Fascisti. Is that transient, too, or does it mean the young are really out to dispute the political mastery of the world with the old?
Beware the prophets of doom

The papers are crawling again with senior plods and Statist politicians blaming all the evils of modern Britain on alcohol. 'Beer cheaper than water' trumpet the tabloids, conveniently forgetting that for centuries beer was actually safer than water, and small beer - that is, weak beer - was given to schoolboys to drink for breakfast before tea became dominant. No doubt the next budget will see substantial increases in alcohol duty as a result.

The anti-drink campaigners will inevitably produce statistics showing the relentless rise in alcohol consumption since the 1950s, so it was with some pleasure that I found this little gem of a graph, of UK per capita alcohol consumption from 1900 - 2000. We're actually drinking the same amount of alcohol as we drank in 1908. Phooeee.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Apropos of nothing in particular ...

From time to time I take a peek at google analytics, just out of interest, you understand. From around a year of blogging, the most consistently hit blog post is Poor women with large tattooed breasts. Every day around four disappointed googlers from around the globe are puzzled by a post about the NHS and cosmetic surgery, without even a pic to amuse them. To those frustrated onanists, many apologies. I suppose there's some satisfaction in google telling me that the piece has a 96% bounce rate.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Lee Jasper booed off stage by black Londoners

As predicted, just as anyone who applauded the visa ban on Livingstone's loathsome Jihadist pal Qaradawi is an 'islamophobe', anyone who has criticised Lee Jasper's misapplication of over £3m in tax funds is a 'racist'. As Ken hugs the Scotch bottle and whiningly snarls the insults at all and sundry within range, about as effective a defense as sticking your head in the sand and showing your arse to an advancing army of liberation, Jasper decided last night to go on the offensive.

The 'Standard' reports that he chose the Reggae Valentine event at the Brixton Academy, and part way through the evening persuaded the MC to give him the mic to launch an extraordinary and ill-advised political rant against anyone who has criticised him.

It is one of the major stupidities of Jasper and his ilk that they believe black Londoners automatically support the grossest of abuses if they committed by other blacks; many black people I know are appalled that Livingstone and Jasper presume to speak for them, and all those who struggle to balance the household budget have no sympathy with Jasper's casual and spendthrift wastage of millions of their hard-earned taxes.

The mostly black crowd at Brixton Academy last night were no different. They booed the bent bastard off stage.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

It's time to break down the walls of these ghettoes

I've long railed against the cerebral simplicity and nastiness of the far-right that would seek to define 'Britishness' in terms of colour, caste or creed. Britain has always been a polygenous nation, and the strength of our identity comes from our shared values and cultural congruence, not skin colour or religion. The risible pap of multiculturalism is in retreat, and rightly so. Our national table is set with a big fondue melting pot, not separate dishes that are never eaten together. Newcomers are invited to dive into the melting pot and add their own unique pinch of spice to our rich and heady fare. Properly managed, the additions to the dish will never overwhelm, subtract from or mask the core flavour, but will enhance it subtly.

However, the legacy of the Left's bankrupt idea of 'multiculturalism' is still very much with us, and still doing horrendous harm to our society; multiculturalism is nothing more than apartheid in a posh frock. The Most Reverend and Right Honourable the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury has demonstrated how even intelligent men are deceived by the Siren allure of this apartheid.

Let's look at those of Pakistani origin in the UK. The Independent carries a story today in which the monstrous number of infant deaths and recessive birth defects attributable to the Pakistani habit of inbreeding is highlighted. "Preferential patrilateral parallel cousin marriage" - in which the boy marries his father's brother's daughter - is the preference of traditional communities in Pakistan. First cousin marriages are not illegal in the UK, and the odd first cousin marriage in a large mixed society does no great harm overall. But within the Pakistani community such first cousin marriages are repeated generation after generation within a biologically tiny gene pool. Some 55% of Pakistanis in the UK are married to their first cousins; in Bradford more than 75% of all marriages amongst Pakistanis are between first cousins. The result is entirely predictable. Despite forming only 1.5% of the UK's population, Pakistanis have 30% of the country's genetic birth defects and unacceptably high levels of infant mortality. This cannot continue.

Again, the Independent leads with a story today on so-called 'honour crime' in the UK, and estimates that some 17,000 British women of Pakistani or Bangladeshi Moslem origin are subject to forced marriages (mostly to their first cousins) or suffer violence or murder at the hands of their families. This cannot continue.

The Left-leaning ippr (and let's respect their silly e.e. cummings non-capitalisation) produced a report at the end of last year looking at the economic and social contributions of Britain's immigrants. Only 45% of those born in Pakistan are in work in the UK, compared with 85% of those born in Poland. 11% of those born in Pakistan are claiming income support, 10% claiming sickness or invalidity benefits and 29% claiming child benefit, compared with 1%, 0% and 12% for those born in Poland. In terms of school performance, Chinese pupils score on average +11% above the England mean; Pakistani pupils score -11.3% below the mean. Overall, the ippr found that Pakistanis have a negative impact on the British economy. This cannot continue.

Of those convicted of (or dead but responsible for) Jihadist terrorism in the UK, the majority are Pakistani or or Pakistani origin, deceived by a primitive and ignorant 'village' Islamism taught by illiterate village Imams. This cannot continue. The Bishop of Rochester has received death threats from the Jihadist militants after warning of the danger of Moslem 'no go' areas in British cities. This cannot continue.

All these problems are with us because the naive and deluded idiots of the left went down the route of multiculturalism rather than ensuring that new immigrants were broken up and dispersed amongst the general population. The result is dangerous ghettoes and the evils of Ignorance, Squalor, Disease, Want and Idleness flourishing in the face of Beveridge leading the nation in war against them. This cannot continue. The ghettoes must be broken up, Pakistani girls must be allowed to marry men other than their first cousins without being burned with acid, beaten or killed, British law must prevail in even the most dark and squalid corners of the Realm, and above all the discredited Left and all its useful idiots, including Rowan Cantaur, must have their hands and minds removed from the nation's levers of power.