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Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I've long condemned any notion of Britishness based on skin colour, caste or creed; our national identity should be based on shared values and cultural congruence alone. This is why I also condemn the lunacy of multiculturalism, which is no more than apartheid in a posh frock.

So it's with some interest and considerable trepidation that I note the forthcoming season of factual TV programmes being broadcast under the banner 'White'. Richard Klein seems to be doing a reasonable job of marketing his creation. But can a leopard change its spots? Will this be any more than an attempt to portray the 'white working class' as just one of the many separate cultures that these idiots see as making up the UK and an encouragement to 'separate development' in line with the fatuous apartheid dogma?

And make no mistake - 'White' is aimed at policy makers and opinion formers, and not the 'white working class' that the spin pretends it to be geared at. They're hardly BBC2's natural demographic anyway, and the Tarquins at the channel have no doubt also scheduled transmission times to coincide with Corrie and 'Enders.