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Monday, 31 March 2008

Light blogging - house hunting

What free time I have over the next few weeks is going to be focused on finding a new house; despite the gloom in the media, there's still an active market out there; a home on which I was ready to make an offer went so quickly they didn't even have time to get the estate agent's board up. From my own experience of looking at hundreds of homes on the market, good houses at a fair price are still going quickly, whilst flats, and houses that are either overpriced or have been tastelessly 'improved' are sticking. There are a few repos, but none I've seen are in readily habitable condition - mostly larger houses that have been used as illegal bedsits.

Inevitably, the agents will bombard you with details of their 'stickiest' properties. On the taste of my fellow citizens I will not comment, but I've seen photos of so many fine Edwardian terraced homes 'improved' with fake-leaded plastic windows and wall-to-wall MDF laminate flooring that I queried this with the agent. Had these features somehow become compulsory in the twelve years since since I last bought a house? I asked. "Most people" she responded frostily "like those features". Whoops.