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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Corrupt Corrupt Corrupt

Mandelson has twice been ejected from ministerial office for corruption - will this be the third time? His creepy intrusions into the private world of Russian oligarchs around which high-class whores buzz like a thick cloud of flies and cocaine fuels the laughter would be the risible sycophancy of an inadequate invert were it not for the position he held.

Rothschild's anger at pipsqueak Osborne was nothing to do with some imagined Bullingdon code as the MSM have conjectured. Rothchild's hedge fund, like hedge funds everywhere, is in imminent danger of collapse in the latest round of financial failures, and he was urgently soliciting big money from Deripaska in the guise of investment in a Croatian resort. Two effete British politicians hovering around with the international whores must have been no more than a minor irritation until one of them started blabbing. Osborne's real offence was screwing up a potential business deal by exposing it to public gaze.

Loathing Brown

Ever since I started this blog I've said the same thing about Gordon Brown; he's economically illiterate, and his fabled intellect is no better than third-rate. A narcissist, a bully and a fool. He's pissed away the nation's wealth in a tsunami of lunatic failed social engineering experiments, and now the price we're all going to have to pay for this scorched-earth destruction of the country's economy is going to be high. Believe me, it gives me little pleasure that events confirm what I've always known about his utter unsuitability for any public office. I've no sympathy to waste on this old, mad, blind, despised and dying king; whatever personal misfortune befalls him is well deserved. The depth of my loathing for Brown is fathomless.

This is going to be as hard a winter as we have rarely faced. Lives will be destroyed. Certainties will crumble. The illusion of security created by a central State will be cruelly exposed; a central State is inherently weak and unstable, a tree without roots unable to withstand the coming gale. Brown's halfwit incompetence will first destroy the most vulnerable and the least able to weather the storm, the very people who so naively trust in him to provide for them. Brown is the enemy of the poor, the weak, the stupid and the dependent; his lying cupidity for power will be their nemesis. His end cannot come too soon, for the job of rebuilding our nation, reconstructing our economy, mending our broken society will truly be a task of toil, blood, sweat and tears.

Friday, 24 October 2008

What a buggerance.

I had to have the cat put down this evening. Got back from work, she was fine - demanding her scran as usual so I fed her, ignored her as usual and all was well. Half an hour later she was crying and semi-immobile. A panicky trip to the emergency vet and a diagnosis of a blood clot that had blocked circulation to her back half. Chance of recovery pretty well zero, but I had pet insurance so vet suggested keeping her hanging on. But she was in pain and distress, so I asked for the lethal jab.

I'm not a cat person, really, but she was the most intelligent little moggie I've ever known. I never gave her a name on the basis that she knew who she was, so she was registered as 'Cat' at the vets and that's what I called her. She was an exemplary companion animal. I shall miss her greatly.

And now I shall get a little drunk.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Twitter is soooo over

The end of Twitter was marked by a Humphies interview on R4's Today programme this morning announcing that it was the next big thing. Back in March of 2007 - a year and a half ago - I posted:
OK, a Raedwald prediction. Twitter, a new mobile-accessible service on which users can post 140 character messages answering one simple question, "What are you doing right now?", will be huge. It's a modern Tower of Babel for those with the attention span of a goldfish and a reading age of seven - about two-thirds of the world's teen population.
The end was nigh when I posted in July this year on Hazel Blears using it to launch a White Paper; perhaps the most inane thing I've ever seen on a government website.

Up to my eyes in work, but the serious posts will resume shortly as they say.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fugger just being Foreign?

Tonight's 'Standard' seems to have the details of the alleged 'sexual assault' by the 75 year old Fugger on a 15 year old Harrods customer. He is alleged to have 'French kissed' her. Now, when you're a wealthy little 15 year old princess and meet the ancient owner of London's most famous shop, when he leans over to offer you the obligatory buss on the cheek, the last thing you're expecting is for the old Satyr to try to get his tongue down your throat. It must have been deeply shocking for the little creature. She could have dined out on the "uuurgh Gross!" potentials of the story for years.

However, it seems the full weight of the law is being brought against the Fugger for Frenching a teenie. Perhaps the girl should have known better. As a lad I always maintained maximum distance from elderly ladies, on the presumption that they were wont to grab at one's testicles. Likewise the local CofE vicar. And foreign Grandmamans and the like were even more suspect; bewhiskered and stinking of anise, I wouldn't have put it past any of them to try for a sneaky Frenchy. And Grandpapas, though more sparsely whiskered, would pinch your thigh painfully if you came within range.

Oh for a Hillaire Belloc to remind the young of the offensive tactility of the aged. Especially the foreign ones.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Celebrate this glorious eccentricity

Without a penny of public money a group of enthusiasts has not only raised £3m but built a steam loco of a kind not seen on the country's rails for forty years. And it's absolutely wonderful. The whole project raises two fingers to the State, to air pollution ninnies, to carbon carpers, to elf and safety freaks and every feminised vegetarian metrosexual critic of our national talent. For the new Peppercorn A1 is bursting with testosterone, gleaming steel, hot oil and erupts powerful blasts of steam and smoke like a fossicking dragon; just the sight of it raising steam cheers the heart and brings a fond smile to the stoniest face.

Sixteen years of painful engineering, of casting, turning and machining brass, bronze and steel parts not made for half a century, and finally of jumping through all the hoops for certification to run on the mainline rail network, makes the achievement of 60163's builders second to none.

All the hopeless skunk-toking 'victimised' slaves of Labour's client State rotting on their DFS sofas hypnotised by their plasma screens should weep with shame and envy at what these ordinary but quite extraordinary people have made. I'm bursting with pride at what is the most glorious English eccentricity.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

A walk with Old Holborn

Henry Porter in today's Observer neatly catalogues the mistrust, disbelief and visceral opposition of the British people to Labour's assaults on our personal freedom:
... the audience of BBC's Question Time: when Geoff Hoon, the new Secretary of State for Transport said he would go a long way to undermine civil liberties to stop people being killed by terrorists, the mockery of the audience, to say nothing of the guilt and irritation on Hoon's face, was palpable.

Two years ago I wondered in these pages when the penny would drop with the British public and the media about the attack on civil liberties. It is plainly beginning to. The public is worried about the shoddy laws the government tries to rush past them with its phony calls for consensus and reasonableness.

A small incident in Liverpool last week seemed to indicate something was happening. When police tried to break up a demonstration in support of the Freedom Not Fear organisation, it was passers-by who shouted, 'free speech' and 'you're a disgrace' as the police made arrests.

Which is why I shall be taking a stroll down Whitehall at lunchtime on November 5th wearing an eBay mask and wig, not forgetting to remove my hat in respect as I pass the Cenotaph. My father and grandfather each fought in a World War to earn the freedom I enjoy; their dead comrades lost their lives for it. It's worth fighting for.

Old Holborn (whose idea this is) and a few others might be there too .....

Harman's contempt for Parliament

The government finds Parliamentary scrutiny of its incompetence an unwelcome intrusion. Select committees asking probing questions, the barbs of backbench humour, ministers being forced to stammer and bluff their way though the odious crap they're selling. So what better way to limit the damage than by sending them all off on long hols?

Harman's announcement of a 24 day Christmas break for MPs stinks. At a time when many British children and families will be enduring their worst ever Christmas, Labour's tame lobby fodder are sent off to thrust their snouts deep in the seasonal trough.

There's not enough hempen rope in the realm ....

Labour a stinking cesspit of corruption

Peter Mandelson is possibly the most corrupt man to have held ministerial office since the era of Napoleon. Anthony Blair's casual mendacity over everything from the safety of the realm to promoting the interests of his rich chums makes him criminally culpable. Alastair Campbell's moral culpability for the death of Dr David Kelly and his riding shotgun to cover the corruption of the others make him equally corrupt. Now as Brown struggles to preserve Labour's Client State at our expense, they're all back. The political atmosphere of self-serving sleaze, self delusion, jobbery and venality is a choking miasmic foetid stench.

As the Sunday Times catalogues Mandelson's shady crookedness away from home, Peter Oborne exposes Blair's litany of lies over eveything from F1 to Abu Ghraib. As long ago as 2006 a Telegraph leader thundered 'Labour's corruption is beyond endurance' - and for a while the comrades took care to hide their crooked filth. But it's back with a vengeance, and they're not even trying to hide it any more. Labour's feculent racketeering has had a long gestation; as John Simkin wrote back in 2006:
In March, 1994, Blair was introduced to Michael Levy at a dinner party at the Israeli embassy in London. Levy was a retired businessman who now spent his time raising money for Jewish pressure-groups. After this meeting, Levy acquired a new job, raising money for Tony Blair. According to Robin Ramsay (The Rise of New Labour, page 64), Levy raised over £7 million for Blair).

In an article by John Lloyd published in the New Statesman on 27th February, 1998, the main suppliers of this money included Sir Emmanuel Kaye (Kaye Enterprises), Sir Trevor Chin (Lex Garages), Maurice Hatter (IMO Precision Group) and Maurice Hatter (Sage Software).

In April, 1994, John Smith died and Blair won the leadership contest. With Levy’s money, Blair appointed Jonathan Powell as his Chief of Staff. A retired diplomat, Powell was not a member of the Labour Party. In fact, his brother, Charles Powell, was Margaret Thatcher's right hand man.

Alastair Campbell was the other man brought into his private office with Levy’s money. Powell and Campbell were later to become key figures in the later invasion of Iraq. It is of course a pure coincidence that this decision reflected the thinking of Israel’s government.

Another important figure in the corruption of Tony Blair was the media baron, Rupert Murdoch. It was widely believed that Labour Party lost the 1992 General Election because of the anti-Labour campaigns of Murdock’s newspapers.

In 1995 Tony Blair flew to Australia to “pledge his allegiance at a meeting of News International’s executives… an extraordinary act of fealty”. (Peter Oborne, Alastair Campbell: New Labour and the Rise of the Media Class” page 141)

As a result of this meeting Murdoch’s papers were, at worst, neutral towards Labour. Alastair Campbell began writing articles to go under Blair’s name in the Murdoch papers. (Robin Ramsay, The Rise of New Labour, page 67)

It was later announced that Blair had signed a book contract with Harper Collins (a company owned by Rupert Murdoch). The deal was worth £3.5 million to Blair. This information only came out when Blair used the contract as security when he purchased his house in London. Margaret Thatcher and John Major got similar book deals with Harper Collins. Of course, the royalties near reach the multi-million advances paid for them. However, it is a great way of bribing a prime minister.
Just wait for news of a similar deal for Mandelson and don't say I didn't tell you.