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Saturday, 13 March 2010

No jail for Uddin, but she's still thieving scum

Kier Starmer's unusually lengthy statement yesterday made clear that the DPP would not be pursuing a prosecution against Uddin because she was innocent, but because the CPS had the ground pulled from under their feet by Lords officials fearful of a cull of their less honest members.

They still don't get it. Insulated in their fantasy Palace from the reality of public anger, they will pretend that Uddin is 'noble' rather than the chiselling, crooked, ignoble guttershite she is.

The whole deeply corrupt business of life peerages should now be put under the microscope. Allowing the sleazy and corrupt political class to nominate their loathsomly bent mates for honours was never going to produce anything but dishonour. It's time we cleared out this filth.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Headless skeletons still clutching expenses forms

Archaeologists were trying to find the reasons behind the discovery of 51 headless skeletons in a pit in Westminster this week, many still clutching what are being interpreted as expenses forms, part of the accoutrements of a late 20th / early 21st century Status Ritual.

Dr Hedda Bumstorf said "It's possible this was a ritual beheading, with the victims believing they were being sent to a land of everlasting unquestioned expenses". However, evidence on the bones suggests that most were beheaded unwillingly. "They were running around like chickens, being chased by blokes with axes. It's amazing that even when their heads were hacked off they maintained their grip on the expenses forms."

An expert from the Museum of London added "Bone callouses on the pelvic bones suggests they spent much of their lives in an occupation that involved sitting; many were morbidly obese, and so less able to escape the axemen". Writing experts were still trying to decipher characters on the expenses forms. "We're really not sure about our translation" one said "We've translated one as 'duck island' which doesn't make sense, and another says 'bathplug' we think."

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Troughing Labour Scum let off with wrist-slap

Troughing Labour scum Alan and Ann Keen, who robbed the taxpayer of £175,000 for their up-market apartment, and who have claimed £1.7m - yes, £1.7m - between them in expenses over seven years, were let off wit a mild wrist-slap by the Labour-dominated Standards and Privileges Committee today, a fine of £1,500.

It seems the bent bastards in this Rotten Parliament have yet to learn their lesson; the days are gone when guttershite crooks like the Keens and their corrupt Labour cabal can dung-over their graft and venality.

Fish rots from the head, and it is Brown's thuggish culture of jobbery, fraud, graft and dishonesty that encourages talentless Labour dags like the Keens to thrust their snouts in the swill and drink deep. Nothing has changed.

If the Keens were pelted with filth in the streets and the expensive clothes torn from their backs it would be no less than they deserve. They are leeches, parasites on the public purse, and no better than crackheads robbing the church poorbox. May their souls rot in Hell.

Harman pleads for restraint for Labour MPs facing court

Harriet Harman, a qualified solicitor, QC, former solicitor-general and former Minister of Justice, today appealed for the media to show restraint when commenting on the court appearance today of three Labour MPs on fraud charges. "We must restrict publicity because anyone who's committed an offence needs to be brought to trial" said Ms Harman, adding "Nobody should be able to get off a criminal offence by saying 'There's been too much publicity; I can't get a fair trial' ".

Harman later compounded her stupidity by stating openly "It's clear the troughing bastards are guilty, but for the Party's sake we have to pretend otherwise".

See Matthew Parris in the Times this morning.

Will Brown's spin machine stop soldiers' votes?

Put Brown's carcass on a meat scale and I doubt you'd get much change from 18 stone. Add his remaining spin-team and Spads, sundry journos and MoD minders and you've got pretty much a full-weight RAF flight to Afghanistan. The RAF already has an over-committed manifest; troops and their kit, rations, ammo, medical supplies and mail from loved ones all jockey for a place on the available flights.

So when Brown's monstrous government warns our troops in the field that they may be denied the vote in the coming elections because Bob Jobsworth's unfit-for-pupose shiny-arses can't fly their ballot papers out to Afghanistan on time, you smell the stench of political corruption and gerrymandering.

If flying Brown's carcass to Afghanistan for another photo-op during the election campaign displaces a flight-load of ballot papers, you can be sure the lads won't be best pleased. You don't have to ask which one they'd rather have, and which one is more use for their morale.

Brown's dissociation with reality puts Cameron on back foot

Gordon Brown has invented for himself a version of reality diametrically opposed to the facts that the rest of the world recognise, and such is the depth of his mental disorder he now utters the grossest of lies with absolute conviction, wrongfooting Cameron, who expects at least a semblance of sanity from his opponent. Dave doesn't know how to deal with it.

'Character is not about telling people what they want to hear but about telling them what they need to know' said Brown, as he ignores every economic reality to pretend that 'Spend Spend Spend!' is a grown-up fiscal policy, just because it is what voters want to hear.

'It is about having the courage to set out your mission and the courage to take the tough decisions and stick to them without being blown off- course, even when the going is difficult.' said Brown, the man whose own courage is so conspicuously lacking that he's not dared to face a single contested election in his entire political career, a bottler, an arse-crawler, a lily-livered party hack.

At every opportunity, the most risible lies drip from Brown's pendulous lips whilst Dave stands open-mouthed, paralysed by the audacity of his mendacity.

As Benedict Brogan has it in the Telegraph this morning;
Part of their problem is their own disbelief: they cannot quite believe that Mr Brown is getting away with it. They are overwhelmed by the sheer gall of a Prime Minister who could say, in a speech yesterday, "with me, what you see is what you get", when the records show the precise opposite is true. They have read Andrew Rawnsley's forensic exposition of the hatreds and deceptions that mark the Prime Minister's career and cannot fathom why the rest of us cannot see the serial dishonesty, the political opportunism, the dangerous indecisiveness, the directionless moral compass, let alone his serial policy failures. How, they wonder, can we possibly be contemplating giving this guy another five years?
How indeed.

Dave had better discover the brass balls to counter this loathsome man, or the nation, and his party, will cast him into obloquy.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

'No smoking day' - the £1m Fake Charity

Most of you will be familiar with the government's use of fake charities by now - front organisations set up for party political purposes, with negligible or no public donations, their income coming almost wholly from government - and so few of you will be surprised that around £1m a year of your tax money is being pumped into ├╝ber-Fake Charity 'No Smoking Day'.

You'd think the Charity Commission, under the leadership of Labour party member Suzi Leather, would put a stop to this corrupt and sleazy con-trick on the public .... Oh, I see.

'No Smoking Day' (Registered Charity number 1006714) gets around half its £1m income directly from government in the form of grants, or through other Fake Charities funded by government. The rest comes from flogging 'No Smoking Day' merchandise to, er, health authorities, GPs' surgeries and other public sector organisations.

There is no evidence hat there is ANY genuine public support for 'No Smoking Day' - it's wholly a contrived government con, disguised as a charity.

So take joy today in your tobacco.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Labour boost London housebuilding, not.

Gordon's spin machine is making the most of today's announcement on Labour's help 'to get the housebuilding market restarted' with an £83m boost.

In London, completions have fallen around 11% from 22,750 new dwellings completed in 2007 to 20,230 in 2009, an annual drop of 2,520 dwellings. However, there are signs that the market is sorting itself out; there was a big standstill in the last quarter of 2008 on new starts as sites were frozen, but these are now being completed, and completions in the last quarter of 2009 were back to 2007 levels.

So how much of that 11% drop will Gordon's 'boost' reverse? London's share of Gordon's pot comes to 141 dwellings - that's, er, a boost of 0.62%. If all 141 are built in the same year. I expect the market will sort the other 10.38%.

There was a time when a government policy that increased home completions by less than 1% would have been a matter of shame for ministers - not in Brown's government, it seems.

Aircraft for all!

News that Nanny Ashton wants her own 'airplane' is causing a little consternation in Brussels, but only because if they give her one then Snr Barolo and Herr Von Rumpy will want one too.

Aircraft for all! Let's have a convoluted and corrupt procurement process that takes three years, then order say a dozen new Fokker 30s at €15m each, all painted up in EU livery.

The more the buggers trough, the sooner the sound of the tumbrels will be heard in Grand Place.

Bad dogs and fatuous remedies

Look, let's get real here. The mouth-breathing semi literate thug with the neck-tattoos and the pitbull isn't an owner-occupier. The chances are he's housed in council or housing association rented accommodation. He has no right to keep a dog unless at the landlord's consent - or face eviction.

The answer to 'weapon dogs' isn't yet more unworkable legislation from the central State, it's for councils and social landlords to do their job.

If you really want a new law, then bring one in that jails the Chief Executive of a council or housing association for thirty days if a weapon-dog from one of their properties attacks someone. I guarantee that within weeks the problem will have all but disappeared.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Brown's lies and malfeasance killed men

Bruce Anderson excoriates Brown in this morning's Indie;

We do not need to call in the psychiatrists. Hitherto, Gordon Brown's behaviour has seemed incomprehensible, but the answer is now clear. The indecisiveness, the self-pity, the chronic nervous strain, the constant ill-temper, the barely-suppressed violence: all is explained, on the assumption that the Prime Minister still has the residue of a conscience, and that his personality is crumbling under the stress of telling all those lies. This does not mean that he should be forgiven. Lying to Parliament used to be regarded as just about the gravest offence that a politician could commit. But there is a worse one: lying to or about the armed forces.

As a result of Mr Brown's malfeasance – abetted by Mr Blair's cowardice – men have died who should have lived: men have been crippled who could have escaped with minor injuries.
How can anyone with an ounce of responsibility vote for this cowardly, twisted, bloody-handed, treasonous piece of ordure?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Polly Toynbee the real Whore of Babylon

To follow on from the last post, one of the few changes that can really reverse the mess we're in is the re-empowerment of working class boys and men. When marriage is the rational economic choice for working class girls, rather than single motherhood, then we start to re-value and respect working class men. They also need economic power - and need women to recognise that their economic power as desirable and worth winning in marriage.

Polly Toynbee, Harriet Harman and all the trendy upper-class harridans of the left who have so betrayed and destroyed the British working class are the real whores of Babylon, evil and corrupt, their rotten ageing flesh carrying the grave-stink beneath expensive scents and unguents. Philip Blond, not so much a 'Red Conservative' as an Old Tory - saw this back in 2007;
"Crime and violence are not necessarily caused by economic inequality. Before the Second World War, working-class communities, though far poorer than today, lived lives largely free of violence and crime.

So what has happened in the last 50 years that has so destroyed our inner cities and council estates? In short, it is the annihilation of working-class families and their culture by the liberal middle class. The welfare state and the progressive attitudes of the 1960s unpicked the stitching that held the British working class together during two World Wars and the great depression of the 1930s.

Of course, nobody thinks we should abandon universal health care and social provision. But the centralised and imposed system of the welfare state was a creation of the middle-class that ultimately destroyed the self-help culture of the British poor.

All the organisations (churches, friendly societies, co-operatives) that the working class had created to help each other were made pointless overnight. Instead of working with your neighbours to solve a local problem, you wait for government to fix it.

The working classes originally wanted a more mutual welfare state where entitlement was based on what they put in; instead the middle classes, irritated by the ability of the poor to organise themselves, determined their needs for them - creating a depressing dependency culture in our inner cities.

The poor might have survived this if middle-class culture had not invented progressive values. In the 1960s, the middle classes abdicated a wider social responsibility and decided that the culture of their parents was paternal and repressive. They bought the idea that notions of service and responsibility were an unjust imposition and embraced the pursuit of wealth, drugs and sexual liberation as self-evident positives, in the process repudiating any idea of a common national vision.

While toxic to civilised middle-class life, such values were lethal to the working class. In the absence of a culture that was genuinely their own, the children of the poor embraced this middle-class decadence. They gradually abandoned each other and instead embraced glamour, greed and sexual promiscuity as if they were a form of liberation."

Evil Evil Evil.

'Single mums are parasites' - Times

In a hard-hitting opinion piece, Minette Marin hits the nail squarely on the head in the Times today.
The problem with this new type of extended family, (Geoff) Dench says, is that it is not self-sustaining but tends to be parasitic on conventional families in the rest of society. In fact, it appears to lead inexorably to the nightmare of an unproductive dependent underclass.

The economist Professor Bob Rowthorn commented with some feeling last week that man-free women are very mistaken to imagine they don’t need men. The truth is they desperately need men in the form of all those male taxpayers (to say nothing of female taxpayers) who are forced to pay for a way of life that they don’t approve of and that they know to be socially disastrous. It is hugely unfair to make responsible people who are struggling to support their own families struggle harder still to support women who won’t work.
The costs, of course, aren't just the costs of housing and benefits for the single mums and their bastards, but grossly higher lifetime costs to remediate the impacts of children growing up without their biological fathers - bastards take a disproportionately high share of criminal justice costs, health care costs, education costs, social welfare, police and probation and housing costs. And the rest of us are paying for a 'lifestyle choice' that we don't endorse.

This may be Labour's idea of 'fairness' but it isn't mine. I've said before, anyone can make whatever 'lifestyle choice' they like, so long as they pay for it themselves. They can kill themselves with cocaine, overdose on rent boys, pickle themselves in Bollinger and bear bastards enough to staff a laundry - but don't ask me to live a frugal, industrious and responsible life to pay for it. Because I've had enough.