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Friday, 26 October 2012

Fat Boy Jong-il gets tough

You only have to look at the spoilt, petulant, sulky face of North Korea's fat boy leader Kim Jong-il to know that here is a misfit with an appetite for inventive cruelty that would credit a Bond villain. The Emperor Tiberius was the same - lunch guests at his Capri villa could never be sure whether they'd end the meal  with a petit four wrapped in their toga or being flung from the clifftop. The terror would be enough to drive one to drink; did I smile and clap enough? Did the fat boy catch me frowning? I don't give much for the admiral's chances (below) - he's probably already been dragged to death from one of his own destroyers.

The point of making this post is because I can. I don't have any North Korean readers (though I've had 25 pageviews from Indonesia this week so far) and any I did have who'd been caught reading this page would now be on their way to one of fat boy's penal colonies or worse. There are too many repulsive little shits like fat boy Kim Jong-il in this world to ever deny ourselves the right of free expression.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Votes for cons in cans

An extraordinary 'first' is on its way - a British government and a Commons united in opposition to an ECHR instruction to allow convicted prisoners to vote. By the end of November, the UK must either comply or risk Euro opprobrium. 

Whilst many are prepared to say 'to Hell' with the ECHR and simply ignore the deadline, Parliament could instead comply and allow the vote for prisoners convicted of just one particular indictable offence, one for which no-one has ever has ever been imprisoned. This would satisfy the terms of the order. My candidate would be to give the vote to all prisoners convicted of wearing armour in Parliament contrary to the Bearing of Armour Act 1313. Yes, it's a real statute.

And it would leave the ECHR spluttering in rage and indignation. Job done. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BBC: 'balance', nonces and moral relativism

H/T Hatfield Girl

The BBC knows the limits of what the organisation absurdly terms 'balance' but is more often the promotion of moral relativism. A poppy week broadcast package may include as well as a British Legion spokesman an Islamic jihadist advocating sawing-off the heads of soldiers, an evangelical Christian may be 'balanced' by a Satanist, a reputable scientist by a flat-earther AGW advocate and so on. For every politician urging the benefits on-air of family life with both mother and father will be another defending the rights of promiscuous bastardy at the taxpayers' expense. But there is one unbalanced area into which they will not go - paedophilia. At least not any more.

Harriet Harman, who worked as the NCCL's legal officer in the late '70s and early '80s, then under the leadership of Labour's Patricia Hewitt, campaigned and lobbied the government of the day to legalise both sex with young children and the legalisation of sickening paedophile images; in a written submission in opposition to the Protection of Children Bill she argued that  “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult results in no identifiable damage”. I sincerely hope that should this woman stand on her hind legs in the Commons to condemn Savile that there's just one MP with the balls to remind her of her own words. 

This extraordinary and harmful nonsense was swallowed by the morally-rudderless left at that time, and few institutions dominated by 'liberal thinking' were exempt. An organised Paedophile ring, the PIE, were given space on the Campaign for Homosexual Equality's conference platform to make a lengthy speech, well-covered by the Guardian, advocating sex with small boys. The same Paedo ring submitted a 17-page document to mental health charity MIND after attending their own conference on sexual law reform. The BBC, whose vacuous search for 'balance' had led it to abandon any moral sense, would almost certainly have been a place in which an institutional sympathy with these repugnant practices pertained. Against the background of this lunacy scores of minors were grossly sexually abused with impunity. 

There's always a price to pay for moral relativism, and it's always paid by the weakest, the most vulnerable and the most needful of our care and protection. And Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt should hang their heads in guilt and shame for their support and encouragement of all the sick Jimmy Saviles out there.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Rajoy faces Basque / Catalan secession

As El Pais reports this morning, a collapse of some 10% in the socialist vote has enabled Rajoy to hold Galicia, but has also produced a Basque majority for secession, and at a time with no ETA action or intimidation. Catalunya goes to the polls in a month's time, and the prediction is that the two regions, with almost a quarter of Spain's population, will now move towards independence.

Sword-rattling by Spain's army chiefs in the run up to the polls didn't dent the PHV / EH BILDU voting block - and indeed, given Basque bloody-mindedness, may even have enhanced it. The date being mooted for a referendum on independence is 2015. We have also remarked how intense pressure from the Berlaymont to keep Spain intact has led to an explicit statement that a new Basque or Catalunyan nation would be treated as newly-joining nations - to Salmond's great discomfort, as such a stance would put an independent Scotland right back on the starting line.